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  1. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Thought that was a wind up. It fucking isn’t!!!
  2. Tyler Morton looks a very tidy player, appreciate it’s Norwich but still, good half from him.
  3. coachpotato

    Raheem Sterling

    He’s improved at City, but is one of the poorest finishers in the Premier League, and before anyone says look at the goals he scores, look at the sitters he regularly misses.
  4. As we don’t tend to take City’s cup too seriously these days, I would expect Norwich to want this a bit more than us. They, and their manager, badly need a win, any win, and so it wouldn’t surprise me if they see this as a potential morale booster and play a strong side. They are due a win after having lost all five league games this season, and god knows how many the last time they were in the PL. Could go to penalties.
  5. coachpotato

    Man City - the new bitters?

    They’ll be ready for action after their difficult game against Wycombe tomorrow. Chelsea, PSG then us, that’ll stretch their limited squad though I have to admit.
  6. coachpotato

    Other Football 2021/22

    Relying on a half-arsed Kane and a half fit Son isn’t a recipe for success.
  7. coachpotato

    Other Football 2021/22

    Spurs are really poor, we ruined them in Madrid and they’ve not been the same since.
  8. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Has to be a redshite conspiracy surely?
  9. coachpotato

    Jimmy Greaves RIP

    Saint & Greavsie was always a favourite of mine on Saturday lunchtime. Great striker. Sad news.
  10. coachpotato

    This new "let them play" refereeing

    Burnley have seemingly taken this new “freedom” to be more robust literally, and appear to be the new Stoke when it comes to being everyone’s favourite team to criticise. Looking at the table after 5 games and it doesn’t seem to be giving them any advantage in terms of points won though. I think this is because their diving shithouses aren’t winning the free kicks or penalties that lead to the dead ball situations they rely on to gain points in games where they are generally being outplayed. It may continue this way, it might not, only time will tell. There is a simple argument though, that allowing more “physicality” to go unpunished will lead to more injuries, (not all season ending or with significant time out, probably more niggling) and then the sides with larger squads will likely be able to gain an advantage due to them being able to cover those absences without serious drop off. This is where we could fall foul, literally, as we all know that we don’t have the depth of squad that others do. I say could fall foul, we might not pick up any injuries, again only time will tell. The other thing that has to be taken into account is how our game will fare in the eyes of continental referees, if our players get used to “leaving a foot in” or other more excessive challenges, when it comes to playing in European competition. There has to be consistency across all facets of the controlling aspects of the games for it to be fair and accurate, not just in England.
  11. coachpotato

    Man City - the new bitters?

    It’s ok of him to threaten to walk, he’ll go if they fail in the CL this season anyway.
  12. coachpotato

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Just been looking on the BBC website regarding Guardiola’s comments, he’s commented on this a number of times now, particularly regarding cup games. The city supporters group have seen their arse because they contend the ground is well attended all the time, and it can be difficult getting there on a Wednesday at 8pm (boo hoo!). So presumably Guardiola has sight problems because he’s seeing empty seats when they’re full?? The actual bums on seats to number reported as being there is a figure that hasn’t been declared I see, after all, if your ground is full every game, you can justify spending more to satisfy FFP regulations I presume?
  13. coachpotato

    Man City - the new bitters?

    “We’re not really here” The only true thing that comes out of their mouths.