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    Dunkan Jenkins on Twitter

    I had been following Chang on Twitter for about a year before he was hired by LFC. At the time he was an online editor for Sports Illustrated (a big sports magazine in the US), and occasionally wrote some interesting stuff about LFC and transfer targets. He always claimed to have great "sources" at LFC (he was in New York at the time). Seemed like a load of horseshit, and it probably was. He was also incredibly rude and borderline inappropriate to people on Twitter, in a way that seemed really unbefitting of someone at his level in the media. So I was completely bewildered to see him get hired as CD by Liverpool, and am not surprised in the least that he's done something inappropriate like this. Seems like a cocksure egghead who's conned his way to some good gigs, but he was always was bound to make a mess of things. I hate to see it, because it's put LFC in a bad light.
  2. OmarVizquel

    Being Liverpool

    Dave Kirby's poetry handbook.
  3. OmarVizquel

    Being Liverpool

    Rocky lost.
  4. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

  5. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

    Can't listen to this asshole pronounce Casillas "CASS-ee-ass" for 90 minutes.
  6. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

    Howard Webb reffing a rhythm-less game, what a surprise.
  7. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

    Does Jack White receive royalties every time a goal is scored in this tournament?
  8. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

    Balotelli is great entertainment.
  9. OmarVizquel

    EURO 2012

    Roberto Martinez thinks it would be bad for Spain if they conceded a goal. He doesn't say much, but he says it with panache...
  10. OmarVizquel

    Norway vs. England

    How'd you like to pay £80 for a seat in front of some asshole blaring a trumpet in your ear for 2 hours.
  11. OmarVizquel

    LFC approach Wigan for martinez

    This looks like they're rehearsing a scene from The Birdcage.* *Not that there's anything wrong with it.
  12. OmarVizquel

    Jen Chang, New Head of Communications?

    Some classy comments in here, as always...yikes. I've followed the guy's tweets for a while. He's the football editor for Sports Illustrated. From what I've gathered, he grew up in the UK, worked in finance for a while but gave it up for journalism in the US, and eventually became editor of SI's soccer/football coverage. An LFC fan, a Valencia fan, a Cincinnati Bengals fan (!), and a Rafa Benítez fan. Occasionally informative on Twitter...often comes across as a humorless prick. Seems like a huge Red though. He must be: has to leave NYC for Liverpool.
  13. OmarVizquel

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    LFC Home Kit - Liverpool FC "The New Liverpool FC 12/13 Home Kit is unlike no other." Cool shirt, Warrior -- but work on your grammar.
  14. OmarVizquel

    Hodgson for England

    All the best to Mr. Burns's son Larry.
  15. OmarVizquel

    Glen Johnson : Evra is a c*nt

    Exactly. The fact that papers still keep bringing up a word that neither men admit was spoken during the confrontation proves that people haven't actually read the repot. Now, this interview was written in a even-handed way, but there are far too many clueless lazy "journalists" involved in this whole thing.