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  1. NFTs are 'Non-Fungible Tokens', they're just data stored in a blockchain. The point of them is that they're (supposedly) unique and can be things like pictures, videos, recordings etc. So basically a piece of verified unique digital art. Typically, games publishers are trying to geg in by selling unique assets as DLC such as costumes or guns to dickheads who want their in game characters to stand out.


    The metaverse is a wanky bullshit phrase for virtual worlds, the sort of stuff you'd see in science fiction where everyone's connected to a virtual reality realm where they can interact with other people. It's Facebook's new baby, because everyone wants to interact with people like Amy in a more tangible way than just via messages and pictures.


    Web 3.0 is an even wankier buzzword used by cunt designers to describe their foggy, lightweight concepts of how they're going to make internet browsing even more shite.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Anubis said:

    That picture reminds me of the bit in Les Miserables where the posh coaches are surrounded by the poor. I bet that’s how Bill imagines it in his head as well, which is why he’s smiling. He’s the star in his own little real-life theatrical production.

    Presumably Wind in the Willows, he's a dead ringer for the Toad there.

  3. 5 minutes ago, Arniepie said:

    What does he say to them again?

    His face!honestly dont get how people dont find the office funny?

    Got a mate who just doesnt get it.

    It is utterly timeless.


    Not sure he says anything, apart from the last few seconds here-



    It is superb though, I want to watch it again now...

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  4. 9 minutes ago, YorkshireRed said:

    I was drunk in Edinburgh once and got chatting to a local couple in some bar.

    At the time I was probably mid twenties. The female half of the couple was probably early thirties, from memory she was decent but drink had been taken. Her partner was maybe ten years older.


    It’s all a bit blurred but I do remember how quickly the conversation escalated from small talk to him asking me if I wanted to come back to theirs and “fuck his wife”.


    I declined. 

    The Office - Gareth Keenan - Sidecar motorcycle on Make a GIF

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  5. 1 hour ago, Em City said:

    With the exception of masks, all restrictions, including Covid passes, have been removed in Ireland.


    It's almost like Covid passes were not a slide into an authoritarian hellscape.

    I know, anyone would think they'd introduced them as a response to a deadly worldwide pandemic and not as part of a New World Order coup.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Colonel Bumcunt said:

    I don't give a fuck about Boris, the bigger issue is the Tory Party full stop.  I saw Kwasi Kwarteng on GMB this morning and he appalls me as much as Boris, as does Schapps, as does Raab, as does Dorries, as does Truss, etc.  

    And then, fuck me when was the last time you saw the chancellor?  Seriously, it's probably been three months. 

    All of them need to be ejected, it's fucking embarrassing. 

    I guess the hope is that if Johnson goes, the who gang of spivs and incompetent, occasionally previously-sacked chancers he's surrounded himself with will be cleared out too. It'll still be a bunch of cunts in the cabinet, but hopefully not as utterly malignant as this lot.

  7. 23 minutes ago, rb14 said:

    And I'm sorry for breaking the rules of the OP "YouTube CLIP of the day", today is my YouTube CLIPS of the day. 


    One of my favourite YouTubers is JS Magic. You can watch absolutely ANY of his, but here's one he posted yesterday - and that's my out. It's a YouTube clip of the day before...



    Love it. I'll have to catch some of his others if they're as good.