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  1. Fair enough. I went to Luton uni and only lasted a week cos i hated it. If supporting Liverpool brings you a ray of sunshine then good luck to you.


    However, if you've got a strong southern accent you should swerve shouting 'Carm own Liverpawl!' cos it sounds very bad.


    Luton is a shite hole. End of, luckily I don't live there.


    Apparently I sound like a cock-knee, but I normally only sing the songs, and don't shout abuse, etc, so that know one knows I'm a cock-knee.;)

  2. Doesn't bother me cos i still get the match. Just out of interst, how did you come you support us?


    Many years ago, I was a trainee with Luton, the days of the plastic pitch, etc, etc, and I used to get free tickets to games.

    Liverpool were by far the and away the best team to play there.

    Fell in love with Rushy, Molby, et al, ain't looked back since.

    There's been lots of bad times, but just recently more good times.


    Unluckily for me, our 19 year "itch" started around the time I started supporting us, so times have been hard, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

  3. I've always had a problem with southerners with no connection to Liverpool following us. The can give whatever reason but the basic fact is it's cos we're good and we win things and i wonder how many would keep supporting us when that ceased to be the case. If i was from down there i know i'd support my local team. It's different for Irish etc cos their leagues are almost amatuer standard.


    I'm not expecting everyone to agree with that but it's how i feel. There's nothing worse than hearing someone shout 'Come own Liverpawl' in a big southern accent. Well, maybe the 4 cockney lad in front of me shouting 'Fack off Chewlsea' the other week. That really was cringe worthy.



    Tough, doo-doo's, cos this southerner gets upto Annie 15+ times a year, and I ain't gonna support my local team, cos it's either Luton or Stevenage.


    Would you Adam and Eve it.;)

  4. That's put the Keane rumours to bed then............................hmmmmmmmmm


    Some quotes from Rafa's press conference


    Tottenham anger Liverpool in Keane saga - Premier League, Football - The Independent


    Tottenham anger Liverpool in Keane saga


    By Paul Walker, PA

    Friday, 30 January 2009




    Rafael Benitez has confirmed Liverpool have told Tottenham they are unhappy with their conduct in the Robbie Keane saga.



    The Anfield chief believes Spurs boss Harry Redknapp's claims that he would like Keane at his club could constitute an illegal approach.


    Liverpool have not officially reported the north London outfit to the Premier League, but Benitez has not ruled out doing so.


    He said: "We have not decided yet whether we will take this further, it depends on their response."


    Liverpool are particularly unhappy because of Spurs' complaints about the Reds' conduct when Keane moved to Anfield for £20m last summer.


    That situation was only smoothed over when Liverpool apologised and made a donation to a charity of Tottenham's choice.


    The capital club did make contact with Liverpool on Thursday, but Benitez said: "We have said to Spurs that we are not happy with them because of the comments from their manager about Robbie Keane.


    "I do not think that they have come in with an offer. He has been training this week very well, he is our player and he is trying to make sure he is ready for the next match.


    "I think he is a long-term part of our plans, I hope he scores a lot of goals."


    Benitez added: "We are not happy with Spurs. We have told them we were not happy with their manager's comments in his press conference about Robbie.


    "We were very, very correct when we signed Robbie even though Spurs were complaining. Now we have this situation to deal with.


    "But Robbie has been fine. Spurs wanted the player but they had to do things properly.


    "They have to make an official offer and we will say yes or no. You must do things properly, especially when you have complained about everybody when he first joined us."


    Keane was dropped by Liverpool for last weekend's FA Cup tie against Everton, but returned to the squad at Wigan on Wednesday where he was a late substitute for Steven Gerrard.


    The Republic of Ireland captain will be in the squad for Sunday's home match against title rivals Chelsea.

  5. Rafa can't do right for doing wrong these days.


    Yup, nothing wrong with what he's said.


    'Arry's talked about nearly every player this transfer window, and once again, Rafa's just saying what other managers daren't.


    Spurs complained about us, we'll complain about them.


    Seige mentality.

  6. More Hicks spin?


    American billionaire back in for Liverpool

    by John Harkin. Published Wed 28 Jan 2009 10:11, Last updated: 28 Jan 2009


    American billionaire Robert Kraft has renewed his interest in buying a stake in Liverpool.


    Kraft was strongly linked to buy the Reds before the club was taken over by current owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks for £470 million in 2007.


    With Liverpool's owners at war, Kraft is said to be close to making a £270 million offer for Gillet's share in the company after Kuwaiti tycoon Nasser Al-Kharafi cooled his interest.


    A source close to Kraft confirmed: "Robert has always been interested in Liverpool.


    "He came very close to securing a deal before Tom Hicks and George Gillet bought the club.


    "He is still in contact with David Moores and he's well aware that George wants out.


    "Liverpool is a fantastic brand and a great franchise for any businessman.


    "He already owns a string of sports teams in the States, but Robert knows it would be nothing like Liverpool.


    "It's such a passionate club and it's fans are probably the most loyal in the world.


    "He briefly enquired last year, but when DIC came in with an offer they blew him out of the water.


    "But things are different now and he thinks now would be the best time to act.


    "He's already spoken to the current owners about the possibility of getting on board and will probably make an offer in the next few weeks."


    Liverpool fans are sure to be hopeful of a change from current ownership as the club have been beset by financial headaches since David Moores sold his shares in 2007.


    Despite splashing out £20 million on forward Robbie Keane in the summer, manager Rafe Benitez was left fuming when an £18 million deal for Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry was cancelled by the board, citing the transfer "wasn't value for money".


    And contract talks with Benitez have recently broken down after the Americans refused to grant the manager full control in the transfer market.


    It is thought Kraft is keen on Benitez to remain at the helm should he purchase a stake in the club.


    *Robert Kraft is the Founder, Chairman & CEO of The Kraft Group but is best known as owner of American football team New England Patriots and Major League Soccer's New England Revolution.


    Speaking about Liverpool in 2005, Kraft said: ""Liverpool is a great brand and it's something our family respects a lot.


    "We're always interested in opportunities and growing, so you never know what can happen."


    American billionaire back in for Liverpool - Liverpool - Sport - Click Liverpool

  7. What we need, and God bless the lad, is to drop Dirk and give Keane a go up front with Torres. Then we've got quality on both wings, you'll have Keane playing in the hole where Gerrard often lurks and Xabi finds him... and you've got 2 fellas in the box for any crosses that come in.


    altenatively clone Gerrard, drop Kirky, Keep Stevie 1 behind Nando's, and play Stevie 2 on the right.




    anyone got a cloning kit?