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  1. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    I'll leave that for you to decide. But I definitely should know better than to discuss cricket on a football forum. Of course sledging is going to be enjoyed by football fans. Sledging is all they know! Congrats on having your work published. Genuinely. Doesn't make your opinion any more valid, mind.
  2. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Thanks. And, equally, if you find it an appealing or necessary part of the game, good for you. Happy to disagree.
  3. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    England are better than the Windies, whatever result that last series threw up. I don't think this series will be much of an indicator at all. I'd like to see the Windies win, mind.
  4. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Internet is serious business, hey, J? Keep chasing me round the forum disagreeing with me all you like.
  5. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Sledging can be funny, I agree, and the witty banter I have no issue with. There are plenty of examples of some absolute classic banter, as well....."How's your wife and my kids?"..... The 'get ready to have your arm broken' shit? That shit I'm not on board with. As for that sort of shit being 'part of the game'. That's just rubbish. It's not part of NZ's game at the moment and we seem to get along ok without it. I know plenty of cricket fans from all countries and most of them are not comfortable with the level of Aussie sledging. Most Aussies I know, included. But, as I said, maybe it's a generation thing. I mean, internet forums are a hive of abuse and trolling. Maybe the people comfortable doing that are comfortable with the sledging the Aussies dish out.
  6. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Of course you're not the only ones who sledge. You're the worst, though. By a distance. Everyone knows that. I personally hate it. But then I'm a bit of a traditionalist. Not a young buck like J and maybe yourself.
  7. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    So am I. It should be a cracking series. I can't help feel though that the Aussies will sour it massively through their constant sledging and abuse. NZ and England have proven cricket can still be compelling and competitive without the sledging. I really hope the Aussies prove me wrong here, mind, and play the series with - and in - a great spirit.
  8. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Agree. We had a chance in that first test but didn't take it and were outplayed in the end. 1-1 pretty reflective of the two tests. A decider would have been great. Hopefully we get more than 2 tests next time. Very pleased with NZ cricket at the moment. Our most talented team lead by one of our better captains who likes to play cricket on the front foot. Worth the years of in-fighting and turgid cricket. Though, saying that, I see our Director of Cricket has fallen out with the board and has left.
  9. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Wood is capable of bowling good deliveries at 90mph+. That's great going and will test the best batsmen. I'd be looking at Broad before I looked at Wood.
  10. Major Tom

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Bell looks a million bucks but I am not sure of his ticker. Or is that just a cliché now? Anyway, he needs to come right against the Aussies.
  11. Major Tom

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Well, our players are soft without the skill. He's gonna love it here.