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  1. If it's the PS4 mate you need to take the following steps (I've done it and it fixed the issue, the problem is not the game itself), apparently there is an issue with EA's servers:


    Tips & Fixes for FIFA 15 PS4

    - Encounterd heavy lag on PS4? Try this workaround:


    1.     Login to your router administration page.

    1.     If you have any trouble finding this, please refer to your router manufacturer or router manual for more information.

    2.     Look for “UPnP”, usually found under advanced settings.

    3.     Turn off all UPnP functionality.

    4.     Reboot your PS4.

    5.     Restart your game.



    cheers VV, I'll have a fiddle. (so to speak)

  2. Got it Saturday, played it once fine. (well, my son did)


    Played it again Sunday morning (me) and the game was freezing all over the shop. Took it back to Sainsbury's where her in doors got it from, and they said they'd had a few with the same problem.

    Haven't played the new copy yet.

  3. No-one mentioned BJ and the Bear yet? If so I must have overlooked it (easy done when you're bombing up the M6 one-handed). Memories are vague, but it was a a US show about the adventures of a trucker and his disabled midget lover (played by Peter Reid, I believe). Obviously in the '80's they had to be subtle about the homosexual aspect, but the wink was tipped to those in the know via the innocent sounding title.



    You c@*t. Got the theme tune rattling in my head now.