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  1. MegadriveMan

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I've worked in both fast food and a call centre, you do realise they are completely different jobs with different working hours and requirements? The £15 an hour is what The McDonalds workers are aiming to get, not what they actually get now. That is their starting point, they probably won't actually get that amount. The figure of £15 comes from the Mcdonalds staff, its not what Corbyn is telling McDonalds to pay them! You really are barking up the wrong acorn here.
  2. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    Makes me feel a bit more positive seeing that! Another potential seat for Labour; https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/tory-members-split-5050-letting-20862909 This is the Tory MP that represents my hometown. In the Summer of 2018 it emerged that he had been sending lude messages to two barmaids and offering to pay them for sex. His wife was 7 months pregnant at the time. If he is allowed to stand again, there is absolutely no chance he will win. This is in a town that voted 65% to leave and The Brexit Party Candidate has been campaigning there since August! After being bombed out by Farage, he has now turned round and publicly said he will support whichever candidate has the most chance of beating Andrew Griffiths, irregardless of their parties views on Brexit! On a recent poll on facebook for the area 92% said that they wouldn't vote for him at the next election based on just over 1000 votes.
  3. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    The Irony of Labour trying to stop a no deal Brexit to protect its voters that desperately want it.
  4. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    This sums it up though. Any Left wing Labour leader will just get smeared so much that they will never be taken seriously.
  5. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    I understand that. Labour are Left wing, Conservative are Right wing. Wasn't this how Blair won with a landslide in 1997 by moving in to the centre, re branding as New Labour and making deals with The S*n etc? If there really is a strong need for a centre ground alternative, why hasn't anybody else realized this and launched a brand new party to come in and sweep up?
  6. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    But that's my point. He's hardly one to talk. Corbyn's behavior is unacceptable, but his own isn't?
  7. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    I live in a pretty safe Tory seat, and its quite the leveler when people say how can you vote for Corbyn, when you reply how can you vote for Boris Johnson? In hindsight, the opposition parties should have all stood together and voted against an election. Corbyn should have chosen to stand down, and given his backing to somebody like Rebbecca Long-Bailey and Labour would have stood a better chance, but as I mentioned earlier I still don't see how that would stop Brexit due to the amount of leave voting constituencies?
  8. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    That article might have had some credibility if it wasn't written by somebody that hadn't been voting for 9 years of austerity alongside the honourable Jo Swinson, his choice of PM, to honourably cancel the referendum result that she voted for because she didn't like the result.
  9. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    The Brexit Party not standing in Tory seats eliminates any chance of Labour had of getting the most seats. I'm sure the Lib Dems will take some strong remain Seats off the Tories, but The Brexit Party will split the vote in huge number of Leave areas and let the Tories in.
  10. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    The problem with this is that remain parties would have to win an election first to be able to do this. 406 Constituencies voted to leave, 247 were Conservative. I know some of the leave seats were only marginal and some people will have died, and some peoples opinion's will have changed etc, but how to do you get 325ish seats in parliament for remain parties? The only reason we haven't left yet is because May made such a big fuck up of it! I don't see how there is any possible way to win this election now for Remain? Labour's best move now, would be to offer their own deal vs ...no deal I'm sorry to say. If Brexit is going to happen, and now it almost certainly is, I would rather do it under Labour than under those cunts.
  11. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    It's a very good point. In the Tory leadership campaign he essentially locked himself away because he knew he was one gaffe away from losing it!
  12. MegadriveMan

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    Agreed. Gini was excellent too.
  13. From a Nike point of view they know that he's going to move to one of the big two league sooner rather than later, so they would want him to go to either Barcelona or us. The Perception that he might come here though is good for the club, and shows that we are a realistic option for the very top players.
  14. MegadriveMan

    General Election 2019

    Lib Dems at it again!