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  1. sorry to hear that Red.


    Know what you mean. Although not cancer related, my missus lost her mum two weeks ago this friday from a heart attack, almost 5 months to the day after she lost her dad to a heart attack. So not only has she lost both parents, she's also lost her family home as it's a council house. We've just spent the last 1.5 weeks gutting the place. Weird looking back on the time I've spent there........yet I've no idea how she must be inside, as she's memories from her childhood up until the other week, and will never set foot inside the property again.


  2. funny thing is girl from work rang me yesterday over a problem.At the end of the call she said "enjoy rest of your day" and i replied " you too"


    she then went mad thought work girl had said "love you" and i had said "love you too"


    told her not be stupid, like I'd get caught like that



    This just keeps giving this.


    I'm imagining you're a 16 year old virgin, sat at your computer in your pants imagining how you can try to fit in with the grown-ups.



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  3. Just back from a week in Egypt. The diving was superb.


    Anyone been to Malta?



    Yeah, but decades ago.


    Roads were mad, and lost my crutch, as one rolled off into the sea. Luckily a couple of British divers were in the area and found it.

    Can't remember much else. Stayed in a time share in Valetta.

  4. If you get the chance go to Santo Antao.

    It's the most westerly island and is like something from Lord of the Rings.

    The south is desert with steep verdant mountains/valleys and in the centre and north.

    Fucking magical place



    Will do. Ta.


    Never done an all-inclusive-much-to-do-other-then-sunbathe holiday before. Reckon I'll be hammered most days.