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  1. AndonAndonAndon

    Crappest non Liverpool game you have ever attended.

    Went to Bordeaux for my wife's birthday in 2004 and by a remarkable coincidence, Bordeaux were playing Rennes at home. Terrible game that finished 0-0 and the only thing of note was one of the Bordeaux players getting sent off after coming on as a sub.
  2. AndonAndonAndon

    Data Roaming charges.

    Get her to phone customer services, speak to them nicely and tell them that she thought that she'd switched off data roaming. If it's the first time she's done it then there's a good chance they'll waive the bill and tell her not to do it again. That's what I did with T-Mobile and talked my way out of a £3k bill. It does help if they can see that you've been abroad before and you've never had any previous data roaming problems.
  3. AndonAndonAndon


    One of the funniest shows on tv is back with a new series on BBC Three. It starts again with a double bill on Monday 7th November at 10:30pm. For those who haven't seen it before, it's best described as an adult multi-species puppet comedy.
  4. AndonAndonAndon

    Three Beatles songs

    Yesterday Eleanor Rigby Hard Days Night Birkenhead
  5. AndonAndonAndon

    Streaming matches online

    I've used the liveonlinefooty website since last season and I highly recommend it. I watched the Valencia friendly on my phone last week just using 3G and the picture quality was very good. It's £30 for the season and overall the picture quality is excellent. They don't just show the footy either, they've also shown the boxing, wrestling, cricket, tennis etc as well as running Sky Sports news 24 hrs a day. You can try it for 24 hrs for £3 and you pay using Paypal so you don't give out your card details.
  6. AndonAndonAndon

    Famous people you've met.

    Bruce Springsteen & the whole of the E Street Band Little Richard James Brown Thomas "Hitman" Hearns Loads of f**ty players Plenty of WWE wrestlers inc Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Chris Jericho, William (or Lord Steven) Regal, The Great Khali & Kelly Kelly Kelis Vampire Weekend Paolo Nutini My wife met Tim Burton a few years ago, she said he was a nice bloke to talk to but she didn't know who he was. I was gutted when she told me.
  7. AndonAndonAndon

    Need some help....

  8. AndonAndonAndon

    Kelis, hot or not?

    I met her last week, she's nothing special.
  9. AndonAndonAndon

    Work Permits

    Work Permits are issued by the United Kingdom Border Agency and they are now issued on a points based system. Previously footballers used to have to play for a country ranked in the top 75 in the world and they had to have so many caps (20?) at senior level. This is the definition of the current Tier 2 Sportsperson category: The sportsperson category is for elite sports people and coaches who are internationally established at the highest level, and will make a significant contribution to the development of their sport. There used to be an appeals panel made up of ex-footballers, managers etc but I think this might now have been scrapped
  10. AndonAndonAndon

    What's yarrr pirate name ya scurvy ridden dogs?

    Whinin' Patrick Cutty
  11. AndonAndonAndon

    What's your Tory scum name?

    Thomas Clarendon-Taylor
  12. AndonAndonAndon

    The Android thread

    If you didn't already know, Forumrunner is now available for Android. It costs $1.99 for the full version. The HTC Desire HD is an awesome piece of kit. It's so much better than my old iPhone.
  13. AndonAndonAndon

    Gran Turismo 5

    Got an email today from Play.com to say that GT5 has been posted out to me (I originally ordered it on 08/06/06!). Hopefully it'll turn up before the official release date.
  14. AndonAndonAndon

    Buying Apple products in the US

    You can buy unlocked and contract free iPhones in the US. I purchased a 3GS in Orlando last year but I can't remember how much I paid. I'm over there in a week's time so I'll have a look for you and let you know how much they are.