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  1. Mark M

    Time to get behind the manager 100%

    We were in the bottom 3 going into the match today at home against the mighty Blackpool, We were well beaten and outplayed for large parts of the game. As we were outplayed against sunderland and west brom at home for large portions of the game. We look as if we are going to conceed every time there is a decent cross against us. Moyes is going to have cahill as his target man and they will beat us easily and if you can't see that coming in the derby you are A. Either burying your head in the sand or B. Haven't watched us much this year. Roy has a mid table attitude and it is showing through he players on the pitch. I have one question for you WHEN we are beaten in the derby after another typical performance this year do you think it will be time for Roy to go then?
  2. Mark M

    alberto aquilani can we get him back

    What are our tactics? I got it under Houllier, I got it under Rafa, I dont have a clue with Roy and dont think the players do either. And as for getting Aqua back he is injury prone and never proved he could play in the prem on a regular basis so how is he the answer?
  3. A Manager with the ability to pick players and put them in their correct positions ex: Raul. And a manager that really believes he can get 3 points home and away against any team in the league.Roy has shown he has too much fear about losing and it shows in how the team are playing they don't believe they can win and are playing far too deep that is down to the manager. A new manager can make those 3 basic changes and get results with our squad of players. 1. Play players in the right positions 2. Give the players the belief they can beat anyone and fear noone. 3. Get the team to press higher up the pitch as sitting so deep is causing us all sorts of problems.
  4. Mark M

    Emergency board meeting rumours

    Oh don't get my hopes up like that...
  5. Mark M

    We need a new manager asap

    I know and as for what he did to our club as manager... Oh Wait! he won trophies and has a winning mentality. Its not about a quick fix but Roy is without question the wrong man why wait for another 5-6 matches when we will really be in a dogfight down the bottom. Its quite clearly broke and needs fixing all our performances this year have been shocking, apart from 2nd half against arsenal.
  6. Mark M

    We need a new manager asap

    I was thinkin the same thing, If he was offered id say he would just hold on to see what happens about the owners.
  7. Mark M


    Get Him In before the derby, we might have a half a chance of getting a result.
  8. Mark M

    We need a new manager asap

    If have a really bad feeling the board will sit on there hands and do nothing about sacking Roy and just leave him in place hoping he manages to somehow improve.
  9. Mark M

    Game Thread vs Blackpool(h)

    No more than blackpool deserve, there the better team
  10. Mark M

    Game Thread vs Utrecht (a).

    we'll prob beat blackpool at the weekend, just. As they will come to anfield with no fear and and relish putting crosses into our box. But when we play the bluesh*te and they beat us in couple of weeks RAWK will go into meltdown and Roy will realise what pressure really is. Just watched This is Anfield and the general opinion of people already is Roy is tactaically negative moreso than Rafa and is playing players ot of position. That game tonight was painful to watch like most games this season.
  11. Mark M

    Howare Webb is a complete Cunt thread

    When he played on after poulsen on nani and we were attacking, he clearly waved play on to liverpool, then cause nani was acting like a geebag rolling around like a sniper got him.. he pulled it back and gave a free to utd. That was up there with one of the most ridculous calls iv'e ever seen
  12. Mark M

    Game thread: Mancs away

    unfortunetly agree with all that, id love to see Raul start ahead of Lucas but it aint gonna happen.. also if it is the same team as birmingham bar cole coming in, torres will be getting more stick form the sky pundits even though he'll be feeding off scraps you wouldnt give to a stray..
  13. Mark M

    La Liga tonight

    I might sound like a bitter blue for saying this but im fuckin delighted.
  14. Mark M

    Game Thread: v Birmingham (a)

    Looks like roys putting his stamp on the team happy to play for a draw... now he'll bend over for alex next week.. fuckin sham of a display
  15. Mark M

    Game Thread: v Birmingham (a)

    No shots on target, should be 3 down if it wasnt for pepe.... please please please please roy take off lucas never play him again and throw meriles in.. maxi has been shit too doesnt like the physical side of the game.
  16. I'd say your in a minority, I found the witch done against the bin dropping cat lady ott myself.. but that geebag threw a load of puppies in a river to kill them she's fair game as far as im concerned, named and shamed and abused.
  17. Mark M

    Carlton Cole

    is lucas? the fact we have feck all money means we have to re-adjust with buying players, we can hardly afford villa, or messi.
  18. I like C. Cole at a better club under good man management I think he could be very good for us.
  19. Mark M

    Raul Meireles

    our real weakness is having ngog as a backup to torres, I just hope we sign a striker before the window closes, and meireles would be a super signing imo.
  20. Mark M

    Hodgeson hate

    I agree with what your saying, but for me greening would be an improvment on Lucas.. but then again as far as im concerned my nan would be an improvement on Lucas.
  21. I wouldn't lose much sleep if he left, I would be happy ONLY if the money was re-invested with a replacement.This Masch transfer is turning into a disaster, looks to me like a fee will be agreed on the last day and we wont have any time to reinvest in new players there should be a deadline put for 48hrs to get it boxed off.
  22. Mark M

    Game Thread: v Man City (a)

    Does anyone know if masch is refusing to play because of an injury he has or is playing hardball now to push his move through? I'm not sure about ngog and torres as a partenership up front, but i am really looking forward to see if it works out, and so much for the people having a go at hodgson saying he is negative cause if he plays 442 away from home its the most attacking we have lined up away since..... emmmmm.... since.... roy evans?! maybe.
  23. Mark M

    Game Thread: v Man City (a)

    I watched City against spurs last week and they are like a team of individuals and it will take time for them to gel, if torres and gerrard play well this is 3 points that we can very well win tonight.
  24. Mark M

    Just a thought I had yesterday re: Joe Cole

    If he comes back from his league ban against the mancs and scores the winner! will that do :yes: