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  1. Jennings

    Alex Ferguson

    I only checked this thread to see if someone had posted his mug ...and the then the king's - in reaction to the game.
  2. Only kiddin'. Although it does seem that rather than adapt to speed of the Prem, he's waiting for the pace of the prem to drop. Enjoyed his goal today.
  3. Jennings

    Paul Scholes - He Sucks Toes

    His wife must be mega fit for him to spawn that!
  4. Hehe. Neville getting pummelled. He’s having a mare out there. Show him the way to go home.
  5. Jermaine Defoe be like ‘don’t bring me into this - leave me alone bro’
  6. Utd away. Strange game this one. Hard to enjoy. You can't enjoy the game, it's all about the result. I usually try to calm myself with platitudes about its lack of importance in the grand scheme of my life. But that always fails and I end up with a heart rate of 154bpm and a rabid expletive laden rant at the TV.
  7. Jennings

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

  8. Jennings

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Oh Everton, we're all laughing at you.
  9. Jennings


    Mrs TheBitch is punching.
  10. Jennings

    Geordie Arabia

    Premier League clubs have voted to temporarily block teams agreeing lucrative sponsorship deals linked to a club's owners after the Saudi Arabia-backed £305m takeover of Newcastle. Eighteen clubs voted in favour of the ban at an emergency meeting on Monday. Newcastle voted against and Manchester City abstained, with both questioning the legality of the move.
  11. Jennings

    Your top 5 rewatchable movies?

    7 Brides for 7 Brothers Dirty Dancing Grease Ever After - a Cinderella story Back to the Future
  12. Jennings


    Unbelievably 'Hindsight' is trending as a result of this report. Are people so stupid they can't remember the warnings we had? This was only last year, not a lifetime ago. This is on the PM. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/oct/12/covid-response-one-of-uks-worst-ever-public-health-failures?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  13. Jennings

    Jeffery Epstein & Friends

    Hope her trial is on telly.
  14. Jennings

    Geordie Arabia

    I could see Sterling going there.
  15. Jennings

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    Last Bommy night (or was it the on before?), Liverpool were playing at home. I had tickets. I picked my mate up as usual and parked up at the bottom of Everton Valley. As we walked through the park there were groups of friends and families having little firework parties. It was pleasant, but I gotta be honest...no-one was following the firework code. Rockets were coming in from all angles. So it was with some relief when we came towards the end of the park that I saw a man in a Hi-Visibility vest. At last some authority. Someone who had prepared to do this stuff safely. With that he grimaced, sucked in some air, took a ciggy out of his mouth, and reached down with the cigarette to light 4 rocket-air-bomb-repeaters - three of which promptly fell over pointing directly at a baby in a pram. Through thickening smoke I could just about make out the figure of a man in a hi-vis jacket, leaning into a pram, bodily protecting the baby within from the onslaught of repeating air bombs - shouting expletives that a baby shouldn't really hear. As I fled (pretty nimbly for a 50-year-old) up the hill, I could see the silhouette of my 6 foot 4 inch mate hiding behind a tiny sapling - a look of fright on his face as rockets whizzed past his ears. We bravely we hid for a while, then fled.
  16. Jennings

    Geordie Arabia

    Newcastle will 'earn' a place in the Big Five within two years.
  17. Jennings

    Geordie Arabia

    PL: We're really strict. We only want fit and proper owners round here! You'll have to pass a stringent test! PL: You passed. No skeletons in your closet. Come on in!!
  18. Jennings

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Fair fucks to Gary Neville.
  19. Jennings

    Boris' Bullshit Bingo!

  20. Jennings


    Lauren sticking up for herself. Big balls! She no match for Amy though. In a fight, Amy could beat One Punch Jarv.
  21. Jennings


    Maybe my life isn't as shit as I thought. Amy though...back with a vengeance.