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  1. I have seen absolutely nothing in the media or from the authorities explaining the whole handball thing. As far as I can tell: Michael Oliver didn’t see the Silva handball and deemed the TAA handball accidental. VAR checked the TAA handball and agreed it was accidental. As a result, the Silva handball was irrelevant (not leading to a goal scoring opportunity), play was allowed to continue and we scored. If VAR had decided that the TAA handball was a penalty then they would have reviewed the Silva handball which lead to it and Liverpool would have got a free kick. So Man City were never getting a penalty, even though the decision was debatable. And of course the whole VAR thing is complete bollocks; when Fabinho scores a worldie we should all be jumping up and down screaming, not scratching our chins about retrospective reinterpretations of shite regulations.
  2. goose

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 5-6 2019)

    Top, top notch. Been looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint.
  3. goose

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1 (Oct 5 2019)

    Great report, as always. Against Sheffield United Mané was fouled in the box and didn’t make anything of it. No penalty given. Funnily enough I haven’t heard anyone bring that up when discussing whether he dived. If officials (and fucking VAR) had the balls to give fouls in the first place then players wouldn’t feel the need to point them out by falling over.
  4. goose

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    It looked like a clear penalty in real time. On review, it turned out to be a dive. This is exactly what VAR was introduced to sort out and if it can’t even get that right it should be fucked off.
  5. I’m on season 1 episode 6 of Prison Break, I must be a bit behind the curve. I’m a bit disappointed to hear that there are four more seasons to go, I was kind of hoping that Michael would, well, escape. What does he do when he goes to a new prison, wash off his tattoos and start again? No spoilers please. Completely, completely agree about VAR. Football without wild jubilation/burning sense of injustice just isn’t football.
  6. Happy birthday mate. I'm one of those old fellas you see wondering around - I'm 51 - and I feel exactly the same as you. Loving these and the report cards by the way, it's like having a chance to sit down every few days and think "Ah, champions of Europe".
  7. Great report, as always. My problem with Henderson wasn't the foul, it was the way he turned his back afterwards and trotted away like some kind of labrador. He absolutely has to stand up and stop the quick free kick.
  8. goose

    Napoli (H) Champions League 11/12/18

    Fixed that for you.
  9. goose

    Napoli 1 Liverpool 0 (Oct 3 2018)

    The kind of night which makes you wonder why you bother with football at all, truly horrible. Thankfully they've been few and far between recently. i got the impression that Mané was playing a bit deeper and didn't quite know what to do. He kept on beating players in the middle of the park when it didn't make much difference and not when he was up against the last defender.
  10. goose

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    Great report as ever. At the end of the game I was pissed off we didn't get a clean sheet which shows just how good we were. Agree about Milner and it'll be interesting to see whether he starts against PSG.
  11. goose

    Spurs vs Liverpool, Sat 15, 12:30

    Brilliant or insane, I'm not sure which.
  12. Firmino seems to need games to get up to full fitness; wasn't he a bit slow starting last season as well? On the other hand, pllaying games seems to have the opposite effect on Sturridge. I'd definitely keep him on the bench.
  13. goose

    Alisson Becker

    I think it's going to be a lot harder for teams to press us with the kind of distribution that he's capable of. Last season we had had two keepers who weren't confident with their feet and a lot of the midfield weren't comfortable receiving the ball under pressure. As a result we dropped too deep and surrendered a lot of points from winning positions. With Alisson and Keita it's going to be much harder for teams to do that. One of the features of the West Ham game was how easily we played through the press and found space in midfield.
  14. goose

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    Sevilla hate Real Madrid. i've had "we are all Liverpool" messages from both Sevilla and Atleti fans today.