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    He’s definitely not been sacked to save one person’s career, but that career doesn’t belong to Cummings.
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    Have you ever seen the episode of his own deliberately obnoxious show where Robert Smith is looking at him like he wants to kill him? Amused me back in the day.
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    Rumour has it Dom calls his sat nav ‘The Science’. AMIRITE.
  4. Yep. Came on purely to post this. He’s the patron saint of this thread.
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    Man who spent a lengthy period in a senior political role, while literally using not one but two false identities, talks about truth.
  6. Dr Nowt

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Like a cross between xerxes and JP. Chapeau.
  7. Dr Nowt

    Faith and Religion

    Not the first time Berlin has been instrumental in bringing people closer together in this thread.
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    Too Hot To Handle stuff, that.
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    Such is it's profundity. Might publish a book of poetry myself to be honest.
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    Not big into poetry as a rule, but I did write a lockdown haiku about one of my best mates recently. He's called Nick and we all still take the piss 30 years on about how he wore school shoes under his PE kit for a time, and later had to bear the shame of owning Nicks trainers; "Nick's Nicks". Never gets bored of it, does Nick. It's about early family outings during his horribly depressing, culture-less childhood, being dragged up in the midlands. --- 'Picnics by power stations' Nick picnics, in Nicks The power station looms large Spam, chips and cancer --- He really liked it, when I put it in our What's App group the other Saturday.
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    This won’t bring him down now, obviously, but it won’t go away and will keep resurfacing, in my opinion. Forgetting BBC News for obvious reasons, comics like the Mail can surprise you with their skirts-hitched up outrage at things like this. They’ll keep coming back and poking at it as case numbers wax and wane, and the government will have to cross their fingers we don’t have another spike where people start saying “So it’s fine, I’m going to drive 300 hundred miles to live in my sister’s shed and play Voulez-Vous at top volume”.
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    “Mr Cummings believes he behaved reasonably and legally." I love the smell of battlelines being drawn in the morning.
  14. Never forget. Found the image on weeJOE.co.uk as well.
  15. Dr Nowt


    Hadn’t decided to do it unilaterally or misled the Prime Minister ✅ Over 70 year olds weren’t caring for children and therefore raising their own risk ✅ Maintained correct self-isolation procedure as laid out by the government, once there ✅ Isn’t it remarkable how those few more details, which are only now coming out, answer the very issues people have raised about it since the story came to light. Uncanny.
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    I don’t doubt it.
  17. Dr Nowt


    One of two. Johnson or Cummings wife. Talk a neighbour saw him up there while Dancing Queen was blaring out at top volume. Is there anything about this little anal fissure which doesn’t just bellow “Total twat”?
  18. Dr Nowt


    “A source close to Dominic Cummings...“ How ironic. That’s Johnson then, yeah?
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    Favourite Rocky Film

  20. Dr Nowt

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Never watched Manhunter or the Hannibal tv series, need to get onto both of those. I too watched Red Dragon a couple of weeks ago and also thought it (inevitably) just tried to cynically piggyback on Silence Of The Lambs. It was however for all that still watchable and enjoyable enough to sit through in its own right. Plus it had a nice little reminder of what made Phillip Seymour Hoffman such a believable actor, particularly of truly unctuous characters. Hannibal, on the other hand, which I watched the following day, is comically weak and miscast at such a level I can’t believe they released it. Truly risible stuff and much of it just seemed like a French and Saunders pisstake. Particularly Oldman’s character, who looked like Jim Henson had put it together. Ridley Scott must have been getting cocaine blown up his hoop in industrial quantities to look that finished product over and say “Yeah, great job, team”. Fucking woeful.
  21. Dr Nowt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    We haven’t even got this season back underway and finished off the greatest ever performance at this stage in the history of the top 5 European leagues, and we’re already seeing pessimism about our chances for next year. Some commitment, that. Fair play.
  22. Dr Nowt

    Kerry Katona did porn??? (NSFW, obviously)

    Someone, somewhere is wanking into a ready meal at this. And I thought the 1980’s Live Aid photos were harrowing in their privation. How can you live like that?