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  1. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    You’re all oppressing my human rights.
  2. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    Got some pictures from the CF Trust of what these food packages are typically looking like. This one reminds me of the atrocity foisted on @Sugar Ape by his supermarket. He’s definitely picked that specific item to hold up judgementally. Proper SOS call. The blood runs cold.
  3. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper

    Football Team Names Quiz

    36. Lincoln
  4. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper

    Football Team Names Quiz

    31. Coventry 50. Aston Villa
  5. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper

    Boxing 2020

    Indeed mate. If ever someone could show why clubs like Liverpool have such a focus on making sure footballers are the right type of person as well, it’s this bloke. As Jeff Powell of all people said yesterday, he’s an adolescent idiot in the body of a sportsman. And that’s still being generous to him.
  6. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper

    Boxing 2020

  7. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper

    Boxing 2020

    Saunders. What an absolute cumstain of a man. His fight with Canelo likely back in the bin.
  8. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    I get those things may be the case mate, but they’re not worse than dying. They’re just not. In terms of this virus existing and spreading, it is what it is. It’s here now and we need to react in the best, most pragmatic way possible to stop it. In my opinion it (COVID-19) needs to be shown the greatest of respect and mitigated/avoided at all costs. Similar to how if an uncontrollable fire was burning through your neighbourhood, you wouldn’t stand in its path for fear the government were being handed a charter to force people from their homes in future non-lethal circumstances. Are we woefully unprepared for it? Yep. Has the way our society and especially health service have been run down in particularly the past 10 years contributed to that? Absolutely. Is a serious period of reflection then transformation required domestically and globally, to find a better way to live with and care about what happens to one another, so people aren’t so vulnerable and greater focus is given to value and quality of life than cost? 100%. Unfortunately though, at the moment we just need to stem the bleeding. However dystopian the risk of losing things we currently enjoy as staples of our normal life may be. Obviously all only my personal view. I get others have their own opinions, so apologies if I’m being self-righteous. Watching the relative degradation of our health service up close under normal circumstances for a very long time and then seeing the devastating affects of this in other countries has just got to me when I think about what is highly likely-inevitable to be coming. Apart from everything else there is to consider on the human cost side, having the remarkable souls who man our NHS effectively used as cannon-fodder is turning my stomach.
  9. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    Sorry to hear this, matty. Hope he can pull through. I hadn’t seen your post when I wrote my response above. Really sorry if it seemed tasteless coming directly afterwards.
  10. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    Obviously. This is the sort of heartbreaking decision doctors have been having to make in Italy and Spain for weeks. Literally deciding who they don’t even try to save. They’ve had to talk of setting an age threshold to let people into intensive care. As we likely will imminently. Not leaving them with ventilators until they’re better or die even when on one til the last moment. Not intubating them. Even letting them in the door and trying to treat them. Its kind of why there’s a big move to get everyone to stay indoors to slow the rate of transmission and stay that way until it’s safe to lift restrictions, as otherwise a lot of vulnerable people who might be saved under normal circumstances will die if everyone gets it at once, as has been happening around the world. PS: This isn’t about UK foreign policy abroad, or the desperately unjust situation millions of people find themselves in in all sorts of other contexts. This point is about the likelihood of doctors having to tell the family members of vulnerable people that, “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do for them”, so they can concentrate on those with a higher chance of living. Its hell on earth for all concerned if it happens.
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  12. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    Cummings will just endlessly repeat a few devastatingly clever psy-ops level soundbites at the virus for 3 weeks, until it caves in and does what he wants. Or kills him.
  13. Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper


    Bit harsh on Phil Thompson. Oh, got you.