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  1. 10 minutes ago, LF:D said:

    Nope.  I think he is.


    He's been really good for us when he's started, shame he can't keep fit.


    He was the biggest loss last night (as I don't think Klopp wants to risk him playing a game every 3 days as he keeps getting injured), as well as Mane going off.


    This was the type of thing we needed last night:


    A central player with composure, the technique to make more time for himself with his first touch & willingness to penetrate as everything was going wide & they nullified that.




    I think there's a lot yet to come from Naby, but really?

  2. 11 minutes ago, Red Phoenix said:

    Nervous. Don't like the idea that we've got the "hard" games out of the way then we can settle down and waste whoever's left for a while. Every game is going to be a challenge and glad that Klopp is keeping them focused on that instead. It sounds as boring as shit but it's got to be the best way for them. For each game closer we get the mental challenge of being so close to the title could replace the difficulty of the opposition to an extent.


    If we win another 4 or 5 fairly quickly I'll relax a good bit more I hope. It's driving me a bit mad(der than usual) freaking out each game as we get closer.



    The longer we go unbeaten the worse it gets.

    Feckin great tho.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Moo said:

    I'm gonna wait until the window is closed to vote but essentially I do think we will "get by", however the aim is to step up, or at least remain at the same level because that's what it will take to win something big.  So without a signing I think we'll suffer and the season will be disappointing. 



    But I've voted.

  4. Just now, scudger99 said:

    And again, all this because we won't buy a shiny new expensive player just to keep some happy ?





    Just want us to carry on winning shiny trophies.

    Don't want to keep hoping and praying neither Mo, Bobby or Mane get busted for too long, as I don't see Big Div or Brewster to being the long term answer if we lose someone long term.


    Or a nice bit of creativity in the midfield for games when we need it.


    Not saying we spunk a boat load on a Bale or whoever.

    My point is, it seems we can't spend without selling our assets.


    We need to improve again on last season. We've been here before, or have you walked around blinkered for the last decade?



    Anyway, I'm off home then away for a nice break.


    Stay safe everyone. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, scudger99 said:

    Can't get my head round that shit.  We're going into this season as European Champions, justifiably so too.

    How the fuck are we worse ?


    Yes we're champions of Europe.


    How many Champs league winners then don't go out and strengthen their side.


    We're at the optimum opportunity to really build on what we have. Yep, again, we don't really want to.

    Forget the being worse off shit, we're not building on anything then. Better?

  6. 9 minutes ago, aws said:

    A bit, yes.  Squad strength is maybe slightly better and the age of all of our players bar Milner suggests that they should be capable of either improving or at least sustaining the same level of performance.  Plus they won't have that monkey of not winning anything on their backs. 


    Obviously I'd be happier with another attacker and full back to balance the squad better but overall we're better off than we have been since the late 80s so I'm feeling positive.  If it wasn't for the fact that we're competing with an oil-state with limitless resources I'd be as happy as a pig in shit.  

    Players improving. Yup, no problem.

    Last season is gone. History.


    But, we need to keep evolving. We don't need to rip it up and start again. 

    Just a tweek here or there.


    Not bothered about which team buys who. I'm bothered about that it looks like we can't out lay on quality, without selling first.

    Our actual outlay on players over the last few years isn't where a club of our standing should be.


    As of numerous occasions with us, we've the chance to really push on, yet we seem like we're happy standing still.


    I don't really understand how anyone can be that happy if we don't improve on what we have.

    Doesn't make sense.


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