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    The testing my eyesight story it a two pronged attack. Firstly its a distraction technique from the real issue and a way of making light of something that is actually a very serious issue. Secondly and more disturbingly, Its a way for the government to readjust the way we think about the truth. The majority of people know that this isn't the truth, but they are very publicly telling us it is the truth. For the government to decide that they know its not true, we know its not true, but we are betting that we can put this out there and get away with it is very sinister indeed. A sign of things to come if these lunatics stay in power.
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    Categories Draft

    Fuck it I'm in. Stig Alex Elite Ardja Lifey No2 Dynamite Lee Rapey Megadrive
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    She's not replied yet.
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    There are a number of things I hate about Amazon, but by far the main thing is the culture of people that expect next day delivery on literally everything! A woman placed an order with the company I work for on Wednesday last week for a 17.5 x 8 foot shed, sent us an email on Friday to say that she hadn't received it or had any tracking and she couldn't understand why? I emailed her to advise that there is a 4-5 week lead time on these items at the moment, and she hit the roof! She intermediately requested to cancel the delivery and had a go at us and said she should have ordered it on Amazon prime as she would have had it by now! I sent her a link to the product on Amazon and advised that we use the exact same supplier, so have the exact same lead time, the only difference is Amazon will charge her £600.00 more for the privilege.
  5. MegadriveMan

    TLW Vs RAWK...

    Many of them genuinely thought it was going to be null and void. I'm amazed I haven't been banned from that site yet!
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    At the very least he must have fucked his Insurance premiums?
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  8. MegadriveMan


    Her eyesight was working far too well?
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    If, and its a very big if the anti Cummings and Johnson brigade were smart they will have plenty of evidence against Cummings, release the lesser incriminating part of it first, allow Johnson to come out in full defence, then move in with something more incriminating. The Irony of that happening to Dominic Cummings and Johnson is too much to even dream about happening though.
  10. Jon Hamm, Excellent in Mad Men, always been a bit meh, in anything else I've seen him in.
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    Laura K being suspiciously silent on this huge story on Cummings? 8 Tory Mps have now come out publicly calling for him to resign.
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    Great move this by Sophie Ridge.
  13. Has it been confirmed that the reason for this is solely because they are BAME as opposed to the living conditions/jobs they have? If this was the case wouldn't the poverty stricken parts of Asia and Africa have a significantly higher death toll?
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    Most people that I know that went to Uni didn't give the debt a second thought. A girl I know is now in her third degree and has got something close to 60k of student debt. You've always got the option of going to Scotland or Wales if you want to avoid it.
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    Lib Dems

    When you think of whats happened early this year that December Election looks like even more of an abomination. A government of national unity would have been miles better than whats in charge now.