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    Fucking hell- over 200K cases in France and 183K in the UK.
  2. Mudface

    Rate the last game you've played...

    It's brilliant, fantastic atmosphere too. If you haven't yet played it, Pony Island by the same guy is well worth a go too.
  3. Mudface


    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. After ten minutes' contemplation, what's happened to her left leg? And would she appreciate a completely ignorant opinion for a closer look?
  4. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Sadly, the days of demanding a certificate of 'Beef Curtains Cooked At 200C for the Appropriate Time' are long gone. And I for one, miss them heartily.
  5. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Fuck that.
  6. Mudface

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    By the looks of it, they get upset when our women's team win a throw in. Anti-vaxxer blue(hoho)prints.
  7. Mudface

    2021 Christmas presents

    I used to love freaking my Mum out about her Huawei phone. She had a Windows OS phone before that too. She doesn't listen to the rest of the family on tech things these days.
  8. Mudface

    Greatest Opening lines.

    Shame about the rest of the film. And I may already have posted this, but maybe not in this thread.
  9. Mudface

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Dick, Kerr Ladies.
  10. Mudface

    The Welsh

    I've got a link to her sex video, and coincidentally to a lot of cock-crazy whores that live in your local area. I'll post the link as soon as my credit card clears- apparently there's been a bit of a hold up and they're just verifying my £17 grand limit actually exists, but securing the payment on my house should expedite that.
  11. I can't really remember the last time I sat down and watched anything on UK TV for any length of time. Maybe when this hot bird was on Come Dine With Me one work afternoon. And even that was a repeat. I did find it funny when there were objections to selling off C4. That channel's been fucking shite for 20 years.
  12. This sort of bollocks- https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/dec/26/healing-myself-the-pagan-way-how-witchcraft-cast-a-spell-on-me A delusional woman gets stressed out, quits her job and reconnects with her 'spirituality'. As a fucking witch. Let me guess- as ever with these idealistic yarns of people downshifting away from the shite of modern life, she's from an upper middle class family and in one way or another doesn't have to worry about the financial hit of jacking a job in. Actually, the very fact that she's got an article in the Guardian's lifestyle section would confirm that.
  13. Mudface

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I've not seen the original, it was just a low budget nasty wasn't it?
  14. How come you have a VPN but no adblocker?
  15. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Just needed to finish every one. Back when I've hunted it down.
  16. Dickheads who drive six inches behind you in the 20 mph zone, get juiced up at the 30 mph signs and close to within 2 inches of you, then are vanishing dots in your mirror when you get to the 40/ 60 mph bits. A special place in Hell is reserved for the cunts who put their headlights on full beam when they do the above. Not sure if this is the right thread, is there a 'rightful executions' one?
  17. Alma's Not Normal- 9/10. Fucking fantastic series. Hilarious, heart-rending and politically devastating both to the Tory- Lib Dem cuts and the heavy-handedness of socialised, tick box care. Loved it. But, fuck. The only ways out of her life aren't something that should ever be anyone should ever be forced into. That they are is fucking appalling.
  18. Mudface

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I thought I'd join in with the Christmas spirit and watch a heart warming film to get me in the mood. I Spit on Your Grave (2010)- 5.5/10. Gruesome and awful during the hard-to-watch psychological torture and gang rape scenes, than cathartic during the revenge killings. An effectively done thriller, although the former victim appears to have been reborn as some sort of superwoman who can survive in the swampy wilderness for weeks without money, food or clothes and concoct a revenge plan.
  19. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Have a great one, everyone. We're all set up ready for tomorrow, can't wait. Just hope I don't get this shit again-
  20. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    WTF? MTV playing music??
  21. Mudface

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Yeah, this agenda-setting hagiography is pretty nauseating too. Thatcher was a cunt, but she was also a serious politician, about as far removed from this shallow, lightweight, vacuous, would-be Iron Lady successor as you can imagine.
  22. Mudface

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Christ. They're really bigging up this dense waste of skin-
  23. Mudface

    Let them eat cake

    Does the shop have a website? Just wondering if we can link it to an OnlyFans account.
  24. Mudface

    Let them eat cake

    Just tell her a forum full of discerning gentlemen are well into MILFs and you need a pic, preferably in lingerie, to keep up your internet rep. Sure that'll work.