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  1. goose

    Liverpool 1 West Brom 1 (Dec 27 2020)

    Bringing Origi on in the 90th minute took me back about 10 years to the days when N’Gog was the only forward on the subs bench. Horrible feeling.
  2. goose

    Other football - 2020/21

    Did you find one? I’m still looking.
  3. goose

    VAR Thoughts?

    "However, Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said earlier this year that VAR was delivering on the “principal reason” for its introduction in improving the accuracy of decision-making. “In key match incidents we are up to 94% accuracy with officials, 97% with their assistants, so we are seeing an impact on results and a positive impact on the league table,” he said." No, you idiot, the point is to make the game more enjoyable and in that it is failing spectacularly. I've told my wife that we are getting VAR installed in the bedroom. She says that it'll be off-putting having weird little men from Stockley Park drawing lines all over her fanny, but I've explained that it's important to improve the accuracy of our love-making.
  4. goose

    Joe Gomez

    He’s been impermeable. Perfect for shoring up a leaky defence.
  5. I think that their reaction indirectly put pressure on the VAR ref. No idea if it had an influence as these sorts of decisions are completely subjective (and therefore shouldn’t be subject to VAR in the first place). Great report as ever. I agree with all of it except that for me the end of the game really was the moment I allowed myself to start to believe. There’s no logic to it but when you’ve spent the best part of 20 years - because it took about 10 to sink in - thinking that Liverpool would never again win the title in your lifetime, then the evidence has to be pretty overwhelming to change that.
  6. goose

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The value of an option to buy something at market value is zero as, by definition you are only getting the right to buy something for what you would have had to pay for it in the first place. Having a right of first refusal may have some minor value but paying 30 million quid In this instance is just an attempt to get round FFP. And a pretty obvious one at that.
  7. goose

    VAR shit show 19/20

    I’m happy the handball was over turned in that game but so far I would say that the benefit of a small number of incidents being rightly corrected by VAR is hugely outweighted by all the negatives the process brings. So would I sacrifice the odd bad decision in a season for being able to celebrate goals properly again? Yes, absolutely.
  8. Thanks a lot, great quiz. Must go and look for the backward toilet seat thread. By the way, where is Nunavut Patrick, he normally wins these things hands down.
  9. Can you send it to me too please?
  10. I dreamt last night that Van Dijk did his hamstring from playing too many games and was out for six weeks, so Henderson at centre half is fine by me.
  11. Big game this after the Napoli result so I think it’s right we go full strength. Good to see AOC in midfield where he belongs, a chance for him to step up.
  12. goose

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Who says Mourinho’s teams don’t play entertaining football?
  13. I have seen absolutely nothing in the media or from the authorities explaining the whole handball thing. As far as I can tell: Michael Oliver didn’t see the Silva handball and deemed the TAA handball accidental. VAR checked the TAA handball and agreed it was accidental. As a result, the Silva handball was irrelevant (not leading to a goal scoring opportunity), play was allowed to continue and we scored. If VAR had decided that the TAA handball was a penalty then they would have reviewed the Silva handball which lead to it and Liverpool would have got a free kick. So Man City were never getting a penalty, even though the decision was debatable. And of course the whole VAR thing is complete bollocks; when Fabinho scores a worldie we should all be jumping up and down screaming, not scratching our chins about retrospective reinterpretations of shite regulations.
  14. goose

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 5-6 2019)

    Top, top notch. Been looking forward to this and it didn’t disappoint.
  15. goose

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 1 (Oct 5 2019)

    Great report, as always. Against Sheffield United Mané was fouled in the box and didn’t make anything of it. No penalty given. Funnily enough I haven’t heard anyone bring that up when discussing whether he dived. If officials (and fucking VAR) had the balls to give fouls in the first place then players wouldn’t feel the need to point them out by falling over.