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  1. 9 hours ago, Strontium said:


    It's an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760! The PC is about 9 years old and the card was only middling even back then, but it still runs most recent-ish stuff okay.

    Yeah, I had one of those up to about 6 years ago, then replaced it with a 970. I keep putting off another upgrade as there's nothing I want to play that I can't at reasonable quality. Plus the crypto dicks have fucked the market for the past few years. Replacing the CPU fan and heatsink cost about £30 so I'm happy with that if it gets me another year or two.

  2. Just now, Strontium said:

    I was having serious issues with my PC, couldn't play any games that were graphics intensive for longer than 5 minutes before I lost the image totally and I had to reset.


    Got a program to run a stress test and quickly identified the issue - the graphics chip was going over 100C and shutting down, even with the fan running at full whack (it sounded like a wind tunnel).


    So evidently it's a cooling issue. I bought some new thermal paste and dismantled my computer. Took the graphics card out and removed the heatsink. It was full of dust, and the old thermal paste had dried up.


    Removed the old paste, put some new paste on there, reassambled everything, and boom. I've been running the stress test for quarter of an hour now, and the GPU temperature hasn't exceeded 70C. Fan running nice and quiet too.


    Those of you who are techy minded have probably done this sort of thing dozens of times, but this was my first go and I'm pretty pleased right now.

    Cool. Did the same with my CPU a few months back after its fan died. Whisper quiet and barely hits 40 under stress, very satisfying.


    What card do you have? Always found AMD to be absolute hotrods.

  3. 34 minutes ago, Dave D said:

    If love to walk into the telescope HQ and ask them why they are pointing it specifically in that direction.

    If you are going to build something thats possibly capable of seeing things such as the big bang or sometime soon thereafter, who and how do you conclude you should point it the the right and not the left?


    Just turn it around 180 degrees guys- the answers will all be there 


    They'd be looking into the future then.

  4. So in true Tory style, the scheme to try and stop boat crossings is expensive, callously brutal and makes things worse. All this shite for a couple of headlines for the knuckle dragging Brexit mongs.




    Priti Patel’s plan to end Channel crossings in disarray as Navy threatens to ‘walk away’
    Official figures reveal that number of refugees crossing in small boats has doubled since military brought in

    The Royal Navy is threatening to “walk away” from Boris Johnson and Priti Patel’s plan to stem the number of boats carrying asylum seekers across the Channel as official data shows how spectacularly the policy has backfired.

    Defence chiefs are said to be fed up with trying to enact the prime minister and home secretary’s rapidly imploding plan of using the military to control small boats in the Channel.

    Ministry of Defence data shows crossings have close to doubled since the military was given “primacy” over the issue from mid-April compared with the first three months of this year.

    Patel and Johnson were warned that deploying the Royal Navy would be likely to increase the number of crossings but ignored expert advice because, according to internal sources, they wanted to appear tough.

    One former defence minister told the Observer that their miscalculation had guaranteed the navy was effectively providing an “efficient taxi service” for asylum seekers.

    Meanwhile, senior Home Office sources have admitted the UK could receive up to 60,000 people by small boat this year – double last year’s record – with another 20,000 arriving by different routes, undermining the credibility of Patel, who has made reducing crossings her priority.

    Patel will be grilled by the home affairs select committee this Wednesday on Channel crossings, the lack of safe, legal passage to the UK and her Rwanda asylum plan. The government has spent significant sums trying to remove asylum seekers to east Africa, but has yet to deport a single person.

    Defence chiefs hope Johnson’s resignation is an opportunity to scrap the Channel initiative as it also ties up resources at a time of escalating international security threats. Tobias Ellwood, Conservative chair of the influential defence committee, which has completed a damning inquiry into the use of the military in the Channel, said: “I know the MoD really wants to walk away from this, wants this to conclude. There’ll be less political pressure now. The prime minister is going.”

    The former soldier added: “From my personal perspective, I can say this is a complete waste of naval time. The navy is already overstretched.”

