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  1. Mark M

    Shit clubs

    middlesbrough always had a dislike for that club
  2. Mark M

    Luis Suarez

    he usually posts up the correct team lineup a couple of hours before kick off, if thats anything to go by.
  3. Mark M

    Everton home thread

    lad on RAWK who normally gets the team right posted - Reina Johnson Skrtel Agger Aurelio Spearing Kuyt Lucas Meireles Maxi Torres
  4. Mark M

    Everton home thread

    has yossi been correct before with previous lineups?
  5. Mark M

    Robbie Keane - would you have him back?

    I'm Irish and have watched him recently playing international games and he is way past his best now, he's that bad the front pairing for Ireland on form and effort should be Kevin Doyle and Shane Long.
  6. Mark M

    Thank You Roy Hodgson

    I dont buy into "he's a nice guy" media driven garabge. He blames everyone else for his own failures as a manager. When Mr Alex Ferguson accused torres of cheating he didn't stand up for him and left the door open for him to be sold. He had a pop at glen johnson in the media He had a pop at joe cole in the media He smiled and shook hands with david moyes like he won the F*ckin lotto when everton handed us our arse at goodison after the game. He said very early when the new owners came in they would have to pay him off to get rid of him He blamed the previous manager on the squad he inherited, instead of taking a positive attitude and doing the best he could with a squad full of international players. Roy imo is not a nice guy and im glad to see the back of him.
  7. Mark M

    Roy gone, Kenny taking over...

    All i wanted for my birthday today was Roy to be gone, and for kenny to have taken charge... I can't put into words how happy i am... get f*ckin in!!!
  8. Mark M

    Brief interlude to laugh at Chelsea

    I cant laugh at any team from 12th upwards in the league. (i f*ckin hate Roy)
  9. Coyle is a good call, Most important part for me a new manager has to have a positive attitude. I really don't think I can take much more of Roy building up all the teams we play as a brazil team of the 70's and playing down our expectations at every chance.
  10. Mark M

    New rumour

    If hodgson resigns does he not get his payoff then from his contract? The only way he is leaving is by being pushed out with a big pay off and will probably be about half what Rafa got for his 6 years.
  11. Mark M

    The Derby

    I know he's lost the plot that much he thinks we play in blue!
  12. Mark M

    Worst Liverpool side

    The team is full of international players. Bar 1 or 2 it is the same team that finished second in the league 2 years ago. They are being sent out on the pitch with no tactical gameplan. It is 100% Roy's fault. A decent manager can come in play with a plan and give torres some service, instead of coming out with tripe in his interview today saying he is low on confidence.
  13. Northampton Fans celebrate a win at anfield. Blackpool Fans celebrate a win at anfield. Everton Fans chant "going down" while they comfortably beat us 2-0 to send us second from bottom. Option 4. - I don't want him here, and I want him sacked before any more damage is done.
  14. Mark M

    The Derby

    Roys genius tactics. The way its been all year. I dont know what its going to take for him to get sacked.
  15. Mark M

    Martin Broughton

    What a job he's done, it still hasnt sunk in yet, I just hope his replacement is as shrewd and hardworking as he is.
  16. Is Roys job back on the agenda? After Everton play us off the park on sunday it probably will be. Bring back Kenny!
  17. I like this. New Owners, New Manager, Attacking Football. But reality hits and statements coming out from the club like Roy is the right man for the job, makes me shudder inside..
  18. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAGAGAHAHAHHAHAH! That is just brilliant the 2 muppets managed to snooker themselves by putting a board of 5 people and have 3 of them vote against them. You couldn't make that up. And they now stand to lose money it makes me so happy I think i could shed tears of joy.
  19. Mark M

    Stefan Perrson

    It just seems too good to be true that G&H can come out of this with nothing to show for owning the club. If RBS take over and then sell to someone else and the 2 owners get nothing!! Id say Hicks would probably have a heart attack and Gillet would be bed ridden with shock for the rest of his poxy life. Can it be that easy?
  20. Mark M


    Aquilani has proved since he was brought to the club that he is injury prone and cant play more than 5 games in row. Bad signing and we were right to get rid. Roy has made many many mistakes since being here, the issues with Roy is more to do with playing players out of position and defending so deep the defenders are standing on top of pepe. But trying to flog Aquilani was not a bad call he was a terrible signing. The fact no team would pay money for him proves this he's off on loan and Juve might sign him but at a cut price deal.
  21. Mark M

    Torres could miss the derby

    With Roy in charge we will be better off if he is not fit, seeing as he has no clue how to provide service to possibly the most clinical striker in the world. With Roy's "Tactics" i use that term very loosely, we are better suited to a big donkey up front AKA "The Greek". I can't say i blame torres for being pissed off with the lack off service & support he has been getting.
  22. Mark M


    exactly, Id ont get why a lot of people are banging on about him saying we miss him. He was a bad signing by Rafa. He is injury prone and when Rafa brought him he realised he was too lightweight to play CM and made a comment after xmas that it was between him and gerrard to play behind torres to justify not playing him. The guy was not suited for the english league and we will be lucky to get back half what we spent on him.
  23. Mark M

    What's wrong with RAWK?

    Just got banned from there yesterday, I was saying Roy was out of his depth and we need a replacement. And I didn't even use any bad language. Seems you cant have an opinion thats against one of the Mod's.
  24. Mark M

    Who is to blame?

    If the question is who's to blame for having us in the bottom 3, then the answer for me is Roy, he has a team littered full of international players and has had very little injury problems to date. And he sends his teams out with no belief, tactics or passion. His substitutions are a joke. I am not looking forward to seeing more pics of the lads training with those stupid beech balls and laughing there asses off before the derby. Its been a long long time in fact I cant remember how long it has been going into a derby match with no confidence at all I dont think we can get a draw even. Moyes will have everton firing crosses in all over the place and we will defend like have all season in pepe's 6 yard box getting in each others way.
  25. Mark M

    Time to get behind the manager 100%

    Well why then going into the blackpool game I felf this result was coming I thought before the game i was prepared for it, but after sitting through it im fuming there is no belief, passion. The players don't know their roles and don't know how to play in the system Roy has set up. This is not a once off its happened in every single match this year. He is out of his depth so will a defeat in the derby change your mind? or being in the bottom 3 at xmas, or how about the championship next year. Where do you set the bar for acceptable results and performances for the manager. Mine was today. Not Good Enough Roy.