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    Other Football 2021/22

    “Well there’s nowhere, absolutely nowhere, like the Old Lady on nights like this, is there?” Especially when little old Everton come from behind to beat one of the ESL “giants”! Football can smile once again. Jeez.
  2. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Their ire has blamed everyone and everything for 30+ years now, and for many, continually trying to qualify their failure has eventually landed at the feet of a board who have spent in excess of half a billion pounds to get them success. Many don’t want gradual improvement, like much of the world, it has to be now, today, although some of the more level headed (there are a few!) would accept that after what has gone before. When the board go, as they will unless, by chance, they land on the golden ticket, the more rabid ones will be left with the only thing they haven’t blamed in 30 years. I expect we all know many blues, most of who, football apart, are sound. My belief is that many of them are having the realisation dawn that actually it isn’t everyone else, it isn’t the powers that be, it isn’t even us. It’s themselves, and it’s a hard thing to swallow for them. Benitez will go, another will take over and it may work out, but let’s be honest, United have had the same approach since Ferguson left, but they have much more money to waste to get it right and they’re still looking.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Any BMD updates since Wednesday? No? Have the Board given up?
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    Ray Kennedy Boss Player

    Wand of a left foot, got his fair share of goals, made loads of chances as well, brilliant move by Bob Paisley to move him to midfield and he and Terry Mac ran riot while Souness sat and dictated and Case filled in whenever. Brilliant, underestimated player. True legend of a club with so many legends, hope he rests in peace now. Thanks for all the memories Ray.
  5. coachpotato

    Ballon D'or

    The Ballon D’or is a glorified piss up for all the UEFA free loaders and cronies, so it’s hardly surprising the results are flawed, if you’re not in the click you don’t stand a chance and, to be fair, Messi and Ronaldo have been standout players over the last 10 years, so no wonder they just keep giving it to either of them. Easy option.
  6. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    At any level of the game, it has always been the case that you firstly have to meet the challenge from the opponent, then impose your superiority in terms of tactics and skill. There’s been many a good team overcome by an inferior side because they haven’t competed enough in the first place. Sadly, you can’t expect officials these to days keep it a level playing field by ensuring excessive challenges and general skullduggery get the response they deserve. We should beat them easily, they aren’t as good a team as we are, we all know that isn’t always the outcome, but we were due to give United a good hiding and did so, I only hope the same occurs on Wednesday night.
  7. coachpotato

    Gerald Sinstadt

    Remember that time he was commentating after one of our games and he played “The Party’s Over” after we got beat and we then proceeded to win all kinds for years afterwards. A real “You never win anything with kids” moment. He worked for Granada and I never really felt he was overly biased, although a few seemed to think he liked United and not us. Always thought he was decent as a commentator. Old school along the lines of Wolstenholme, Brian Moore, Coleman etc.. 91. RIP.
  8. coachpotato

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Doesn’t matter about how big Villa are in relation to the two Scottish clubs, Villa are playing in a much tougher and competitive league, it is that which will test Gerrard as a Coach more than anything else, whether it’s Villa or someone else.
  9. coachpotato

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    Alisson is a big lad, it’s up to him to organise the other players at corners and free kicks, he’s effectively the captain in the box. For someone his size, he doesn’t seem to stamp his authority at dead ball situations, he should be flattening any fucker who gets in his way, and if you compare him to, say, Clemence who was quite slight in comparison when the game was much tougher, he really looks like a fanny at times. He makes good stops and is generally very good at 1 on 1 situations to be fair, but many teams best chances and tactics are relying on corners and free kicks against us so we need to be tougher all round when defending those situations.
  10. coachpotato

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    I think yesterday’s defeat hasn’t really surprised anyone on here. It was like when we were top of the league last season around Christmas/New Year time, many sensed then we weren’t playing well, despite the fact we were still top. We just knew things weren’t right and that there were issues that needed addressing that should have been addressed during the summer, and that then didn’t get sorted during the January transfer window either. Hence we struggled and had to rely on a really late surge, and a goal from Alisson, to get us into the CL places. That sense of deja vu has been around for a little while, remembering we hammered Palace 7-0 before starting a weak run, then seeing us hammer United 5-0 and drop points against Brighton and now West Ham, it might be playing on Klopp’s mind too, which could explain his “prickly” reaction after the game yesterday. Whether we have the manager and players to reinforce, change or tweak tactics should be something we see after the break. I hope we do see that change as we’re conceding too many soft goals currently. But all the tactics in the world won’t counter individual and collective mistakes such as some of those seen recently, and those mistakes might be because the players involved are not getting enough rest, or simply that they are getting older, and aren’t capable of regaining that 5% drop in performance that will happen. If that’s only happening to one or two then it’s not critical, but any more than that and it could be.
  11. coachpotato

    West Ham (A) - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (4:30pm)

