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  1. I couldn't give a shit about dividends, cross-marketing, or any other bollocks that's being tossed about here.


    Here's what I do give a shit about. I give a shit that in 2013/14 we lost the league by two points. Two fucking points. And we lost it because the team ran out of steam, and we didn't have adequate replacements to either come in and give others a rest or be substitutes in-game.


    We didn't have those replacements because of fucking 'value' in January. Because we weren't prepared to go that extra yard to convince clubs or targets.


    We are in a unique position to consolidate a place in the top four. And I'm looking at January recruitment and thinking much the same. That just a couple of injuries to key players would derail us. And I can see much the same thing happening. As rivals around us strengthen, we sit idly by.


    Seven days and counting. Over to you, John.