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  1. 9 hours ago, Aventus said:

    By the looks of things man city fans don't even care about it anymore, they're very busy on social media trying to force some banter about us missing out on the quadruple and funnily enough talking about the champions league final quite a lot. 


    They're so irrelevant they've already had to focus on our next game to try and claw the attention back a bit. 

    Basically, rich Evertonians.

  2. 1 hour ago, g0lanb said:

    Just booked the flight to Paris. Any chance anybody here knows what's the best and cheapest way to get a ticket?

    Not that it’ll help you, but all the best and cheapest ways to get a ticket will have been well taken by now.

    Unless you’ve got a couple of thousand quid to pay a tout, then you’ll be lucky to pick up a ticket in Paris.

  3. They will never admit (even if they realise) that their 85 team was anything other than “the greatest team never to win the European Cup”.

    The subterfuge and myth has gone on far too long now, and their entire narrative is built on that one tenet.

    It has supported their myriad beliefs about their right to be in the elite and the efforts to keep them out of that elite by the Powers, to the point it is now enshrined in their history and heads as the reason they are where they are.


    And of course it was all our fault.

  4. What he said today was he’d be at Anfield for at least another season.

    That still leaves room for a contract to be negotiated through the summer, as he has repeatedly said, to be fair to him, he’s wanted to concentrate on the football while there’s still things to be won.

    I thought he was a bit subdued during the walk round on Sunday, probably understandably given we’d just missed the league title, and I expect that a summer off for them all (who are staying) and any players joining would hopefully see the league attacked in the same way a we did in 2020 with hopefully the same result but this time celebrated properly.



  5. As ever, if we play as we can, we win.

    A week off will feel like a holiday for some of our players, and hopefully the sports science department will have the energy levels back up to something like normal and the sports psychologists will have them believing they’re fucking Superman.

    Was there in 1981, but won’t be this season unless my last iron in the fire comes good for a couple of tickets, but that game wasn’t our best, and we had Dalglish only just fit enough to start, but Barney won it for us, and if Robbo or Tsimikas does it this time,I’ll happily take the same mediocre performance and 1-0.

    Allez les Rouges!


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  6. Couple of seasons ago I said to my lad that city and us were so close that it would be the results of the games we play against each other that could decide the title and I believe that still applies.

    Had we have won one of the two games against them, we’d have won it this year.

    No way can anyone else be relied upon to get a result to favour us, as city are just ruthless when they get a foothold in a game and, as has been said, most teams roll over and are beaten before the kick off when they play them. They are ultra professional and happily foul tactically to achieve their aims, and at times, I feel we’re too soft and allow teams to bully us, whereas city don’t.

    I don’t want to get into criticising individual players, as none of them set out to deliberately fail and we pretty much know what level each can produce, both positively and negatively, and so it’s up to Klopp and his team to make up teams to play each opposition, dependant on injuries.

    Improvement can always be made, and should be, to keep us competitive, especially when city can go and drop the hard earned odd £50-100m on players whenever they want.


    We’re a brilliant club, with the best manager, anywhere, and with some great players and we’re not getting any playing field levelled in the near future by the authorities, who’s duty it is to keep that field levelled, and so we have to keep going again and again, and backing our lads  until we either win, or until we fall behind the money clubs as, sadly, will likely happen unless we become one of them.



  7. Lineker let slip on MOTD a few weeks ago that Richards was an ambassador, presumably paid, for city, so his writing is not going to criticise or call anything remotely negative about them.

    It seems after Guardiola’s comments as well, that there’s a concerted attempt by city to undermine Liverpool by criticising the media for being in support of us but not them.

    They will have a “propaganda” department of some kind that will monitor all the opinions being voiced, and if any of them go against their narrative, they’ll no doubt pay handsomely to have counter opinions, arguments etc, put out there to reinforce the squeaky clean image they want to portray.


  8. Article in the i yesterday, by Sam Cunningham, entitled So, Who Deserves The Title More?, comparing us and city in several areas over the past 4 seasons, these being Styles, Likeability (?), Stats and Spending.

    Basically (arguably?) he deduced there’s nothing to choose between the two until the Spending bit where he says “…..that Liverpool have achieved so much with less than half the net spend (£200m to £500m) ultimately makes Liverpool the deserving winners.”

    Maybe, not that it means beans at the end of the day, some of the journo’s are finally beginning to see through city and their owners.

  9. Real and Barcelona have both realised, even with their reputations, they can’t compete with state backed teams and so LaLiga have started to push FFP or similar controls to try and keep them competitive. If they both fall away, so does their whole league, unless they too get taken over by oil barons or similar, which would be difficult given they’re “owned” by their fans. It’s one of the reasons why they were keen on the whole ESL project as it gave the teams involved some protection against sports washing owners and allowed them to remain in the elite.

  10. Guaranteed that, as a minimum, when we have the parade on the 29th, there’ll be righteous fewm and indignation from the bloos that we are daring to celebrate on the 37th anniversary of Heysel, when we should be hanging our heads in shame.

    We’ll be getting called hypocrites because we dared to complain when City disrupted the Hillsborough remembrance in the semi-final, yet will be dancing on the graves of the 39.

    Regardless of whether the club has an acknowledgement to Heysel or not, and apparently it has been mooted, you just know it’s coming.

    Christ help us if anything untoward kicks off in Paris, they’ll be like Silent Witness, forensically examining every move just to see if there’s more to hammer us with.

    And that’s without all the made up stories they’ll be passing off as the gospel truth.

    I just hope we win to really boil their piss.



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  11. Taki will probably stay after the boss’s comments the other day as it might even see him getting more games now Divock is leaving, Ox might well leave if there’s a new midfielder in the pipeline, but the arrival of Zone7, and their ability to assist in our players getting fewer injuries, could lead to the squad being allowed to be slimmed down by a couple of players if they are able to head off any potential crises with their data crunching.

    I’d hope that wouldn’t be the case, as we’ve proved this season that it is possible to go for all trophies with a squad the size it is and yet the players have still looked a bit tired towards the end with the sheer number of games.

    Be interesting to see how we do during the summer, don’t see more than a couple of new arrivals though.


  12. 10 hours ago, gkmacca said:

    Well, no, he obviously wasn't, unless you regard that standard as being whatever it empirically is at any one point, which would render it relativistically as a transient state rather than a standard as such and thus utterly worthless, in this context, to discuss.

    So compared to the standard now he was shit?