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  1. I didn't mean to pull you up on symantics and I get it wasn't your point - I was just checking.


    But now that we're here, I'll explain why I'm checking...and why maybe it is the point, or at least mine.


    There is an undercurrent of thought that we're some fucking boss side. We're really not. We're great in parts, with good potential, but seriously awful flaws. It feels like a win over City (which we could have thrown away in the last 10 minutes) and people start thinking we're mustard.


    Let's just remind ourselves - we got fourth last year by the virtue of 1 fucking solitary point, above an Arsenal side that was considered so shit that their entire fanbase wanted their manager and entire board to be sacked.


    4 Liverpool    76

    5 Arsenal       75 


    Right now, we're in a similar position. Precariously hovering above fifth, with two sides gunning to overtake us, both of whom are currently doing their utmost to strengthen.


    People who express their fear of finishing out of the top four are not doom mongering. There is a very good chance that it will happen, especially if Firmino's hamstring suddenly pings.



    see below.

  2. When Keita. arrives we'll have bought five first teamers over 12 months and lost one. That looks like a reasonable level of investment to me so I'm not getting on FSG's case at the moment.


    But I do expect Klopp to have £100m or so plus sales to spend in the summer. He says he has funding so we'll see.



    Yeah, but mate, how many "warchest's" we going to have? Every window it's the same. Jam tomorrow.


    Yes, our team is miles better than it ever has been, and in 6 months it will be improved upon, but who knows at what cost?


    Our owners lack ambition.

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  3. I dont think they are cunts and i dont think they are shit. They are very clever businessmen milking a global giant. They do what they must but offer nothing more.


    Also i dont just blame them for everything as the manager is also responsible for certain things.



    They are what they are.


    What they are, is not good enough for us, if we want to win things.


    They're nowhere near the worst, but they're nowhere near the best neither.`


    We are where we are.

    It could be worse, but it could be a lot fucking better. But then, it's been this way for years.

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  4. There's no excuse not to sign a creative player with Lallana's recurring injury problems and Coutinho sold.  To do otherwise is reckless and risks turning a promising season into nothing.  





    This goes south (again), can't see any further than the people who own the company.

    Anyone who points to the fact Jurgen is happy with this, well, they know as much as most on here do.


    No one knows what conditions/budget our manager has to work under.

    Looking outside in, as we speak, to strengthen one area, we've had to weaken another. 

  5. I couldn't give a shit about dividends, cross-marketing, or any other bollocks that's being tossed about here.


    Here's what I do give a shit about. I give a shit that in 2013/14 we lost the league by two points. Two fucking points. And we lost it because the team ran out of steam, and we didn't have adequate replacements to either come in and give others a rest or be substitutes in-game.


    We didn't have those replacements because of fucking 'value' in January. Because we weren't prepared to go that extra yard to convince clubs or targets.


    We are in a unique position to consolidate a place in the top four. And I'm looking at January recruitment and thinking much the same. That just a couple of injuries to key players would derail us. And I can see much the same thing happening. As rivals around us strengthen, we sit idly by.


    Seven days and counting. Over to you, John.