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  1. Bought and used Smart STB and used it on Samsung tv.....


    cant fookin remember how i add new sub for it tho!!! Bought a sub for stream Ks and gave them my SmartStb virtual addy but its ended up on my smart IPTV which i dont like




    anyone help? Anyone also know a good sub for SMART STB?

  2. Would i trust safe standing at home games?



    Would i trust safe standing at a neutral ground?

    Probably not


    Tbh,itll never happen (on large scale anyway ie kop) as clubs wont be able to justify ripping off fans and charging more than £20 to stand up.


    fans should be concentrating on £20 maximum ticket prices and these money men (FSG) building the new Annie Road at this moment in time.

  3. great signing,pace,power and some goals from out wide and on our counter attack which fizzled out when one of our 3 CAMs slowed it all down last season.........also seems a bit of a fighter so hopefully not the type to go AWOL when the shit hits the fan in games ala our Brazilians 

  4. The fella was was voted in by registered members and now the blairites are jumping ship.Ive reached the age were I think all those who oppose old Labour should create their own party and let JC and his left wingers run the party as it was meant to be run,by the workers for the workers.

    Atleast then I will be able too vote for a party whos values I truly beleive in (even though it will probably never win an election)


    Ive reached the age now were I accept Tory rule will always dominate power but atleast I can sleep at night knowing I voted for traditional Labour and not the New Labour shite that is half hearted socialist views just for the sake of having a long 'career' in politics.

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