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  1. Mudface

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Leaving aside the question of why on earth Lampard would want to go to that poisonous cesspit, why would those players want to reunite with him?
  2. Dozens and dozens of examples on this guy's channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfZwNd8i7spJmLr4qq1_Gyw Most of the problems are caused by dashcammers accelerating at roundabouts and junctions to get a submission.
  3. Mudface

    Favourite TV Theme Tune - Nominations

    We went to see the Handsome Family a few years back in Stirling, can't remember a thing about it so it must have been a good night...
  4. Mudface

    The Great & The Good Nonce Naming Game.

    Mr Big, more like. That cunt has to be the main man behind all this.
  5. Mudface


    Don't forget that fella whose career was ruined when he got three broken feet.
  6. Mudface

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The 'Prince Andrew', as it's known.
  7. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

  8. Mudface

    Jeffery Epstein & Friends

    The Firm are disassociating and distancing themselves from Andrew.
  9. Think it's likely to be him too, he wasn't commentating on the Spurs- Chelsea game last night. The cunt.
  10. Mudface

    Keir Starmer

    Oh well. Time to get over that, Starmer's pretty disappointing, but there's no point in distractions while Johnson's on the run.
  11. Mudface

    Keir Starmer

    Bit weird. Is there a specific problem he has?
  12. And miss all the hot younger men? Doreen knows the score.
  13. I always used to get mine to boo when the disgusting Wottingers came on and cheer when the lovely Pontipines appeared. Dirty Wottinger scum- Glorious Pontipine heroes-
  14. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Ha- well, it's worth keeping up, it's pretty funny and satirises their ridiculous excuses. I'd like to see any members of the public trying that sort of bullshit on with the police or in court.
  15. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Fortunately, it's a parody, although it's difficult to tell these days.
  16. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Fucking Estonians.
  17. Mudface

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    How can you tell? Sour faced, rancid bitch. (Her, not you...)
  18. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Well they had all been working very hard, so mistakes were bound to creep in.
  19. Mudface

    Boris Johnson

    Eh? It's a Punch and Judy pantomime where the PM ignores opposition questions (or asks questions of the opposition) while getting soft soap 'how great are we?' rubbish from particularly sycophantic back benchers and the Speaker does fuck all. It'd be nice if we actually had a constitution rather than this made-up, cobbled-together, archaic nonsense.