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    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Off to Dortmund then? Or perhaps City or Chelsea will add him to their burgeoning numbers and he’ll be loaned out while earning a gazillion quid.
  2. coachpotato

    Andrew Robertson

    Yet our first European Cup win in 1977, we didn’t have a Scot in the team.
  3. coachpotato

    Geordie Arabia

    Only geordie I know is my lad’s mate from Widdrington, a bit outside of the city, he’s a sound fella but stopped going when Ashley moved in. He likes the way we play over city, because they’re “like robots” but ours is “more flair”. Doesn’t like Everton at all because the bloos are always giving the geordies all the “we’ve won more than you, bigger history, etc.” and yet haven’t won shit since 1995. They’re annoyed because Newcastle consistently draw bigger crowds than Everton and did do particularly through the Keegan/Robson managerial era’s, and away from home too. Haven’t heard from him for a bit so not sure how he views the Saudi takeover but he did say once Ashley was gone he’d go back to games.
  4. coachpotato

    Where we need to improve

    To answer the original question, we should be more ruthless, especially in front of goal. That’s it really.
  5. coachpotato

    Other Football 22/23

    Turned it off. So one sided it’s untrue.
  6. If Gerrard stopped in the odd game then what was the problem? Carrying most of the teams he played in and seeing the errors that were being made at a time when he could have walked into ANY team at that time, he must have thought “What the fuck” from time to time. I’m not saying he was without any blame for some things that happened while he was here, but when that team with Reina, Hyppia, Carragher, Mascherano, Alonso, Torres and him were together, he played some of his best football, proof, if it were needed, that if he was playing in this squad, he’d be outstanding too. So no, I don’t believe his standing as the second best player should be diminished, but in time and with newer heroes around, it might well be in the same way as some of the 60’s and 70’s teams has.The big difference now is that we have much more media archive for teams in the recent past and that could continue to keep former players in the mix.
  7. coachpotato

    Thiago or Alonso?

    Not seen enough of Thiago on the pitch really, so it’s close, but Xabi for me as he always seemed to be in space and was like a quarter back, passing it short or long and he could score from our own half!
  8. coachpotato

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Darth Boris. Brilliant.
  9. coachpotato

    Boris Johnson

    Beeb just reported there’ll be a meeting of the 1922 committee on Monday where they’ll change the rules about a confidence vote and fuck him off then, if he hasn’t jumped or been pushed already. If he does throw the last dice and calls for a dissolving of parliament and therefore a general election, it wouldn’t surprise me if the tories won it easily again, the British electorate are that thick.
  10. coachpotato

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    All this to-ing and fro-ing about how our midfield should set up is all well and good, but I believe it’ll all come down to how we do against the other top teams, and City in particular. If we take more points off those teams than they do us, we’ll likely win the league and without knowing the specific facts of our games in previous seasons, I suspect the stats would bear that out. To do that could mean setting up the midfield, defence and attack in different ways, there’s likely not one setup that’ll work for all games.
  11. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Richarlison. Quick. Brazilian. Scores the odd goal. £60M? No ta.
  12. coachpotato

    If we were to sign one more player....

    Only thing wrong with Hendo is he’s getting older, but that can’t be helped.
  13. coachpotato

    Which player will you be saddest to see leave?

    Aye, when Klopp goes I’ll want to go in a darkened room and listen to Joe Bonamassa for a day or two.
  14. coachpotato

    Question Time

    If most of them found Johnson screwing their missus, they’d probably ask him if he wanted an extra blanket to keep warm.
  15. coachpotato

    Question Time

    I have a couple of mates, retired but had their own businesses, both Reds and the sort of lads you can enjoy a bit of banter with. Normally. I won’t discuss politics with them because you can’t. They flat out believe Johnson is the single best thing since Churchill because he’s led the country out of Europe, got rid of ne’er do wells at a stroke and has led us to victory over Covid. These are seemingly level headed fellas who have done well for themselves, but they are shit scared of what happened in the 70’s with union power and believed more of the same would come from Corbyn and now the strikes are spooking them. When one of them kicked off about benefit cheats taking money from the exchequer, I countered with the fact he preferred dealing in cash to avoid paying taxes and that this was the same thing as it prevented money going into the exchequer and he walked out of the pub we were in at the time. That’s why I don’t talk politics as its pretty much useless. Its indoctrination via the Daily Xenophobe and media and its getting tougher for the Labour party and Socialists to get unbiased treatment, and the public lap it up.
  16. coachpotato

    Question Time

    Bruce cut across Mick Lynch twice in the first few minutes of the show, I pretty much switched off after that as I knew the harpie in the green dress would be allowed to run her mouth off at will, and Lynch would be stopped in his tracks (no pun intended) whenever he was trying to get his point across. Some of the audience were the usual, carefully inserted blue activists who were allowed to put their hackneyed, 1970’s/80’s, Saatchi & saatchi, drivel over about Labour and the unions etc. etc., pretty much without sanction from Bruce and it made me wonder, just how much the BBC fears the future under the threat from the Tories and how much they’ll try to keep the corporation running at the expense of being neutral.
  17. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They can look the Premier League squarely in the eyes and say they’ll have a revenue increase of 10.5% in the coming season.
  18. coachpotato

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    Not that this is the right way to think about it I know, but if we were to take UEFA to task and win an apology over the final debacle, it would only be one battle won. Those cunts would make sure LFC get shafted at every turn in the future, they are corrupt and wouldn’t give two fucks. The Inter Milan game in 1965 would appear balanced and fair by comparison. The demands for reparation have to come from somewhere other than a single Club.
  19. coachpotato

    Takumi Minamino

    This is the most likely scenario I think. We had a go at everything last season but even though we had a decent season regarding lack of injuries, we were obviously running on fumes at the end. I accept the World Cup will allow some to have a mid-season “rest” and 5 subs will help, but there will be more focus on the Big 2 given the concentration of games at times and I expect we’ll play the domestic cups as we have done previously, using the squad players and giving younger players game time. It could still mean we might go far in them, especially the League cup (given it’s about four games to get to the final) but we need to get off to a flier in the League and maintain that pressure, as we’ve seen.
  20. coachpotato

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    And they organised FFP? No surprise City got off then really is it?
  21. coachpotato

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    Club should be all over it.
  22. coachpotato

    Mohamed Salah

    I Like Redmond, often wondered whether he’d have been improved in a better team with better coaching, similarly Ward-Prowse. Ultimately though, we haven’t made any noises towards either of them and so the talent team mustn’t see enough to think they’d do us. As for Mo, I’ve said elsewhere that unless he has a blinding season, above any reproach, the media and others will slaughter him, it could end acrimoniously which, given all he’s achieved would be a sad conclusion to his time with us. He could always sign a new contract mind.
  23. coachpotato

    Sadio Mane

    Being reported we’re agreed on near £42.5m with Bayern. Not sure how it’s split with cash and incentives.
  24. coachpotato

    Player Welfare / Burnout

    Surely if players don’t want to be picked for their national teams then they don’t have to be? I have to say I don’t feel too enamoured by our players turning out for their national teams, but they obviously want to be there, for whatever reason, or they wouldn’t bother. Right?