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    Haven't seen it since I got back. Thanks goodness Xabi is OK. I couldn't see how bad a tackle it was from where I was...any link?
  2. Jennings

    Newcastle goalkeeper shows a bit of decency

    I am not sure whether he was actually prepared to administer first aid, should the chap have been injured.
  3. Jennings

    IQ Test

    131. Don't tell my boss.
  4. Jennings

    Kids who get adults into deep shit

    Class. Repped.
  5. Jennings


    He's Hoff-key. Hahahaha Zzzzz. :(
  6. Jennings

    Robben or Tevez?

    I voted Robben, not sure I would be happy with paying 20 million though.
  7. Jennings

    10 year school re-union tonight

    All the mingers will be foxy now. I am still ugly. :(
  8. Jennings


    Looking forward to the results of this. When I go to a beach in Europe, I get used to seeing all the hotties with their knockers out. Kind of de-sensitised to the exposed knockers. But when a new one turns up, watching them take their top off is still captivating. I hope Mrs Jennings never logs on here!
  9. Jennings

    How do you wipe?

    Always scrunch a big length of bogroll. Mine are such amazingly large bog monsters, they rise up in anger when I flush the chain. Sometimes I have to get a bucket of water to dispose of it properly. Nasty buggers.
  10. Jennings

    Cars you hate

    Hehe...My mate Corty had a Maxi. I used to take the piss out of him mercilessly for it. He kinda liked the critical attention it brought him tbh. He used to park it down the side of his house next to the bins. It looked at home next to bins. It was silver the same colour as the bins, only in worse condition and had more rubbish in it. We went in it to Hull one day to visit a mate at Uni. It broke down on the pennines. He said "Jennings you're an Engineer. Go see whats wrong.". So I got out of the freezing cold car into the nice warm snow. I checked the oil - because actually I was a computer engineer, but I thought I better try to help. Not knowing what the oil should look like, I fiddled with some cables and told him to try again but drive a little faster. It seemed like good advice at the time. We got going again. Strangley the car started immediately. Everyne heaped praise on me for fixing it - which I lapped up. He was definitely driving faster now. Faster and faster. The revs got to about 8000RPM and still increasing. The Maxi was now travelling at a breakneck 57 miles per hour, faster than it had ever gone before - and accelerating. Corty burst out laughing, took his feet off the peddles. The car was still accelerating furiously. The accelerator peddle just flapped limply" "Look no hands" he shouted still howling with laughter, as the car got faster and faster. "We are going to die." I said. "No, it's ok. I'll turn the engine off." "But we are in the outside lane of the motorway. That may not be sensible." "it's OK it will slow down gracefully. No worries." Just as he turned the key to OFF, I tried to say "No! That is not sensible. The steering lock will engage and our lives and the lives of other road users may be unnecessarily risked." However it came out as "OhFuckNo!!". Fortunately the steering lock didn't engage and the car rolled down the hill, off a slip road and came to a perfect stop in a services of some description. Somehow we got it going again. And made it to hull. Hull was closed due to lack of interest. And I though Ellesmere Port was bad! Wow that took some time to post...I didn't think it would. Apologies if you read this far.
  11. Jennings


    It's not that I think he is shiit, or has been sullied ( I would accept Drogba). It is simply that I think we need more pace and power in a striker than he offers so late in his career.
  12. Jennings

    Parking at Anfield

    945 posts and then this. I don't get it.
  13. Jennings

    Eb / D#

    No probs. Remember not to strike the top two (bass) strings for these chord shapes. If you are quite dextrous you can mute them with your left thumb. That way you can be quite free with your strumming. Edit: I am not a pro by the way. SO I don't wanna sound like a know all...it's just some useful stuff that I have come across whilst I am learning too. ;-)
  14. Jennings

    Rambo First Blood

    Spoiler from the book ...about Trautman and Rambo, below. Also I don't think he is called Rambo in the book...simply 'the kid'. Warning! The following content is NOT WORK SAFE. Click the Show button to reveal. In the book Trautman kills Rambo for what he has done.
  15. Jennings

    Eb / D#

    I don't know the song, but if I was playing that sequence shown, on my electric guitar I would try partial chord shapes. I have posted some from this song below:- Try it a bit...see how it sounds for that song. If it sounds good for that bit, you want me to post the fingerings for the other chords in the song then please let me know. I hope this helps. EM E 7 B 8 G 9 D 9 A X E X A E 5 B 5 G 6 D 7 A X E X This would give you an Eb of Eb E 3 B 4 G 3 D 5 A X E X
  16. Jennings

    Milf definition

    Who cares? The M is not as important as the ILF.
  17. Jennings

    Epic Fail.

    WTF was he doing? :D That little video is on a loop...and I keep laughing each time around. It's the joke that keeps giving.
  18. Jennings

    Knocking the ale on the head.

    I just got told by the Dr to take a six month holiday from the booze. He has run some tests to see if I have an ulcer. Get the results this week - shitting myself a bit to be honest. I usually just drink red wine - I didn't really feel I have been overdoing it - but gonna heed his advice for now.
  19. Jennings

    Ever been with a woman you squirts?

    I guarantee orgasm! Mine. :(
  20. Jennings

    Fuck it. Fuck it all

    I have got a feeling for us. Call it female intuition - even though I am a bloke. I can feel it in my uterous thing. Last game of the season. Controversial defeat for them - last minute winner for us.
  21. Jennings

    Hillsborough - Copper admits cover up

    Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, Meredydd Hughes, said last week: “If I thought there was a cover-up, I’d already have dealt with it.” These words seem a trifle odd to me - they could come back to haunt him. I know the claim in this article this article isn't new, but the exposure might be the catalyst for more ex-policemen to come forward. Also didn't he apologise last week - seems a bit contradictory?
  22. Jennings

    Mancs v Spurs

    Anyone got a stream for this rubbish? :)
  23. Jennings

    Hull Match Thread

    He kicked him when he was down. He had to walk.
  24. I hate timewasting in football. It is denying the very purpose of the game. These are the things I hate:- - Rolling back into play when you are injured. - Walking over to the referee to shake his hand when being substituted. - The 'keeper taking the ball from one side of his six yard box to the other to delay his kick. - Obstructing free kicks from being taken. Feigning injury is a difficult one. My temptation is simply to say play around them. However this is impossible if it is the keeper. Or heaven forbid if the injury is serious. Any sensible suggestions...actually forget 'sensible' - funny ones welcome too.