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    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    I miss Jurgen.
  2. Bogman

    Best names for a porn film and star

    Twitchy curtains
  3. Bogman

    Corona Virus Economic Impact

    I'm in house building. Staff have been all furloughed except heads of departments. We've 5 sites still building, but all down south. Not sure what will happen when it comes back, but I can see a recession coming. (we're probably in it now) Not sure how many of the 30 odd staff will come back, as there sure must be job losses. This industry will take a long time to get back up to speed, and then it won't be a year or so before it gets back to anywhere near the level it was 6 months ago.
  4. Bogman

    MNF Greatest English Football Sides

    Done with max points for winning in europe. It was an interesting debate. Enjoyed it.
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  6. What you talking about Willis?
  7. I think there's a lot yet to come from Naby, but really?
  8. Bogman

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    Gomez won't play. Degsy will.
  9. The longer we go unbeaten the worse it gets. Feckin great tho.
  10. Bogman

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Fucking brilliant news that. Absolutely fucking brilliant.
  11. Bogman

    Holiday's 2019.

    Right, new year, new thread. Make me jealous. I'm off to the Dominic in June, then three weeks later Dorset.............
  12. Bogman

    The 96

    Fucking shambles
  13. Bogman


    Brilliant news that mate. Made up for ya.
  14. Bogman

    Holiday's 2019.

    Cheers peeps.
  15. Bogman

    Holiday's 2019.

    New York in November. Never been. Really looking forward to this one.
  16. Bogman

    Life after Jürgen

    **pops head in thread - quickly disappears**
  17. Bogman

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Liverpool FC 6 mins · Ovie Ejaria has today completed a season-long loan switch to Reading Football Club with an agreement for the move to become permanent next summer. Everybody at Liverpool wishes Ovie the best of luck in his future career
  18. Bogman

    Lack of summer signings poll

    That. But I've voted.
  19. Bogman

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Yup. There can be only one.