    We’re suffering from a lack of continuous improvement in the squad overall. With the players we have, we play the same way every week and half decent teams, well organised teams, are able to give us problems because they’ve been able to see how we are set up and counter that. Fair play, we’ve scored goals against teams too, because not all teams are able to maintain the discipline that is needed to keep us out, but whereas we blew away even decent teams a couple of seasons ago, we’re not able to do that now, unless you count United as a decent team of course. Changes in personnel are a part of maintaining success to keep things fresh and allow changes, they keep other teams guessing, it also allows you to alter your tactics and have variation. We haven’t had too many of those changes and, not to forget, we’ve had our share of injuries, which don’t help either. With the AFCON coming up, we’re going to be further weakened and I can see us dropping further points, however, I’m not convinced there’s a stand out team either from what I’ve seen so far, so it’s imperative we go again after the break and put together another 25 game run, today was poor, but that becomes a concern if there are similar performances in the future, we aren’t out of it, but we can’t afford to be as sloppy as we were today in too many more games.
  12. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They can’t blame anything, or anybody else, without acknowledging they have been their own worst enemies, and responsible for their own failure to become the big club they have convinced themselves they would have been had Heysel not happened. Conveniently ignoring that they would have actually had to go on and win the European Cup first, (which of course was a given in their minds) then maintain that kind of form against a Liverpool team that beat them to both League and Cup in the following season, after they had signed Lineker.
  13. They’re missing Griezeman as he’s suspended. I wouldn’t believe any of the others until the team is named.
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    I think Spurs fans should get their heads out of their arses and be reminded of the phrase “Beggars can’t be choosers”.
  15. coachpotato

    Naby Keita

    Ideal world perhaps, but maybe we’ll see some returning soon and keeping themselves fit!
  16. coachpotato

    Naby Keita

    But we’ve got a right back to cover Trent, and Gomez has played there for us and England, he could even be put into midfield to cover there, the difference is that even if we put square pegs into round holes in midfield, we still have round pegs in round holes behind them whereas last season we weakened both midfield and back four through injuries and moving midfielders back there.
  17. coachpotato

    Ibrahima Konaté

    Brighton targeted us down our right side, as lots of teams do because Trent gets caught forward, a lot, and unless there’s a midfielder to cover that, then a CB has to come out of position as Konate did yesterday. Lallana might have given Potter more insight into how certain players play and that might have led to them finer tuning their tactics, they did play a very good game to be fair and were opening us up way too easily. We’re still getting van Dijk up to speed, Robbo has been out of sorts, an ineffective midfield, they met us at the right time and still didn’t beat us.
  18. coachpotato

    Naby Keita

    Craig Hignett on Radio Merseyside last night said that Bellingham was in the bag, he couldn’t say who his source was (hmmm) but it was happening. I know, I know, but if it’s true, then we would appear to be changing the guard in midfield with the likes of Jones (20), Elliot(18) and Bellingham (17) to a much younger profile. It would at least show the club has recognised the need to move on (probably) Milner, Henderson and Chamberlain for age/unreliability reasons, possibly Thiago as well as he’s 30 and injury prone. Keita is 26 and cost £52m, he has finally shown some form, Klopp appears to like him, so he’s likely to stay. Fab is just turned 27 and our best midfielder IMHO, probably one of the first names on the team sheet when fit. There’s couple of the kids who’ve look promising and who might step up into squad places to maintain numbers such as Conor Bradley. Problem is that right now we’re down to bare bones and so perhaps the need is to either draft in defenders to cover in midfield, or change formation to make use of who we have got fit. I could see an argument to move Trent into midfield and play Williams or Gomez at right back, which could strengthen our defensive cover in an area many teams target us, and allow Trent to still use his undoubted attacking skills. We could try three centre backs as we have an abundance there (oh the irony!) and go 3-4-3 or 3-5-2. Yet, we’re still unbeaten, but while draws are better than losses, they’ll damage us, as we’ve seen in the past. Losing one, drawing one and winning one is better than drawing three. Despite all the above, Klopp never appears to be panicking and if he isn’t then maybe we shouldn’t be either.
  19. After the United game I thought we might give these a good hiding, after today it could go either way if we field the same midfield. It won’t be a pretty watch, it’ll probably be frustrating too, even more than usual against these, so a point pretty much guarantees us through to the knock-out stages and that’ll do. Just don’t let them win.
  20. coachpotato

    Brighton (H) - Sat 30th Oct 2021 (3:00pm)

    Firstly, fair fucks to Brighton for having a go, Potter is turning out to be a decent coach and from Klopp’s comments during the week, he rates him and the way his team plays, and no doubt it will have annoyed him that Brighton were able to play their game and be so effective, I don’t think anyone could deny Brighton deserving a point from today. It’s always annoying when the likes of City drop points and we don’t fully capitalise, especially when we’ve been 2 goals to the good, and as for the disallowed Mane goal, not one Brighton player thought that was a handball, even the keeper, so if, technically, it was a handball then once again the law is being seen to be an ass. I thought we were pretty much in control until Keita went off, and I never thought I’d say that at one stage of his career at Liverpool, but even before then, Firmino and Jones played with little positive effect to the team and often, forward momentum was halted by their tardiness and mistakes. When AOC came on it left Hendo fighting an increasingly losing battle in midfield and Brighton got a grip that didn’t drop until a couple of minutes from the end. No team will do consistently well if a big part of one area of the squad is overly affected by absenteeism through injuries or suspensions, we don’t have to look too far to see how that pans out, so I fully expect the mistakes made last season in procrastinating over whether to strengthen will not be repeated, and if midfield continues to be badly affected then reinforcements should be identified and brought in at the earliest opportunity. Having said that, we’re only 3 points behind Chelsea, so they’ll have to live with the pressure of leading the field and it’ll be interesting to see how that pans out, on the bright side we are a further point ahead of City, and as I believe every point will count this season then that’s a small bonus on a disappointing day.
  21. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And then he woke up…….
  22. Might be an idea to ask Klopp who he thinks might be the best person to take over from him, I don’t think he’d like it all to go shit shaped when he eventually decides to make the break.