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  1. 43 minutes ago, Ne Moe Imya said:

    It's right here, mate.


    Edit: Replying to Heinze above, this is the link to the page on bluemoon's game thread where Newcastle score.

    Just had a quick flick through there. Quite a few seem genuinely offended about Keown's 'financial doping' comment. Where exactly do they think all the extra money's come from? They're surely not that naive to believe it's just increased revenue? I mean, they rarely even sell out the stadium.

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  2. 16 hours ago, Total Longo said:

    Watched "Upgrade" over the weekend. Had no idea what to expect at all. Superbly entertaining nonsense with the fella from "Quarry" being literally the only person i'd heard of in it. Basically he's a quadraplegic after an attack where his Mrs gets murdered. He volunteers for this experimental chip in his spine that miraculously allows him to walk again, so goes looking for the people that killed his wife. The chip starts to have ideas of it's own and that's where the fun starts. 


    Part Deathwish, part Videodrome, part RoboCop. All boss. 8/10 

    Watched that a while back and really enjoyed it. Cracking little film, clever, dark, funny and violent, bit like a really, really good episode of Black Mirror.

  3. Bit of an oldie- I was going to re-watch Buffy with my youngest- he's 13 and we thought it'd be nice to do something that didn't involve him sitting in his room constantly playing GTA, Fortnite or Rainbow 6 with his mates. Sadly, he didn't get into it, and went back to sitting in his room constantly playing GTA, Fortnite or Rainbow 6 with his mates.


    Surprisingly though, I'm really enjoying it and I've carried on watching it. It's still smart and funny and Buffy and Cordelia are hot as fuck. The angsty bits with Angel are a bit dull, but the story arcs are done well, and the monster of the week episodes are often great fun. Solid 8/10 so far, but I remember it disappearing up its arse in later series, so I'll watch up to Hush with the creepy Gentlemen (which freaked my missus out when we first watched it about 15-20 years ago), then maybe switch to Angel for some more Charisma Carpenter goodness.



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