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    FAO Steven Gerrard

    For the amount of money professionals are on they should be able to take a corner, goal kick, free kick or any kick with either foot for christ's sake. As it is, who else has one of their greatest goal threats taking corners? I sometimes wonder if we actually practise dead ball situations other than zonal defending at corners and free kicks, and that's another thing....................
  2. coachpotato

    'This is our season.'

    There's still a couple of weeks for all teams to further strengthen existing squads, but based on now, i'd say we have as good a chance as Chelsea of winning the League. ManU will have to go some to replace Ronaldo and Tevez's goals. Arsenal have some great players but are still suspect at the back. Traditionally someone comes out of the pack and challenges on odd years, but as money has taken over as the defining factor, only City might force their way in. The great unknowns are Injuries and Luck, whoever has the least of the former and most of the latter between us and Chelsea will win the League.
  3. MUFC = LFC without the trophies (just!), wit or the class,(in other words they play in Red too). MCFC = EFC with money.
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    Sometimes you can tell whether a player might be the real deal by looking at basic things in their game. Can they head a ball? How do they control a ball? etc. Babel has the potential (that word again) to be a beast of a player, but I don't think that it's his attitude that's the problem, that he can or can't be arsed. He isn't brave. Babel hardly ever wins headers despite being over 6ft tall and a physical presence. He's like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, he needs to get some courage into his game. Unfortunately, I don't believe you can coach bravery into a player, they're either brave or they're not. If they aren't then they won't cut it in the Premier League, as defenders will always know they can scare the shit out of them and make them go missing in games.
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    If there's an announcement on the 31st about selling the Club no-one will give a toss whether you do or not!! There'll be another 7000+ thread
  6. coachpotato

    UAE group in for...

    That's the major stumbling block for every club RedJim, everyone would like their club to be owned by a rich, staunch, supporter who would not expect anything back for investment save a shiny thing or league title every so often. By their very nature, people with loads of money generally get it by being ruthless and calculating every penny, hence, they want a return on their investment. The next step will be that the owners of the biggest clubs will get their heads together, a la Kerry Packer, and threaten a breakaway super league unless they are allowed to negotiate their own tv rights etc (as Real & Barca do now?), and eventually there will be an "NFL of Football", but probably based in Europe, complete with draft picks and franchises in all the big cities.
  7. coachpotato

    Chelsea Bans for CL 2009/2010?

    Does ANYTHING that those spineless bastards at UEFA do surprise anymore? Wonder what they'd have done if Yossi had brought a private assault charge against Bosingwa?
  8. coachpotato

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    It would pain me to see a class player such as Alonso leave the Club, so if he is to go, then I want to see whoever gets him pay top rate. I'm fed up of seeing Real snap their fingers and expect other clubs to capitulate and let their players go for whatever Real want to pay for them, and without being pulled up by UEFA for poaching, inducement etc. Alonso is an employee of LFC, he has a contract, if our Manager thinks he's worth £35M then Real should understand that's what it's going to cost to get him. Alonso should also be aware that is the situation and if he wants to move then he hands a transfer request in or should shut the fuck up and get on with his job. Benitez may well have been in the wrong over the Barry/Alonso situation, but he's our manager, he made his call and we have to trust his judgement over such dealings. He gets more right than wrong and, generally, managers who do that are successful.
  9. coachpotato

    Owen to United

    Maybe this is a bit too off the wall, but hey, the news I first heard today was the Owens odds of going to united had fallen from 20-1 to 5-2 yesterday. Now Owen and ferguson like a punt don't they.................
  10. coachpotato

    Owen to United

    Surely he'd be paid on a pay as you play basis?
  11. coachpotato

    Owen to United

    Missed quotes! See below.
  12. coachpotato

    Owen to United

    This isn't confirmed yet and Owen has to pass a medical first, presumably. If he passes the medical and goes there then I really believe it'll be down to Ferguson just trying to get one over on us, the fans of LFC, as Rafa won't give a toss about Owen going there. United can't be that strapped for cash that they could only afford the likes of him surely? I was one who would've liked to have seen a fit Owen back at Anfield, and he'll still score goals wherever he goes, if and when he plays, but should he sign for Ferguson and turn up at Anfield then he should be met with silence.
  13. coachpotato

    Anyone met/talked to past or present players?

