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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well he won’t need lessons in diving. And could fit right in with Sterling on one side and him on the other.
  2. coachpotato

    Naby Keita

    This could be a good shout. Fabinho looked wrecked after about 75 minutes to me, our build up play was slow too, but that just might be coincidental.
  3. coachpotato

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    I expect the recruitment team would have seen him play plenty of games in Portugal against packed defence teams? He looked pretty good in the CL last season when playing as a lone striker, with his own side defending deep, but he didn’t look anything special tonight against Palace. The sending off was just stupidity, and I’ve no doubt Klopp and the senior pro’s will have let him know that immediately after the game. When he does come back, I hope he starts to show why we paid all that money for him, as the honeymoon period will be pretty short for some.
  4. coachpotato

    Our midfield

    Thiago out for six weeks? Going to be interesting to see how we get around that! Harvey Elliot is a kid and, although he shows some nice touches, he generally plays like that. It’s putting unfair pressure on him to think he can come in to our midfield and perform miracles. Same with Carvalho, too early to expect too much. Of the others, Keita has to stop fucking around and show us some consistently good performances or get the fuck out. Ox is unfortunately looking like a lost cause. Jones needs not to be the kid with great potential. Fabinho has to ensure he finds that dominance he had a season or two back. Which leaves Milner and Hendo and not much else other than untried kids. Millie and Hendo are too slow but are likely to be who we rely on to navigate the ship through the early season games. We probably could do with at least one established midfielder, but I don’t believe we’ll see one come in any time soon.
  5. coachpotato

    Anfield Atmosphere is unique

    Maybe not to manage us, we wouldn’t have enough money for him to buy left backs, but certainly he’d love to have our passion and noise at the Etihad. I’d be willing to bet there’s a few of his players who look around their ground during some games and think “What the fuck do we have to do to get anywhere near Anfield in this place?”
  6. coachpotato

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I think, based on the one game played so far (which is dangerous), Haaland will definitely help City further whip the dross in this league, which is roughly 14 out of the 20 teams? I expect to see their goals total rocket as they put 5 or 6 past teams who they might have put 3 or 4 past last season, and he will very likely finish as leading scorer, injuries allowing. How it pans out against the few teams who actually try to give them a game will be interesting though, they appear to be playing more direct balls into the box or behind the defence to accommodate his style of play, and some of the better defenders may find that easier to play against than the usual “ get it to the line and pull it back” approach they usually adopt. Of course, they would still have the second option of doing that if things weren’t working out, so overall they’ll be more difficult to overcome. That’s not to say it can’t be done though.
  7. coachpotato

    Fulham (A) - Sat 6th Aug 2022 (12:30pm)

    Fulham played exactly as you would expect them to. The concerning thing was that we didn’t seem to be ready for it. The performance last week against City was how we should have started this game. We didn’t and they took great confidence from that. No point in calling out who was at fault as there were that many of ours not at the races today. We didn’t deserve to win, even though we could have, and we could just as easily have lost, and we couldn’t really have complained. The game didn’t do anything to suggest that our perceived problems have been addressed, some being a midfield that isn’t injury free enough, mobile enough, creative enough or full backs who find defending a problem, and I don’t think explanations that this could be a “blip” are valid, we should know more than any team after losing the league by a point, that “blips” aren’t acceptable, such is the pressure to take almost every point, and especially those up for grabs against newly promoted teams. Today was a poor performance after last week, and we just won’t be able to put too many more of these in if we have pretensions of winning the title. We go again.
  8. coachpotato

    Fulham (A) - Sat 6th Aug 2022 (12:30pm)

    Right. That’s the warm up over. Now we can start playing.
  9. coachpotato

    Martin Motherfucking Tyler

    “Hillsborough and other hooliganism related…” is a pretty conclusive statement. From a commentator who, whether you like him or not, is vastly experienced and who should have been very aware of what he was saying and who is paid very well to be aware of what he is saying. He’s apologised for a poor use of words and agreed Hillsborough isn’t related, and wasn’t meant to be related, to hooliganism. Fair enough, but it was still said, and so the honourable thing for him to do would be to step down now. Professional people, supposedly at the top of their game, aren’t afforded the same mistakes we might make. Oh, and fuck the BBC dicks for not picking up on it straight away.
  10. Think you’ll find over half the people in Norn Iron might disagree with you about that worship!
  11. The National Anthem isn’t that anymore. There are plenty of people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who don’t see it as their anthem. There are plenty of ex-soldiers who were left to fend for themselves whilst suffering financial and mental problems once they had fought for “ Queen and Country” who despise the anthem now. Even if it is assumed it is the English anthem, there are plenty of people in England who question why we should show deference to an establishment that looks after its own while showing contempt for “oiks” and “plebs” (see B. Johnson) and who believe that if we are indeed able to have a choice in things, we should have the choice to object to that establishment in any way we can, including booing the anthem they hold so dear. Never mind that the same establishment for decades have denied ordinary folk the rightful justice they deserved, and I’m not just talking Hillsborough here, and were actively trying to manage the decline of the Merseyside area, which was most vociferous in its opposition to those who are so enraptured by everything “royal”. And let’s not forget the single most important reason why it is not liked. It is a fucking dirge. Personally, I don’t sing it or boo it, as I can’t be arsed with it. Jerusalem would be more appropriate as it is about the country, not those who have been foisted on us as the rulers of the country. But I’m sure there are plenty of other songs/ tunes that would be better liked, but maybe that’s an argument for another day. So, Chap, you continue to have your opinion, you are entitled to it of course, I don’t know where you are from, but surely you shouldn’t be surprised if people associated with the club, wherever they are from, don’t agree with your comments.
  12. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

