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  1. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    I've already posted this, and twice told Willard I've posted it. Four eyes and can't see, just like the state itself.
  2. Mudface

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Thank fuck, weak openers, spineless middle order and a nice, long tail. It's just not the same without them.
  3. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    Black gold, Texas tea.
  4. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    I've put those two up previously. Here's one for North Dakota-
  5. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    Not strictly Oklahoma, but never mind-
  6. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    Might have to wait a bit for that... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/51st_state#Puerto_Rico
  7. Mudface

    Voice Changing Software

    No idea about this as my serial killing days are long behind me, but there's a few here, assuming you want a phone app and you're not an Apple nonce- https://www.androidauthority.com/best-voice-changer-apps-for-android-613326/
  8. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    Mentions 'Bangor, Maine' as a destination.
  9. Mudface

    Songs that mention states in America

    Bit tenuous, but they namecheck Utah in the lyrics in a song about, er, those shrimp/ Sea Monkey things in the Great Salt Lake, apparently-
  10. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    I think that's more because he's a cunt than any technical ability.
  11. Mudface

    American Politics

    Christ. Are the Democrats actually doing anything to prevent this? They seem to be completely supine in the face of the threat.
  12. Mudface

    Radio 2

  13. Mudface

    Russia v Ukraine

    No, those one or two people knew exactly why you were 'alarmed' by the 'liberal world order' phrase. It's a dog whistle for ultra-right wing, Libertarian, conspiracy whackjobs endlessly searching for the Truth.
  14. Mudface

    Kylie Minogue

    Needs more anal cream pies to be fair, but it's not bad at all.
  15. Mudface

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Yep, and I don't think it was never used politically before. Byrne was very naïve though.
  16. Mudface

    Russia v Ukraine

    Is that a new Asda special offer?
  17. Mudface

    Russia v Ukraine

    Fuck's sake, just give Putin all the territory he wants so we can get 50 pence or so off fuel prices. Having a Fascist World Order as a result will be a small price to pay if I can shave 10p a day off my morning commute, plus it'll show those fuckin' libs.
  18. Mudface

    Mohamed Salah

    Gutted, forces Mane out and robs the club blind for a few more years.
  19. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    I'm guessing it would be too much work for a lot of the other media to investigate and report on. Especially when they can just get a couple of interns to collate Tweets and fill up half a dozen other articles.