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    Crystal Palace (H) 08/11/15

    I was at the game on Sunday and despite the result really enjoyed the game. I left early (only about 1 minute though) not because I wanted to but because I had to .. Our flight back home was at 19:45 and my two kids had school the next day so I was under strict orders not to miss it! I would say many of those leaving were in the same boat (or plane?) and would have had to leave even if we were winning due to the shite scheduling of flights. Assuming the club can't get flight times changed, a simple solution may be for the club to offer coach services to the airport directly after the game? I'd have happily sat till the end if i knew I was guaranteed 3 seats on a coach which left 20 minutes after the game finished? As for the atmosphere as cringe as it sounds hand out lyrics to all or include in match prog. Then employ 50/100 people to go to matches scattered around the ground and lead the singing. They get paid for every song/chant they generate and would also be responsible for generating new songs for all players either by holding comps on forums or writing themselves. The more they sing the more they earn. As the more they sing .. the more everyone sings! .. Job done!
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    First choice right back

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    The ideal January signing

    So Stevie wants the club to consider signing older experienced players, Sahin has gone home to Dortmund = gap in MF and Xabi hasn't signed a new contract with madrid ... Wishful thinking or what?