  13. Any win against these is well worth it, just to boil Guardiola’s piss, and you can rest assured his will be boiling after that. Thought we did well in the first half and on the play, should have been more than the one up by half time. They came back into it in patches, they were always going to, but they seemed to be trying to get it wide then long into the box for Haaland, instead of their usual working it to the line then cutting it back, and that suited us. De Bruyne didn’t look happy with it I thought but enough of them. Salah looked up for it, and Thiago, Hendo and Fabinho played well and made them go to the flanks, stopping them playing it through the lines mostly. As a pointer to the season it’s only likely to matter in that we’ve won the first match up against them, what will matter is how we do against them home and away in the league games and if we get more points than them with the six available, then it could be the difference to lifting the title or not.
  14. coachpotato

    Match Thread Starter 21/22?

    Carry On Trumo. (There’s a film in there somewhere….)
  15. coachpotato

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Talking of Southampton, they’ve reached an agreement for a 19 yr old French kid who scored 5 goals in 5 games for France in the u20 Toulon tournament. Has the initials SM! Sekou Mara. Expect him to sign in 25/26.
  16. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Obviously didn’t fancy the excitement of a relegation battle then.
  17. coachpotato

    Ben Davies

    How much did we get for him?
  18. coachpotato


    We shouldn’t have stood a chance at 3-0 down. There was just something about that whole run in the CL that season though. We used every penny we could lay our hands on to get there, it just seemed like it had to be done, inexplicable really, probably wouldn’t do the same nowadays to be honest. But the whole thing, not just the game. Epic.
  19. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Think I’ll put a tenner on them to finish top 10, that should do for them!
  20. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I see what you’re saying Ron, but some think Gerrard will be a likely contender and he’s not currently won anything either. To get a manager that’s won something we’d likely either be having to employ someone from one of the top four in England, or who’s been successful in one of the major leagues in Europe, but if they’re already employed by another big team then what would be the chance of that happening? I was thinking more that Jurgen might be recommending the next manager (not that it worked at United with Ferguson and Moyes) and it might be possible he’d go for a highly rated younger coach that’d keep the momentum going rather than someone who might change things wholesale.
  21. coachpotato

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If Cooper continues to make a fist of it at Forest, perhaps he could come into the equation when it’s nearing Klopp’s departure?
  22. We get to home cup games/CL through the season tickets allowing us via the ACS. We lost the choice to register on the ACS for FA Cup games because we missed a couple of games a while ago. Circumstances a few years back dictated we stopped applying, apart from ST home league games, and so the credits we had disappeared and it got to the point where, for most of the games, you had to hang on the phone or online for hours, so we've just kept up the memberships out of habit really, and in case they were to affect the ST waiting list at any time.
  23. One of the problems with being a club as historically successful and iconic as ours is that you’ll never be able to meet the demands of the fan base for tickets to see the team “in the flesh”. Someone will always miss out when it comes to distribution of tickets. And this is the crux of what’s happening now. Between my wife, daughter, son and myself we have two season tickets and two Memberships and my wife and daughter are currently around 3200 on the ST waiting list having been on there since 2000. We transfer our ST’s between us depending on who is working, who’s got the children etc. etc. and we enrol on the CL and League Cup ACS every season. We stopped trying for tickets over the phone/online years ago, it was just a waste of time as we couldn’t get enough credits to qualify for games and without those you were pretty much stuffed, particularly for the “big” games. We’ve been able to take our grandson the LC games in the recent past but haven’t qualified for CL final tickets in the ballots at all since Athens in 2007, we didn’t try for last seasons LC final as we were otherwise engaged when the final was happening. We’ve had the season tickets since 1981 and 1985 respectively, so through some right dross as well as good times. I doubt if we’ll ever see anything to match Istanbul again, and we were fortunate to all have been there even if in four different parts of the ground! So we’ve stumped up the money to keep the season tickets going for 41 and 37 years respectively, sometimes when the money could have been used to better ends, but I sympathise how Members must feel, many having battled to keep their credits up over the years and now find the prospect of transferring, genuinely, taking their credits away. It might be in the future if we transfer our ST’s between us it could also negatively affect us, if the club penalise us for only completing 66% of our games for instance? Ultimately, if this is the start of a real attempt to get rid of touts then it’s to be applauded, we’ve never bought a ticket above face value and don’t believe they should be sold above face value, but if it’s some cynical measure by the club to reduce the ground to one match day trippers who spend a fortune then it needs to be policed by the fan groups closely.
  24. Jones has an additional problem that, being a local lad, he’ll possibly have to impress that little bit more than most. It has been the case that in the past, locals have had more of a focus on them, Spearing, Lee, Case etc. who were all decent enough players, but the first the crowd got onto if they didn’t excel, whereas Gerrard and Trent for instance have/had their detractors unless they’ve been pretty much excellent every game. Curtis has shown lots of promise but needs to be more aggressive, in my opinion, with his attacking play and certainly his shooting, he’s tidy enough but then again, plays safe passes as if under orders to keep it simple. That’s why he gives the impression he’s slowing play down maybe?