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    Arf- https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/23/florida-doctors-covid-coronavirus-bruce-boros
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    Well one's a grifter and the other's a vet, so it might be a difficult sell otherwise. https://www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/covid-19-critical-thinking-pseudoscience/doomsday-prophecy-dr-geert-vanden-bossche
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    But his Wikipedia page makes him sound so authoritative- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_W._Malone I suppose Pfizer have got to the Wikimedia Foundation as well, damn them.
  4. Yeah, apparently he had a load of unreleased stuff they put out posthumously, this and the album it's on were some of it.
  5. Mudface


    It's really annoying that people are having to take time to debunk these flawed/ fraudulent studies. In the meantime, the cunts promoting them just move on to the next set of lies that the terminally gullible lap up. I did like these two though-
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Weird way of saying 'Heysel'. Bloody Yanks.
  7. Mudface

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    I wish they'd stop conflating gender and sex.
  8. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Time for a man of the people, someone down to earth and on the workers' side.
  9. Mudface

    Keir Starmer

    Amazing. If the Tories have shown anything, it's that there really is a magic money tree and we won't turn into Greece if we give it a good shake.
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    'Funny' thing is, even if Ivermectin did work (and it fucking doesn't), you'd have to take it far more regularly than a vaccine. I'm also pretty sure that it's been reformulated by several companies, and the variants patented. So you've got a potential market of tens of billions of doses under a patent, and yet no reputable pharmaceutical company is bothering with it. Presumably because it doesn't work against Covid. Or of course, Pfizer have sent the boys round.
  11. Mudface


    It's all a conspiracy by 'big pharma' and corrupt authoritarian governments. Man. The fact that all these governments could save a fortune and get everything moving again if Ivermectin did work is neither here nor there...
  12. It seems like it was all a dream. A sweet, beautiful dream. And yet it felt so real.
  13. Mudface

    Other Football 2021/22

    The loudest they've been was mocking a brief 'Everton' chant. Dull game with no atmosphere, no wonder they can't fill 'their' ground.
  14. Mudface

    Other Football 2021/22

    20% possession for Everton after the first half hour. I suppose it's difficult for these little teams when they come up against Man City.
  15. Good to see sausages that actually look like they've been cooked rather than illuminated by a kid's torch for a few seconds.
  16. Mudface

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Looks like Battlefield 2042 is an utter disaster- 24% rating on Steam. Naturally PC Gamer (the home of the shill) gave it 80%. Some guy listed these as issues- Core Features No single-player story/campaign mode No standard server browser Fewer standardized game modes (Can't even play TDM or smaller scale modes without relying on community servers. Really?) Fewer base game maps than any other title (even including portal the map count is only 13) No persistent lobbies (seriously why do I have to matchmake after EVERY round?) Fewer in-game assignments (none outside of cosmetic unlocks) No class system Less character customization options (than BF5) No profile progress/stats page in the menu No battle log/stats tracker for other players No global leader boards No end of round assignment progress screen No dog tags (they still sort of exist I guess?) No custom emblems Fewer achievements No medals No cross-game profile screen (BF 4, HL, 1, and V were all linked by a menu if you owned them digitally, was a neat feature.) No spectator mode No permanent community servers (would be useful for clans and events) No test range (this one is sort of compensated for with single payer servers vs bots) Infantry Gameplay Fewer guns (even including all the portal guns, BF4 still had more at launch) Fewer infantry gadgets No manual leaning No diving while swimming No high wall vaulting No crouch sprinting No backwards prone No explosion knockback No rolling after falling from heights No ammo or health pickup off teammates No scope zeroing No thermal optics No indirect fire gadgets Less anti-tank launchers (Come on man only one?) No lock-on launchers (The M5 works with the SOFLAM but that requires 2 people) No AP mines/claymores No suppression mechanic (This one I don't mind but I'm including everything) No first person takedown animations (whether this is a downgrade is up for debate, but I think it is) Vehicles Fewer vehicle types (and separate vehicle progression per faction even though they are functionally identical... why???) No naval vehicles (Except I guess the hovercraft technically) No small transports (i.e. ATVs, motorcycles) No vehicle gunner direction indicator No lock on direction indicator No vehicle enter/exit animations No tank turret decoupling (This was so great in BF4!) Less vehicle driver/pilot customization options No tank zoom customization options No tank gunner customization options No heli gunner secondary weapons No separate heli/fixed-wing controls No control input while looking behind/free looking in aircraft (BF1 and V pilots, this one is gonna absolutely suck for you guys) No joystick/non-generic gamepad support Scoring System No squad wipe scoring No player damage points No vehicle damage points No vehicle kill assist points No headshot bonus No long-range kill bonus No assist counts as kill bonus No multi-kill bonus No killstreak stopped bonus No comeback bonus No squad objective play bonus Oversimplified teamplay scoring (i.e. healing a teammate always gives you a flat +5xp rather than being based on how much you heal them) Squad and Teamwork No commander No special squad call-in abilities No squad field upgrades No in-game VOIP (coming soonTM) Fewer factions (with almost nothing to give the 2 factions any distinction) No cross-team chat No "create new squad" option No clans/platoons No view of squadmates while in the spawn screen No "Medic incoming" indicator in downed state (coming soonTM) No rank names/icons, just a number. Maps Lack of persistent servers means poor map rotation (I played for 10 hours and never saw Kaleidoscope, Orbital, or Breakaway) Fewer base game maps (not including portal maps) No static weapon emplacements Fewer destructible buildings Very poor balance between vehicle and infantry gameplay No infantry focused maps No game changing evolution Absolutely zero cover between capture zones Poor spawn points (Constantly spawning in the open/visible to enemies) No fortification building (given how open all the maps are, this could have been super useful) Fewer urban areas No naval maps UI and Quality of Life Less control customization options Less UI customization options No HUD/icon opacity customization No HUD scaling customization options No gunsight reticule customization options No network performance graph No individual player scoreboard No ability to zoom in on the spawn map Less detail in the 'who killed you' screen Less ultrawide monitor support (hud ratio is locked in at 16:9) Very poor friend joining system (Lack of server browser makes playing with more than 4 friends completely impossible) Poor console aim assist (big fat f*ck you to console players there, dice. Hopefully this will come with the D1 patch) No in game crossplay toggle option (you have to change your global console settings) Audio General consensus seems to be the audio design is bad, especially compared to both BF3 and BF1. 3D soundscape is almost non-exsistent
  17. Mudface

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Group 19

    Think you need to redo the poll options, you can only select one.