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  1. Rushies tash

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    First time I'd heard the bbc mention this document was today - as part of yet another segment on panic buying.
  2. Rushies tash

    The BBC

    I'm not sure being addicted to alcohol or heroin is the kind of free ride I'd like to he honest with you. And the woman with the kids - I wonder if at any point of her earlier life, did anyone sit down with her and talk about her ambitions or dreams? Was she offered an apprenticeship or did she look at our school system and think "fuck that, I'd rather have kids"? I don't know. I do know that I'm happy with my lot and wish nothing but the best for others who are making do with theirs. It's easy to despise others (and I understand your frustrations) when the right wing media constantly demonise those at the bottom rather than the cunts at the top creaming off obscene amounts from public funds.
  3. Rushies tash

    Boris Johnson

    I thought the recent NI rises were to pay for social care...?
  4. Rushies tash

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Both those players were slowing down by the time they hit 30 from what they were capable of earlier in their careers despite both being absolutely prodigies. In fact almost every single one of the world class bracket of top players (e.g Messi Ronaldo Neymar Mbappe Aguero Rooney etc.) were all world class in their teens and already on the radar of huge clubs. Even Lukaku whilst not as good was leading premier league forward lines in his teens. Foden and Pedri now are already in the first teams at the top clubs in the world. Generational talent doesn’t get missed by these big teams, they hoover it up. Apart from the two anomalies at Liverpool in Salah and Mane who just happened to be fairly decent forwards into their mid twenties who top clubs had a look at and decided against, until they arrived at Liverpool and suddenly became two of the best forwards in the world over night in their mid to late twenties. Not seen too many stories like that anywhere in football but imagine the chances of getting two in one club? Three if you count VVD who went from a player only Southampton would take a punt on from Celtic to what some pundits consider the greatest centre back in premier league history. What a meteoric rise for three players all at the same club all at a stage in their career when huge rapid improvement isn’t that common. Honestly just open your eyes to the fact this isn’t normal. What other pace based attacker who is almost 30 who has played week after week for 4 seasons in a row is actually getting faster and better as time goes on? Even Ronaldo Messi Kane etc. all adapted their games so they don’t run as much. Salah is still tearing down the wing like he’s 21 (except when he was 21 he wasn’t tearing down the wing like this). It’s not natural, if those players went to other clubs half of them would be finished within a few seasons. Seriously you could retire Milner Henderson Firmino Matip immediately, Jones would probably look a championship player, Jota would be bang average as he was at Wolves, and no one would even discuss Alexander Arnold and Robertson as even being in the conversation for best fullbacks in the world. I wonder if they'll ever stop nudging and winking and say something properly litigious?
  5. Rushies tash

    The BBC

    Handy that bbc breakfast have decided to base their coverage of the Tory party conference in front of all the Tory slogans about building back blah blah and keep cutting wide to them every 30 seconds so viewers can see them. I can't remember, was it the same for the Labour conference?
  6. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Should still be noted how conservative City were playing us as opposed to the 90 minutes of dominance against Chelsea. We're the team they fear the most.
  7. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Probably my only criticism of today- our tackling was flimsy to say the least. That moment where Silva kept the ball despite 5 players challenging him sums it up. No way do either of their goals happen if we were stronger in the challenge.
  8. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Fuck knows what this place will be like when we actually lose. We weren't great, City are a good team (they'd only conceded one before today), but we still should have won had it not been for a brilliant clearance. Enjoy Salah's goal as the thing of beauty it was.
  9. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Still, a goal line clearance away from 3 points. Cest la vie. I'll enjoy the rest of my weekend now. Cheers. x
  10. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Balls floated over our full backs seem to be the area teams are targeting.
  11. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    Both teams giving the other far too much respect. City the first to realise that we are not playing that well today and stepped it up. Our play lacks energy, and that's started to spread to the crowd. First bit of drive from Robbo got everyone going, then followed it up with a shit corner. Sums up the half really.
  12. Rushies tash

    Man City (H) - Sun 3rd Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    In fairness, he's also looked good coming off the bench. Incidentally, why have you got Roy Hodgson as your avatar?
  13. Rushies tash

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Alice Levine on Sunday Brunch right now.
  14. Rushies tash

    Family Strife

    I had that with our kid. Kept calling me with bullshit like could he lend £20 until he got paid after the weekend, or that he had no food in for his lunches for work. When it got to £100 (not a massive amount, but it's the principle), and I told him 'no', I too got called all the cunts in the world.
  15. Rushies tash

    The shitness of modern football

    In fairness, I know a groundsman and he fucking hates them.
  16. Rushies tash

    FC Porto 1 Liverpool 5 (Sep 28 2021)

    Although I'd love for this to be true, I'd imagine the keeper would have gone mental towards the ref to get Jota booked.
  17. Rushies tash

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Sums up modern, right-wing Britain. Spout shit. Get proved wrong. Double down. Get shouty.
  18. Rushies tash

    Boris Johnson

    Probably the tribal nature of this country. As a few have said on here, when faced with the most extreme examples of Tory fuckwittery, their stock response is "imagine how worse it would have been under Labour". Years of tabloid brainwashing. Fuck knows what could be done about it though. I've stopped caring really.
  19. Rushies tash

    Boris Johnson

    They don't give a toss because the fact check is buried away at the bottom of an internet page that your average tabloid reader doesn't look at anyway. Now, if the bbc or itv news outlets challenged him as much as they chase "the left", that would be another matter.
  20. Early 80s Clough. (In terms of success, Ferguson, but as a person, nah)
  21. Rushies tash

    Mohamed Salah

    Defo in with a shout for Balon D'Or. This or next year.