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  1. We’re getting worse the longer the game is going
  2. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    They didn’t really they were offside for those chances. if they get a draw it will be a miracle they can’t string 3 passes together now
  3. Trent is killing them with his crossing we’ve just not finished them off
  4. Mark M

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If they go back for Martinez and he gets the sack after another year or so is it back to Koeman then ? is that how the hiring process works for them now just going over the list of old managers again and again.
  5. Mark M

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Title is done - BT and Sky will be pissed off about it as they'll have to try and big up some of the big games for the rest of the season. By the time we play City in April its far more likely we'll be further behind points wise my guess would be over a 10-12 point gap at least. Its not a knock at us as its just unrealistic to expect teams to keep getting 90+ points a season unless they have huge squads like City. Our points total of 45 after 21 games is pretty damn good but with the cheating City have done its not good enough. The default position of the media is to lap up the overspending & cheating as its easy headlines. Newcastle is another example of this.
  6. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Big clubs make headlines small clubs like Arsenal and Everton are just boring and irrelevant
  7. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    I’d say it’s their neighbours that are probably a lot more concerned seeing as they didn’t get the right house the last time.
  8. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    The best player in the world is going to be valued even higher before he comes back with the shite we have to rely on now he’s away.
  9. All Brentford or any other side has to do is sit back and play a low block. We are so slow and clueless without the spark of Mane or Salah.
  10. Klopp should have made changes earlier - he’s given fuck all time for the subs to settle in. Milner should have been hooked at HT
  11. 4 attempts - With 0 in target. Shocking really. Ox and Jones on and at least have some shots from outside the box - what we’re doing trying to pass through so many bodies is not working
  12. Taki is miles off if. He’s nowhere near the quality needed as backup for Salah and Mane missing the odd match
  13. Forest beat Arsenal on Sunday - are they still following up a complaint after that result ? Doesn't make much sense at all.
  14. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    I just can't see how FSG can spin this in their favour with Salah. With the likes of Torres and Suarez etc they wanted to actively leave the club FSG made them hand a transfer request in first so they could make sure they were completely covered in how they handled the moves which is fair enough. Salah is publicly asking to stay - he's the best player in the world on current form and his numbers are off the charts incredible. The only way they can spin this in a positive light is to do a deal with him and sign him up to an extended deal.
  15. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    We certainly wouldn't pay the wages Sterling would be looking for. As for Mo going to City - I never thought Torres would have left us for Chelsea back in 2010 - granted we are in a stronger place now - but if we can't do a deal to keep the best player in the world at our club and City show him a huge contract offer with the ambition to be the best club in Europe its not a reach to see that move happen. Its a big moment in FSG ownership of us how they handle this situation with Salah.
  16. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Not only will we not buy anyone this January we wont give the best player in the world a new contract.
  17. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Fucking hell that was mad - The official doing VAR done everything he could to disallow that goal
  18. Mark M

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 1-3 2022)

    Pogba for the Mancs is like Keita for us cost a lot of money doesn’t live up to the hype never available when you really need them to step up. both players have a fanatic following on social media of supporters who only see them as superstars who do no wrong and will die on that hill.
  19. That 11 players wanting to leave will change very quickly when they realise they'll have to take a massive pay to cut to move somewhere else. The Mancs have fucked themselves by the wages being handing out to the average players in their squad.
  20. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Good I hope it stays like that for another year. the longer their fans & former players don't find any issue with him playing the better.