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  1. He was poor along with a number of others today - But the worst player by a country mile when our keeper has cost us 3 goals. Not having that sorry.
  2. Alisson cost us 3 goals but Robertson was our worst player! Robertson also put a great ball into Mane that he should have scored from I suppose it’s his fault Mane missed it as well. Agenda driven nonsense opinion.
  3. Alisson was so poor - his head was gone after the first goal. they hit the crossbar from another corner where Allisson was all over the place. Two huge misses from Mane as well. Thiago came on and gave a masterclass in how to look confident in giving the ball away.
  4. So this is what it feels like to be a Man Utd fan. Grim.
  5. Mark M


    He’s painful to listen too so far out of his depth. He was tying himself in knots trying to defend Wambaska. Souness was getting pretty pissed with him at one stage. One of my guilty pleasures is watching Keane going in on Utd after they lose.
  6. We’ll start to hear he’s the final piece of the jigsaw coming from OT over the next couple of years soon.
  7. Did Diouf act the prick at a game before when he came back ? Personally I'm not arsed once players leave us - loved both Suarez and Torres when they were here but trying to force move to Arsenal / moving to Chelsea certainly goes a long way to burning bridges in my book. If Suarez had of scored the winner last night he'd have had no issue celebrating in front of the Kop hes a big boy & only cares about winning.
  8. Whatever about booing Suarez the Ole at the Wheel song got another outing tonight is more embarrassing
  9. Mark M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    3 - 4 games is potentially a massive amount of points when seeing how Chelsea just seem to be like a winning machine so far.
  10. Jones and Chamberlain showing how far away they are for being good starters for us. Not much point in having 8 options of midfielders when some have a history of not being available/ fit enough for a run of games & others nowhere near good enough.
  11. No midfield today - shocking. having to rely on injury prone players showing how it leads to problems
  12. I’d rather we got knocked out than risk any of our main players.
  13. What about the others he sacked as well. At one point tonight he said he still wouldn’t have sacked moyes at Utd yet when he runs a club he’s sacking managers all over the place. He’s taking out of both sides of his mouth.
  14. I’d love to hear how sad Robbie Savage would be commenting on this game
  15. Not for me when we went there with Suarez and Moyes was in charge was probably the most confident I've ever felt going to play them.
  16. More lives than a Cat. Every time it looks like - yep that’s it sacked in the morning he gets a result. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I ever underestimate these Manc bastards.
  17. When reading that I found it very believable
  18. Seems like every time this goblin is on the verge of getting sacked he gets a good result. pretty sure they beat City when nobody expected it & it turned their form around.
  19. There’s always one that has to take it one step too far.
  20. Mark M

    Watford 0 Liverpool 5 (Oct 16 2021)

    I love that you'll never forget or let this go. the worst individual display since that time Jon Walters scored an own goal, missed two pens and smashed the ball into his own face while attempting an overhead kick.
  21. Yep. When we won the league that fucking Kip was the first place we dropped points that season.