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  1. 8 minutes ago, Manny said:

    That post about the sign in Lime Street is outstanding: pure, unfiltered Ev. Taking something completely benign and meaningless and reading conspiracy and all things redshite into it. Anyone reckon it's as much for away fans as it is for home fans (who are obviously flying in from Norway and being directed to St Helens by tricksy bloos)? 24 carat weirdos.

    First reply too-




    Because that happened.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Bjornebye said:

    In Southsea there is a lovely cafe on the Seafront next to the pitch and putt. It's tucked away and in a really nice area so nearly always a nice quant breakfast experience. Not this fucking day it wasn't. Two women in their 30's and one of their kids in-front of me. They have a massive display with some of the finest, exciting looking homemade cakes you can imagine. Really lovely stuff that they are very proud of.


    One of them had little marshmallows on however the kid wanted the honeycomb cake. However he wanted it with little marshmallows on it. The woman said they haven't got any in the back "well can you take some off that cake and put it on his" the mum says then rolls her eyes and carries on talking to her mate. "I'm sorry but I can't take them off that cake as it will ruin it but you can buy a slice of each and do what you want with the marshmallows" by this point the kid is full throttle kicking off, crying shouting pulling on his mum who has now lost her temper and instead of telling the spoilt little cunt chops to shut his fucking noise she shouts over to the woman at the till and asks her why she can't just have the marshmallows. By now everyone's quaint breakfast experience is in fucking tatters because the kid is screaming (not crying, screaming like a banshee clearly not used to being told no) the woman at the till says exactly the same as the poor cake girl which agitates the mum even more.


    All this while I'm stood behind, hungover and now really fucking wound up. I caught my birds eye at our table and she's mouthing "don't please don't" because I was about to tell the fucking bitch to do one. They eventually shout forget it and spin round and head out of the place. You could still hear the kid shouting for about a minute as they marched off up the road. Poor old people just popped out for a cup of tea and a slice of cake with their friend and this group of cunts ruin it just because little fucking timmy can't get his own way. The levels of rage that built in me have almost come back just typing this and remembering the bratty little fucking prick. Hardfaced bastards. 


    Whole Cakes | Southsea | The Tenth Hole Tearooms



    Should have got Miss Blennerhassett to call the police.


    Withnail and I: Cult classic turns 30 - BBC News

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Preston Red said:

    Should they be relegated this season, the most Everton thing would be to be sat in 1st place going into the final game of next season with a 2pt lead only to then lose and the 2nd place team wins.


    The joy of promotion but still no trophies for 28 years.

    They're still fiercely competing in the 'Redshite don't win the league/ FA Cup/ CL' trophies though.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, DalyanPete said:

    Shite forums are a cry for help today.

    Corrupt. Snide 6. VAR. Refs against them. Finished with football. TV decides who wins. PEDS. Money.

    Fuckin embarrassing, 

    Good grief. All this thrashing about and mental contortions to disguise their own inadequacies. They've consistently been absolutely shocking this season and completely deserve to be where they are. Yesterday wasn't 'brave' or 'disciplined' and they didn't 'underservedly' (sic) lose due to refereeing decisions or bad luck. They came to spoil, frustrate and be snide, even more so than usual, and still got beat after creating pretty much fuck all and barely having the ball in their possession for 10-15 minutes over the entire game. Despite some ill-judged articles and comments from pundits, it was a shameful performance that would have embarrassed a non-league team. For a supposed 'big club', their carry on was just ridiculous. Atletico and various Mourinho teams were and are cunts, but they're not cowards and can play when they put their mind to it, not just have a couple of breakaway runs down the wing.

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