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  1. Hobbs


    If Ibe is worth £15m then we should be looking at a £10m profit on Markovic.
  2. Hobbs

    Mario Balotelli

    It'll have to be in January as he only signed a one-year contract.
  3. Hobbs

    Darwin vs The Bible

  4. Hobbs

    Crystal Palace vs Liverpool (May 3 2014)

    We've done it before. Time for a repeat of this: http://youtu.be/WdFLIewHMCs
  5. Hobbs

    Big Andy.

    This was Paul Tomkins' argument last year in trying to justify signing Carroll et al. It overlooks the fact that not only will we lose £17m or so on his transfer fee, the return on investment from Aguero's wages is still significantly greater than the neglible contribution we were getting for £90k-100k per week from Carroll. The money saved on wages argument is a fallacy when you compare the gulf in quality of the players we've been signing for the last decade (with a few notable exceptions).
  6. Hobbs

    Sterlings contract

    Suarez could have earned more elsewhere but chose to sign a new contract here during the summer. Skrtel and Agger too. Gerrard could have left and earned a lot more too. If we tried to match what a player could hypothetically earn elsewhere we'd be screwed.
  7. Hobbs

    Yes, Steven Gerrard

    he has backed down from his early comments:
  8. Hobbs

    Funny GIFs

  9. Hobbs

    Manc's. Anfield Sunday 23rd 1:30pm

    Sickening, but unsurprising given the ref in question.
  10. Hobbs

    Being Liverpool

    First episode is free on iTunes US in HD for anyone with a US iTunes account: iTunes - TV Shows - Being: Liverpool, Season 1
  11. How the fuck has his value risen at least £2m with 39 starts in two and a half years?
  12. Hobbs

    Phil Brown

    Hodgson should just have got Graham Norton to mark Pirlo in that case.
  13. Hobbs

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    This must be what it's like to support Aston Villa. It's dismaying to see all this playing out in public.
  14. Hobbs

    Liverpool Vs West Bromwich Albion

    Hamstring injury according to Irish radio.