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  1. Francie Brady

    Sports Personality of the Year

    Nice touch by the BBC to remember Irish Gaelic Footballer Paidi O'Se. Not to many on here would have heard of him but, he was a legend in these parts.
  2. Francie Brady

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    1-0 Gerrard Pen! Surely we have to get given one eventually like its gone beyond ridiculous at this stage.
  3. Francie Brady

    Pokerstars Home Games.

  4. Francie Brady

    Giving up crisps for a month

    Good luck with it. I have decided to give up drink for 2011,Im after taking a series of prop bets (with some clauses) which means it will cost me a fortune if i do drink. Maybe ye should make a wager yourself to give ye the extra motivation.
  5. Francie Brady

    2011 PDC World Darts Championship

    Any examples ? Not doubting you, it just interests me. I have been rooting for him all week ,think hes a amazing player.
  6. Francie Brady

    Newcastle United away match thread

    fuck it , of all fucking people . ahhhhhh
  7. Francie Brady

    Newcastle United away match thread

    Link please !!!!!
  8. Francie Brady

    Newcastle United away match thread

    That is a very very fuckin soft goal to give away.
  9. Francie Brady

    sports personality of the year

    It very good , Gmac is some hero had the privilege of having a few pints of Guiness in his company this year at the J.P McManus invitational in Adare he is a top top bloke.
  10. Francie Brady

    Barcelona sell shirt sponsorship...

    Sad day ! My local gaelic football club is looking like its going to have to get a sponsor on the front our jersey for the first time in its history this year. I hate the idea myself ,especially when the money from it will probably only pay off a months interest on our debt.
  11. Francie Brady

    Teenage daughters.

    I know I was a son rather then a daughter but,Im 20 now and i look back with embarrasment at some of the shit I went on with when I was about 15 or 16. I would like to go back and jab myself in the face for it. Moral of the story is we do eventually grow up.
  12. Francie Brady

    Unlucky numbers

    I dont , I have 8 and two thumbs.
  13. Francie Brady

    Pepe's century

    My fav player at the minute by a mile , wanted to put my foot through the telly last night when McNally said that keepers should not be givin the captains armband. Was delighted when pepe made that great safe in the 2nd half and then 2 minutes later started the move with his quick distribution for the 3rd goal. Match could have been so different without him last night. An inspiration and thats what captains are suppose to be.
  14. Francie Brady

    Unlucky numbers

    I disagree , I broke my leg on the 5th of the 5th and I was wearing number 5. Hated the number before the incident and tryed to swap the number before game but was not aloud. That cant be a coincidence imo.
  15. Francie Brady

    England Squad

    Delighted for warnock. Would he to see that shithouse Cole get injured so he could get his place at left back. I would similiar love the same thing to happen to Mongo and for Carra to benefit. As for Heskey it baffels me to think that he is still considered a better option then Crouch who constantly causes defences problems at International level.