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  1. Just looking at a non International tournament summer and as of yesterday there was still a full list of matches being played. I seen Robbo didn't play for Scotland as he's now picked up an Injury as Jota has as well. With this nations league nonsense there's more International matches for players to play - my understanding is the new Champions league format will have more matches for players to play & throw a World Cup into the mix mid season we could be heading for more player injuries / burnout. How long would players normally get in years gone by for summer breaks if there was no tournament ?
  2. Mark M

    Player Welfare / Burnout

    Haha Everton just exist to to in the premier league - if there was some Blues reading that heads would be exploding…
  3. Mark M

    Player Welfare / Burnout

    Madrid were fortunate that they'd won their league with a few weeks of the season left & could afford to rest earlier than us. We looked absolutely gassed second half against Madrid in the final
  4. Mark M

    Player Welfare / Burnout

    Am I right in saying some league like Spain alter the fixtures for the sides that go far in European competitions ? Does Germany do that as well ? The Premier league just do not give a fuck at all from that side of things.
  5. Mark M

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    Not annoyed at all just found it amusing.
  6. Mark M

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    If its not by some bloke thats Portuguese and follows Benfica then I don't see the point in reading that.....
  7. Mark M

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    Footballs not for everybody
  8. Mark M

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    Fuck knows... christ I hate social media
  9. Mark M

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    I mean once you see the handshake emoji you know its a done deal
  10. Mark M

    Real Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 (May 28 2022)

    Great report Dave. Agree with so much comparing Keita as an Arsenal player nail on the head with that comparison.
  11. I thought Rafa was a European expert. Klopp just knows how to navigate to finals in European competitions not just with us but with Dortmund as well. That statement he made about the final in Istanbul at the end of the match about book your hotels now was a not made lightly - he's going to have our squad primed to go all the way again.
  12. Not for me I remember at the time being so gutted and thinking that Klopp was just the "nearly man" for us. Since that final we've won everything there is to win added to the fact he's just extended his contract which is more important than any player. I'm gutted of course but feel that we are not going anywhere for the next few years and we'll stay challenging.
  13. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Shite last night his comments came back to bite him.
  14. Konate was outstanding for us tonight. The Madrid keeper though ! Fuck me what a performance- I got a bad feeling when he saved Manes shot in the first half he’d have one of those nights
  15. Mark M

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Getting Kane would mean we’d get to hear more of Dave U impressions of him…. I’m In !
  16. Mark M

    Thiago Alcantara

    Fab back and Thiago what a shot in the arm that is. Hopefully they can train well and be ok for Saturday and we don't have to have Keita playing.
  17. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Yep. Unfortunelty this will start happening a lot more with players as they can earn so much more as free agents.
  18. Mark M


    Apparently due to train today (according to various Twitter rumours) We should know later either way when the images of the training session is out
  19. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Don't worry by 16.15 on Sunday when City are 2-0 up you'll be back where you were last week in reality.
  20. Mark M

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just out of Interest what was the target / aspirations of the Everton fans before the season started seems as if they're expectations have been lowered quite a lot over the course of this season.
  21. What a team. Just when I think I couldn’t love them anymore the fringe players come in and perform like that from going a goal down. Brilliant! I hope Pep is getting into his own head and melting his brain.
  22. Mark M

    PODCAST: FA Cup Final Match Reaction

    I'm just surprised it was never mentioned about Thiagos two footed tackle.....