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    ......but who would replace Rafa?

    Is correct. I don't like the idea of discussing replacements for Benitez, even though he has me shaking my head at times with some of his tactics and substitutions, because he deserves 100% backing from us for what he's done for us and what he's had to put up with since he joined us. If anyone saw Carra's "60 minutes with..." on LFCTV then his answer to the question "Ferguson or Mourinho?" might give an insight about the coated one. He said Ferguson.
  2. coachpotato

    Your team needs YOU ---->

    Owen is an irrelevance compared to the more important issues at stake. Primarily there's the need to get behind the team, which at this moment is probably at it's lowest ebb, confidence wise, since Rafa came here. Secondly, if Dumb and Dummer are at the game they need to be told, again, they're not welcome. Any concentration on Owen will detract from those two goals and give the media the chance to criticise us and not the Yanks.
  3. coachpotato

    Saudi Investor buy 25% liverpool stock

    Enough. Please. I'm going into a darkened room after tonight's game and all this investment double speak. My head is cabbaged.
  4. coachpotato

    Fiorentina Away

    The manager can't be blamed for poor communication when, for instance, Insua goes 2 yards further back than the other 3 of the back 4 and therefore allows Jovavic (?) a free run on goal. Or when simple control of a ball is too much for one of our players and the ball runs away to the opposition and they start another attack, as happened too many times. Similarly, when a player gets a free header 6 yards out and puts the ball over. Benitez can't do much about that during a game, and no doubt he'll let the players know about it after. It was a bad performance tonight, we have them occasionally, the real test is how well and quickly we get over it and Chelsea on Sunday would be a good start.
  5. coachpotato

    Gerrard and corner kicks

    We are crap at corners full stop. Either defending them or attacking them (and i'm not trying to start another zonal marking argument!). Why everyone has to come back into our penalty area to defend opponents corners and yet we don't have all of our best headers of the ball (i.e. Gerrard) in the area when attacking corners is just plain daft. Don't know the stats for our success at corners but i'd say at a guess we're pretty low down on any list.
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    Saudi Investor buy 25% liverpool stock

    I feel uneasy of anyone Waldorf or Statdler might approve of. It's just how it's got me now. And yet for us to move on from these two, they've got to agree with someone to sell the Club and therefore give their approval. Catch 22?
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    Arguably the most influential single character in the history of the Club. Maybe not even arguably. Always there.
  8. coachpotato

    Saudi Investor buy 25% liverpool stock

    "....between £200 and £350 million pounds...." what sort of exchange rate are they using there? I mean, you'd think the figures would be a bit more, shall we say, exact? If it's a serious bid.
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    Hope this fella is wrong

    Sounds like he's a bluenose to me.
  10. coachpotato

    Micheal shields to get a royal Pardon

    About fucking time too.
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    As the saying goes, "Keep your friends close........"
  12. coachpotato

    Season so far............ as I see it.

    Agree about Kyrgiakos, I quite like Davies, even though he's a pain in the arse to us, but SK handled him relatively well yesterday from what I saw, he's strong in the air and could be a threat for us from corners (a la Sami), it is one game though, so we'll have to give it time I suppose to see how he copes against teams better than Bolton.
  13. coachpotato

    Season so far............ as I see it.

    Can't argue with most of that, the comment about Torres looking tired will be said every time he has an off day or until we sign a second, top class, striker which is something I think most Reds have recognised since the start of last season. We now have full backs who push on and we'll run the risk of being caught out every time we concede possession, especially as our centre backs aren't naturally quick players and we can't expect Masch to cover all the time. Perhaps playing 3-5-2 in some matches could help that particular problem out? I hope we do continue attacking though, as long as we turn those draws into more wins than defeats we'll be challenging. I'll be disappointed if we don't sign someone to help Torres out before the transfer window shuts.
  14. coachpotato

    New u-18's coach

    Certainly says all the right things. Hope he can walk the walk........
  15. coachpotato

    An Idea to get these cunt's out.

