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  1. Loved that interview, especially the stuff about the real People's Club! Superb.
  2. Red_is_Right

    Arsenal 2 Liverpool 2 - Prem (Jan 30 2013)

    Spot on, especially the stuff about Carra and Gerrard in the closing paragraphs.
  3. Echoes my own thoughts on our current situation.
  4. Red_is_Right

    Euro 2012 Round Up - Quarter Finals

    Brilliant, as always.
  5. Red_is_Right

    Euro 2012 Round Up - Days 5-8

    Top stuff. Glad you decided to put these reports up.
  6. Your reports have made some of the tough parts of the season a little more bearable, due to your humourous take on things. I enjoy them far, far more than any of the newspaper reports. Thanks for your time and effort, mate.
  7. Brilliant report about a horrible day. I totally agree with your views about Chelsea and their classless, collective of cunts.
  8. In the football dictionary, under 'Stoke', Dave's description should be used: '...a horrible, niggly, cynical, dirty alehouse team who make it virtually impossible for teams to play football against them.'
  9. Couldn't have put it better myself. Looking ahead to the derby, knowing us we'll probably win handsomely. LFC, sponsored by Arriva - the goals will all come at once.
  10. Red_is_Right

    Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2 - Prem (Mar 3 2012)

    Nail on the head report again. Without a goal poacher, we won't poach 4th spot. Will a Suarez / Carroll partnership come good in time?
  11. Another cracker of a report. The best match reports by miles. Totally agree with the comments about Dirk, he made the difference and dragged us over the line.
  12. Your reports are the only ones that say it how it is. No sanctimonious hypocrisy, just a refreshingly honest view on a footy match - and the sideshow shit. The last two paragraphs are hilarious, mate. Thanks for doing them.
  13. Another spot on report. I always post them on Facebook, as an alternative to the usual garbage. I agree about the media etc having a go at us. It's almost a non-stop barrage of flak at the moment. YNWA
  14. Another report of the highest quality. 'Kenny owns Chelsea'! Love it.
  15. Excellent report, as ever. Always enjoy reading them.