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  1. Mark M

    Joe Cole on a free.

    Something we used to be in.... Used to be good at! The reason the likesof Torres signed for us.... Damn what was that again, oh ye the champions league.
  2. Mark M

    The Roy Hodgson Thread

    no, in answer to the thread.what i'd like to know is who's voting yes?
  3. Mark M

    The Roy Hodgson Thread

    which is why Rafa got sacked, but why replace him with his defensive minded twin?!?
  4. Mark M

    The Roy Hodgson Thread

    how reliable is the mirror for the info? does maddock have contacts in the club like barrett used to have? please god I hope this is just another bullshit story. just give the job to kenny and be done with it.
  5. This might also work for our chairman (who has our best interests at heart!) martin.broughton@chelseafanclub.co.uk
  6. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    Just seen a programme on dalglish on sky, all the current board members of the club should be made watch it, then stop fuckin around and give king kenny the job. I swear ti god if Roy or sven get the job I'll lose the plot ( more than I already have)
  7. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    I think kenny should get the job, but if roy is given it will people on here accept that and just go with the flow or try and protest against the board and purslow for making a shite call?
  8. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    Surley the board or purslow have discussed what gerrard and torres feel about certain managers, IMO I would have thought kenny would be a shoe in and keep most of our best players here. Unless there going to tie down an average manager like hodsgon, and torres and gerrad request transfers and they can pay off debt and have the excuse That the players wanted to leave. just give king kenny the job ffs!
  9. Mark M

    Kenny or Woy

    roy - who won 1 away game in the league last year no thanks. we were poor enough away from home under Rafa under hodgson it would be another step backward negative and boring ive had enough of that.. kenny please
  10. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    as much as parry and moores are two clowns, They at least had the cop on to have Rafa lined up when houllier got the bullet, which of the muppets at our club now got rid of Rafa without any f*ckin idea about who to replace him with? the owners who dont talk, the chelsea supporting chairman, or purslow... My take on the links of managers. Kenny - Yes Hiddink - Yes - but wont / cant come Hodgson - No Thanks O'Neill - No Thanks Mark Hughes - No Thanks H Redknapp - No Thanks Sven - ?!?! for the love of god no!!
  11. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    I agree we should do everything we can to get Hiddink in, I dont think I could stomach the football we would play under Hodgson
  12. Mark M

    Martin O'Neill.

    under Rafa we were feared in europe's elite beating alll the top teams home and away, and more often than not getting to the later stages of the Champions league, apart from last season's mickey mouse uefa cup. Houllier could only have dreamed to have as many top european nights as we had under Rafa, we had a couple but nowhere near as much and we didnt have the belief that we had under Rafa. Also Rafa improved Carra by playing him as a centre half something GED wouldnt do. Rafa gave us torres possibly one of the best strikers in the world GED gave us Diouf and Cisse, sorry but GED better than Rafa, for the love of devine christ ive heard it all now. oh by the way Rafa will be going on to manage some of the top teams in europe where has GED gone to?
  13. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    its not hate he is a decent coach just not good enough to get our best players to stick around IMO. I seen fulham at anfield a couple of months back and to say that they came and parked the bus is an understatement, Ive seen enough robotic boring football last season id rather a fresh start, and a manager that will unleash his team attack and play good football... Then i wake up and realise we have no money and 2 geebag owners and get all depressed again.
  14. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    kenny's my call, It might be enough to get torres and gerrard to stick around for another year... The only other manager I think could come in and get all the players more optimistic about the future would be hiddink, imagine england bottle it as usual in the quarters or semis in the world cup gerrad the new england captain picks up the paper boarding the plane home and see's we have signed Mark Hughes, before that plane lands he will have a deal boxed off with madrid.
  15. Mark M

    Next Liverpool Manager

    as long as its not mark hughes or roy hodgson, i think I would cry if either of those got it
  16. Mark M

    No money for Rafa.

    the daily mail have this information before anyone else... if I read that from tony barrett in the times or in the echo i will worry until then, lies!!
  17. the name of this thread needs to be changed - "the happy rumour mill" more like "the slit your wrists we have no money but keep getting linked with players mill"
  18. Mark M

    Jimmy Bullard

    better than lucas but thats not hard, too injury prone though we already have aqua man to keep the physios room occupied
  19. Mark M

    Marko Marin is in Liverpool

    man what a let down clicking into this thread is, I didnt have a clue who that was and I got all carried away thinking that this could be a suger daddy multi millionaire coming to buy the club....
  20. Mark M

    Cuntiest picture of Zlatan EVER.

    has to be one of the most overrated players ever. every time he seems to play in big matches he goes missing.
  21. Mark M

    Benitez 'guarantees' top four finish

    the mistake that was made when he made that "gaurantee" was we never got it in writing.. ;-)
  22. Mark M

    Sack Rafa or keep Rafa?

    i agree he has made shocking calls this year, both in signings, subs, team selections etc. the biggest issue though is sack him it will cost us a fortune, and more importantly who do you get in? O'Neill, Hodgsen, for me no thanks! It's stuck between a rock and a hard place..
  23. Mark M

    All Hail Rafa

    i mean most because their is only 4 Rafa signings in the above team.
  24. Mark M

    All Hail Rafa

    i wouldnt have kewell in a first 11 of any liverpool team except maybe if you were doing a team of players that everyone thought should have done better in our shirt. also most of those players you picked were signings by ger.