    Going through the tunnel pay booths a couple of years back at the Wallasey end, the car in front of me slows down to put the dosh into the basket and as the driver's hand came out of the window and threw the coins into the basket, some of them obviously missed. Cue the door opening and the driver getting out, it was Bruce Grobelaar. He picked up the coins and looked back at me and mouthed " Don't tell anyone!" Big smile, into the car, money into the basket and away. Kept me amused all that day.
  14. There's a few players at Anfield should read that and reconsider their positions. Lads a legend.
  15. coachpotato

    Adios Masher

    Only on the assumption that Mascherano may be going (and how are we expected to know, we're only fans!), i'll say firstly i'm not interested in how Barcelona or Real Madrid would be affected by his arrival there, i'm only interested in how LFC would be affected. Pre-requisite would be for Rafa to sit him down (if he hasn't already) and tell him that he's only going to lower himself going elsewhere (the same goes for Alonso), but, if he is determined to go then the number of pounds/euros he goes for starts with a 4 and has at least 7 more figures after that. Otherwise he stays and gets on with it. IF we lose him then I believe, apart from perhaps Essien, there's not a better player at doing what he does, so no alternative to buy. We should use all the available funds from his sale to buy attacking alternative(s) and go fuck-off-gung-ho at teams and batter them into submission, thus winning the League by Easter 2010.
  16. coachpotato


    No brainer really. ESPN aren't going to shell out for Setanta's games then broadcast them free. With a bit of luck, they might be able to push them out cheaper though.
  17. coachpotato

    SOS - Priority Ticket Scheme

    I understand that having a fan card should reduce the amount of touting. This doesn't stop various people outside the ground touting though, and where I sit in the Lower Cent, the 3 seats in front of me are owned by a bloke who never attends a game. According to the lad who sits next to me, who used to pay this fella face value for one of his ST's, he owns 5 ST's in total. He's probably getting at least £50 on average a ticket for each game? No system is perfect, and until we get a bigger ground,and have more tickets available for genuine fans, there'll always be ways found for touting tickets cos there'll always be a demand that people will pay for..
  18. coachpotato

    tommorows bollocks

    "Ferguson Resigns - Moyes To Take Over" Can't wait for that one.
  19. coachpotato

    Whats Going On?

    Very good AP, very good!
  20. coachpotato

    Torres is such a true red

    I saw his comments regarding Man Utd and Chelsea possibly bidding for him, he said he was happy at Anfield and was on good money, as all players in the top league are, so why would he want to move for a little more money and be unhappy. This was either the same day or the day after Xabi was commenting on the exchange rate affecting his money by effectively making his contract worth 30% less. The lads a legend already.
  21. coachpotato

    If there was ever a reason to hate Hull

    That's just wrong.
  22. Well in Andrew. Every bit helps to correct those who, in sometimes innocent ignorance, do not know what the truth really is about the day. Hope it's helped you a little to say your piece lad.
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    I don't agree there, all that closed season, Madrid had been pushing for Vieira to join them from Arsenal, and he hadn;t said no about leaving the Gooners. Until about 3 weeks before the start of the season, when he signed up on an improved deal with the Gooners, leaving the Madrid President looking for a big money signing. It was relatively late on, just before we played in the CL qualifiers, that news about Owen/Madrid broke and within weeks he was gone. We'll never get to the bottom of these things, as mere supporters, but I believe Owen was Madrid's second choice after Vieira. I'll stand corrected however.
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    Is right. But light on the Will Young songs, eh?
  25. coachpotato


    I'm with Spy Bee on this. The lad has made (or had made for him) some very bad decisions, and of course has suffered injuries to go with those bad decisions. I'd still have him back, if the stories about Carra and Gerrard wanting to see him return are true, he must be worth a punt on a pay as you play/score basis. Fit he's still class.