    John Spellar, the Labour vice-chair of the defence committee and a former defence minister, said the scheme had effectively reduced the navy to a “taxi service”.

    Spellar added: “As is now demonstrated, it is not achieving any significant improvement in the situation, but it’s embroiling the military in a task for which they are not suited and which is potentially reputationally damaging.”

    Their committee has heard evidence from naval commanders that the use of navy assets would, far from being a deterrent, make the crossing safer and therefore more attractive to small boats.

    This Tuesday, the armed forces minister James Heappey will be questioned by the committee over the operation’s predicted and actual lack of operational effectiveness.

    His appearance comes after ministers and officials from the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office refused to give evidence to the defence committee’s inquiry. When the Home Office and MoD were asked by the Observer to explain the legal basis for the military’s involvement in the Channel under so-called Operation Isotrope, neither would answer.

    It is also understood that the national security council, the main forum for collective discussion of the government’s objectives for national security, was not consulted before Isotrope was announced.

    MoD data shows a clear increase in migrants crossing in small boats.

    In May, 2,871 migrants were apprehended crossing the Channel by small boat compared with 1,627 in May 2021, a 75% increase. Similarly, during the first three months of 2022, 4,540 people were detected arriving by small boats compared with 7,432 during the last half of April, May and June after the MoD took over.

    Enver Solomon, chief executive of the Refugee Council said the use of the navy had been proved to be futile. He said: “It is also expensive and demonstrates how the government is obsessed with control over both compassion and competence.

    “Prime ministers since Churchill have always given people fleeing persecution and bloodshed a fair hearing on UK soil. Using the military to repel them and seeking to expel them to Rwanda is a nasty and brutish response.”

    The MoD said: “As part of the government’s efforts to tackle illegal migration, the Ministry of Defence took primacy for the operational response to small-boat migration in the Channel in April.

    “The armed forces are supplementing Border Force assets, expertise and experience and providing operational oversight and coordination of maritime operations. This arrangement is likely to remain in place until early 2023.”

    The Home Office was asked for comment but declined to respond.

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  5. Hmm, she forgot to mention the gallon of wine she appeared to have drunk before not only gesturing but also chanting at the 'baying mob'.


    'I stood up for myself' says MP after gesturing at Downing Street protesters
    The minister who was seen shouting and sticking her middle finger up to crowds outside Downing Street earlier this week has said she was “standing up for herself” after receiving death threats.

    Footage of Andrea Jenkyns showed her sticking her middle finger up to protesters as she entered Downing Street, and then shouting at them as she left after watching Boris Johnson’s resignation speech on Thursday.

    There have been complaints about the newly-appointed education minister’s behaviour from both Labour and Conservative MPs. The chief executive of the Chartered College of Teaching, Dame Alison Peacock, has also written to the Department for Education’s permanent secretary Susan Acland-Hood to say she has fallen short of “high standards of behaviour” expected from ministers.

    Jenkyns’ statement, published on Twitter, said: “On Thursday afternoon I went to Downing Street to watch the prime minister’s resignation speech. A baying mob outside the gates were insulting MPs on their way in as is sadly all too common.

    “After receiving huge amounts of abuse from some of the people who were there over the years, and I have also had seven death threats in the last 4 years. Two of which have been in recent weeks and are currently being investigated by police, I had received the end of my tether.

    “I responded and stood up for myself. Just why should anyone have to put up with this sort of treatment.

    “I should have shown more composure but am only human.”

  6. 10 minutes ago, Captain Willard said:

    I’ve said this before in a different thread but up until last week the current cabinet was the most diverse senior government team in the entire political history of Western Europe in terms of ethnicity, gender and religion. Meanwhile every elected Labour leader since John smith has been a white, middle aged, millionaire male. 

    Yes, we're well aware that people of all races, genders and religion can be utter cunts.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, John102 said:

    I refuse to believe anyone who said these words is thick.


    'I'm putting myself forward in this leadership election because I want to tell the truth. It's the truth that will set us free'

    Hmm, thought this shower of shite would have thought work would set us free.