    Wenger alluded earlier in the week to the possibility of a European League being formed, something i've felt will happen for some time now, and I believe these two charlatans are hanging on until that happens because if/when it does the money floating around will be astronomical. The problem is, the way they are steadily screwing the club up, we might not be in a position to be in any European League. I know it's frustrating having these two in charge due to bare faced lies being fed to us all from day 1, but I fear that we'll have to put up with them for some time now, unless they are seriously hurt, financially, somehow and have to sell up. Unfortunately I don't see that happening and as the economic situation globally recovers, so will their grip on the club. Sorry if that sounds defeatist, but it really is going to take someone to come out of left field and buy us out if they are to go.
  16. coachpotato

    Phil Dowd

    I don't think it's just Dowd, most referees probably wouldn't award a second pen to the away team with the scoreline as it was. I spoke to a pro ref several years ago and their unofficial general rule of thumb is first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes give 50/50's to the away team, rest of the time the home team gets them, and never award a second pen to the away team unless it won't make any difference to the scoreline. Although it shouldn't make any difference in theory, referees don't like to rock the boat and so they apply "common sense" when it comes to some decisions. Dowd was never going to give us that pen in a million years, no matter how much it was nailed on, which was why Sammy Lee got walked. And we were shite.
  17. coachpotato

    FAO Steven Gerrard

    For the amount of money professionals are on they should be able to take a corner, goal kick, free kick or any kick with either foot for christ's sake. As it is, who else has one of their greatest goal threats taking corners? I sometimes wonder if we actually practise dead ball situations other than zonal defending at corners and free kicks, and that's another thing....................
  18. coachpotato

    'This is our season.'

    There's still a couple of weeks for all teams to further strengthen existing squads, but based on now, i'd say we have as good a chance as Chelsea of winning the League. ManU will have to go some to replace Ronaldo and Tevez's goals. Arsenal have some great players but are still suspect at the back. Traditionally someone comes out of the pack and challenges on odd years, but as money has taken over as the defining factor, only City might force their way in. The great unknowns are Injuries and Luck, whoever has the least of the former and most of the latter between us and Chelsea will win the League.
  19. MUFC = LFC without the trophies (just!), wit or the class,(in other words they play in Red too). MCFC = EFC with money.
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    Sometimes you can tell whether a player might be the real deal by looking at basic things in their game. Can they head a ball? How do they control a ball? etc. Babel has the potential (that word again) to be a beast of a player, but I don't think that it's his attitude that's the problem, that he can or can't be arsed. He isn't brave. Babel hardly ever wins headers despite being over 6ft tall and a physical presence. He's like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, he needs to get some courage into his game. Unfortunately, I don't believe you can coach bravery into a player, they're either brave or they're not. If they aren't then they won't cut it in the Premier League, as defenders will always know they can scare the shit out of them and make them go missing in games.
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    If there's an announcement on the 31st about selling the Club no-one will give a toss whether you do or not!! There'll be another 7000+ thread
  22. coachpotato

    UAE group in for...

    That's the major stumbling block for every club RedJim, everyone would like their club to be owned by a rich, staunch, supporter who would not expect anything back for investment save a shiny thing or league title every so often. By their very nature, people with loads of money generally get it by being ruthless and calculating every penny, hence, they want a return on their investment. The next step will be that the owners of the biggest clubs will get their heads together, a la Kerry Packer, and threaten a breakaway super league unless they are allowed to negotiate their own tv rights etc (as Real & Barca do now?), and eventually there will be an "NFL of Football", but probably based in Europe, complete with draft picks and franchises in all the big cities.
  23. coachpotato

    Chelsea Bans for CL 2009/2010?

    Does ANYTHING that those spineless bastards at UEFA do surprise anymore? Wonder what they'd have done if Yossi had brought a private assault charge against Bosingwa?
  24. coachpotato

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    It would pain me to see a class player such as Alonso leave the Club, so if he is to go, then I want to see whoever gets him pay top rate. I'm fed up of seeing Real snap their fingers and expect other clubs to capitulate and let their players go for whatever Real want to pay for them, and without being pulled up by UEFA for poaching, inducement etc. Alonso is an employee of LFC, he has a contract, if our Manager thinks he's worth £35M then Real should understand that's what it's going to cost to get him. Alonso should also be aware that is the situation and if he wants to move then he hands a transfer request in or should shut the fuck up and get on with his job. Benitez may well have been in the wrong over the Barry/Alonso situation, but he's our manager, he made his call and we have to trust his judgement over such dealings. He gets more right than wrong and, generally, managers who do that are successful.
  25. coachpotato

    Owen to United

    Maybe this is a bit too off the wall, but hey, the news I first heard today was the Owens odds of going to united had fallen from 20-1 to 5-2 yesterday. Now Owen and ferguson like a punt don't they.................