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  1. The_Goat

    Minor things which stress you out

    When they move stuff around in the supermarket just to make you look around the shop more
  2. The_Goat

    The world of a woman.

    a woman in my work today said "In my old job it would often be raining when I looked out of one window but sunny when I looked out of the other window." She then paused for a second and said "Maybe that's just where clouds end"
  3. The_Goat

    Mohamed Salah

    Unless he is lost
  4. The_Goat

    Natalie Cassidy

    Disappointed by this thread. I heard there are 6 leaked photo's
  5. The_Goat

    UEFA Draws Rigged?

    What would any of those ex players have to gain by colluding with UEFA?
  6. The_Goat

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Long ball teams dont win European Cups
  7. The_Goat

    Interesting Comments from Carra...

    I'm guessing the money he got off The Mirror will lesson the blow
  8. The_Goat

    Interesting Comments from Carra...

    I wonder what El Hadji Diouf thinks of all this
  9. The_Goat


    Your deffo not the only person who has shit themselves in a world trade centre
  10. The_Goat

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    That Glen Murray is so slow he just ran backwards when clean through
  11. The_Goat

    Mohamed Salah

    you fucking cunt
  12. The_Goat

    Voices that don’t match the face?

    Stephen Hawking?
  13. The_Goat

    The world of a woman.

    I was on the train yesterday going the game and a couple got on at one the stops. The woman was telling her fella that she wanted to face forwards when the train pulled away. Her fella then told her which seat to seat on. She wasn't sure this was correct and started shouting at him 'are you sure?' The fella then had to explain to his missus that the train had just come from one direction and would continue on its journey in the same direction. The woman was well into her 40's.
  14. The_Goat

    VAR Thoughts?

    I was against it coming in before last nights game and last night only cemented my opinion of it. Its going to take away the emotion of scoring a goal. West Broms third goal was a clear example of this. The ref went to VAR for no reason and it dampened their celebration. At the moment we are in the novelty phase of it and its all a bit of joke. Wait until teams start using it as a timewasting tactic. The Salah penalty decision took forever. I cant wait for some dogshit team to be 1 - 0 up at Anfield and they are throwing themselves all over the pitch to break up the play and cause any momentum we build up to cause a two minute delay whilst some shithouse ref refers every decision to VAR.