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  1. Hopefully Klopp starts Jones against City ahead of Ox and Keita
  2. That Porto keeper is nearly as bad as Karius.
  3. Watching Mane drop our attacks - best defender for Porto so far
  4. Mane just can’t do anything right at the moment
  5. Its one for the shitness of modern football thread. Its becoming normalised that players feel the need to go onto social media to explain a missed penalty or bad performance. Seems to happen more with the International football.
  6. Manes pass to Jota when he fired it at him chest height from about 5 yards away was a bit mad. As has already being mentioned Klopp I don’t think reacted to them sticking players up against Trent and crossing deep into them. Robbo was poor as well didn’t stop crosses coming in against us. Taking Jones off after the goal was just silly.
  7. Keita going off after kicking the turf against Norwich and now is not available for the weekend is the most Keita thing ever. We'll probably see him again sometime in February.
  8. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    I was happy with everyone else even Divock. The kids that played deserve another go including Morton who was very composed.
  9. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    if we want to play well and to try and get to the next round Ox and Keita shouldn’t play.
  10. Have to say Konate looks the business. A CB that ticks all the boxes - big - strong - fast - good passer & can cause problems at set pieces.
  11. I know it’s only the league cup but with Elliott and Thiago not available there’s a chance for them to try and nail down as starting place. They both should be bossing this match
  12. Am I wrong to expect much more from Ox and Keita in this type of match ? Or maybe they’re just not that arsed
  13. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    His record in the champions league is incredible.
  14. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    Or if they let Mo's contract run out like Emre Can and Gini they don't have to operate a sell to buy policy.....*taps nose*
  15. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Ronaldo diving again when he should have been put in his place with a yellow card for his first dive. I should’nt complain too much cause it’s still a surprise they just didn’t give him what he wants
  16. Can’t wait the first game Ive had a chance to get back to since Emre Can got the winner against Burnley seems like forever ago. My young lad is absolutely buzzing for it hopefully we can get the win.
  17. That was shocking by Keita no urgency or desire to win the ball. He’s also offered fuck all going forward.
  18. As good as we were for 40 mins. Keita been shite as usual
  19. Gattuso looking like Scrappy-Doo having to be held back by his teammates. Jordan might have been in his 60’s but I’d say he’d still have planted him.
  20. Enjoyed the Pod again lads and I'm on the side of Brownie with the tackle. Its good to listen to a Pod with opposite views too many Pods out there and they all have the same view point expressed from a slightly different angle gets boring.