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  1. castle_red

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yes and Frances Mc deserved all the plaudits, absolute colossus of a performance. A leading lady in an Oscar winning American film, and no make up and boiler suit virtually throughout. A hallmark of one little chink of light in these largely dark times. Also the Shape of Water. Easy to weird it off based on elements of the subject matter, but actually deals with it beautifully, enchantingly even. 8.5/10
  2. castle_red

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Watched Dr Strangelove earlier, I know it inside out by now but it hasn't got old for me yet. No one but Stan could take a topic like nuclear apocalypse and craft such hilarity. P.Sellers needless to say is genius in all three of his roles (originally Kubrick cast him for four roles - can't remember off the top of my head why he only did three in the end - possibly time constraints? - but I certainly wouldn't have wanted to miss out on Slim Pickens as the B52 pilot). "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!" No doubt almost everyone has seen it but if not, you won't be disappointed. 9/10
  3. castle_red

    roma home

    Mr Eileen Drewery scarcely concealing his glee over our errors
  4. castle_red

    roma home

    Yeah, massive eyebrows raised reading that. Understand him giving him his backing, but
  5. castle_red

    roma home

    Shit. It's not significant, it's not significant........
  6. castle_red

    roma home

    Haha, certainly hope not! The arithmetic of that is not flattering!
  7. castle_red

    roma home

    mid life "crisis"
  8. castle_red

    roma home

    Not bad Rushie!
  9. castle_red

    Champions League Final - Madrid Vs Madrid

    Brilliant, I vaguely knew about that but great read, especially with the old skool journo talk! I may be wrong but that Reina in goal for Atletico is Pepe's dad isn't it. Got one of the bookings and must have done alright if it ended nil nil with 8 v 11!
  10. castle_red

    Featured: Liverpool is in my blood says Owen

    This. 200 goals for us in next to no time. Yeah, he made mistakes - big ones - and I didn't like how his priorities seemed to be himself and his England career over LFC. But I just don't have it in me to hate a professional sportsman for mistakes he made in his career - even less so when said sportsman scored bucketloads of goals and was integral in trophy wins for Liverpool. I've made mistakes in my life and in my career, and I was under the impression everyone had!
  11. castle_red

    Philippe Coutinho

    Yep, small margins and all that. It's no more than a gut feeling (perhaps hope), but I believe there's quite a bit more to Aspas than we've seen of him in a red shirt as yet. Probably not in terms of an automatic starter, top class player who opponents will specially fear, but definitely as an "option", and a good option at that. I'm happy with us making that type of signing - lowish fee and wages for a player who can add something good to our squad, and who if it doesn't happen, will be an easily flushable turd, because loads of mid ranking prem/la liga teams will take him for what we paid, possibly a bit more. I'd only have an issue if he was being presented as a first choice starter, on whom we were substantially relying for goals and match winning performances, which we clearly aren't. On topic, it's a big blow to lose Phil for six weeks, but it's the first time in a good many seasons I would say that we've lost someone so key, and yet we can still confidently and realistically look at taking most of the points on offer while he's out. We've got good options. I was happy when Moses signed, always thought of him as a very good player at Wigan, and he showed he can do it in a big team with big expectations last year under Benitez. He's also got quite different attributes to all of our other forwards. I think Mourinho was at fault in letting him come here. I'll be very pleased to see Luis at no10 for the next 6 weeks, behind Sturridge, with Moses cutting in from out wide. The days of an injury to Torres meaning reliance on Ngog, Babel or Voronin seem wonderfully distant!
  12. Yeah voted on my phone so maybe that's why. I didn't expect Lampard to get that low a vote. As you say, far more Liverpool and Utd supporters than Chelsea, but I thought Frank would benefit from a large proportion of the neutral/southern/ingurlund vote. I do have quite a bit of respect for Lampard in the sense that his natural gifts don't compare to the other two, but through sheer determination he's carved himself into a top class player. Similarly to Carra.
  13. Agree with others it's a bit of a silly question, and asking it in a national newspaper is basically akin to asking "which team do you support?" Of course I think Gerrard is the best of the three, but I can't say for sure whether or not me being a Liverpool supporter is a factor in my opinion. I think the Guardian poll will place Gerrard in third place. Is it possible to view the results out of interest, doesn't seem to be?
  14. Have a pair together, but if you only want one that's cool as well. Send me a PM if interested, thanks