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  1. These were known as 'Da Redshite' and their wooden realm, marked by the County Road border, must be protected at all costs. ALthough new drawings are regularly touted for a new home for the blue brethren.
  2. Hello children. Here is the story of the blue cuckoo clock'
  3. House of Dirk

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Macros is where it's at in Excel.
  4. House of Dirk

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Is that zammo's Street value?
  5. House of Dirk


    Rooting for you Barry.
  6. House of Dirk

    Tottenham Hotspur (N) 1/6/19 Champions League Final

    That does look decent. Im gonna set my stall out and be as unbearable as possible this comin season. i am down south but there are enough red mancs to piss off to make it worth while. Personal life has been difficult with family illness, depression and trying to get back into sync in that time, so to have a little bit of solace in life through this is a big step. Doesnt seem like three weeks, and I was accused of having an alcohol problem as I walked into a spat on here as I came back from the pub after watching the game. The last thing I expected or wanted to be honest. Didnt cover myself in glory but stand by what I said. First time I had been pissed in years and I dont have an issue with the grog anyway, not that I feel I have to make any justification for myself. Enough about that. I didnt celebrate Istanbul enough. I want to mark this. Crazy we have been in three finals since 2005 but the highs of this team has belped me deal with some real lows. And I dont want to forget that,
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    River Plate - love the white with red sash. No other reason Dundee United - As a boy listening to Radio 2 (back in those days ) with those European exploits in the 1980's Hibernian - First team in green I had ever come across in the Pannini stickers 1986. Got my first shirts for them for 17/18 season. Unfortunately my depression has meant I have put on too much weight and Ive not yet been able to wear it. Followed their fortunes since and they are my Scots team of choice. Arsenal/Spurs - Arsenal - more out of respect they are technically the third biggest team in the country in terms of honours. George Grahams efficient defensive (corrupt) style won them titles, Wenger took them forward from that. I dont have hate to Arsenal as a big rival. Spurs, I cannot abide. Newcastle/Sunderland - couldnt give a shit Galatasary/Fehnerbahce - Indifference. The passion of the fan base is too murdery for my liking, Dortmund/Schalke - Dortmund all day long. Mutual connections. The win over June in the 1990's with Lars Ricken is memorable. Genoa/Sampdoria - Samp all day long with that introduction to Serie A and of course, the Souness link. Genoa knocking us out the UEFA cup in 1991/92 stings. Cunts.. Branco's 20 yarder against Mike Hooper was some goal. Inter/AC Milan - AC Dutch trifecta and theyve always had that star power. And they have never been managed by Shitcoat Lazio/Roma -Lazio- loved Beppe Signori as a striker in the 90's. Bilbao-Sociedad - Bilbao- one of my best mates from there. Betis-Sevilla -Betis. Purely because we can never beat Sevilla over 90 mins. Cunts. Ajax-Feyenrord- Feyeneoord - Dirk all day long Benfica/Sporting Lisbon- Lisbon. I like teams in green. Olympiakos.Panathinaikos - Panathinaikos- team in green thing again. Saw Cisse and Sebastian Leto play for them back in what must have been ten years ago (fuck!!! I feel so old) . I was working a contract there back in those days - indeed, one of the handful of threads I have ever started was about Greek football. Saw AEK and Olympiakos play a few times too. Im sure Djbrill saw me in my reds shirt at one game though.
  8. Transfer Budgies (we need more than one, in case one gets injured) and Babel Copter on standby.
  9. House of Dirk

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    All thanks to the Pig Fucker who has put us in this position.
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    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think an opportunity may have been missed with N'Gog there............
  11. House of Dirk

    Emiliano Sala

    Two air tragedies this season when you take into account the Leicester chairman too. Horrible state of affairs.
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    Today I learned that a friend and also former colleague of mine had succumbed to this bastard of a disease at the weekend. We had lost touch over time since being made redundant although he went quiet on FaceAids - he was usually quite vocal as he liked his sports, but like other friends, facebook is no longer people's preferred option for social media and of course, I had my own drama's with family to deal with, you never quite find that time to reconnect. He appeared funnily enough after the second leg vs Barca, and we exchanged pleasantries where I learned he had moved back home to Trinidad. He didnt allude to anything. I learn today that the evil disease got him at the weekend, a man of 47. A wife and two teenage daughters, one at Uni, one at school remain. He moved back to Trinidad to pass at home. Ive been in bits this afternoon but perspective is a good leveller. Your health really is your wealth even if you have little else left. He was a good Red too and I can imagine him beaming ear to ear when Big Div sealed the game in Madrid a couple of weeks back. He wouldnt have missed that for the world ! Farewell Neal, Number 6 is for you Big Guy. Rest easy. x
  13. House of Dirk

    What is your opinion on my policy ?

    What if they have had some of Ian Beale's chips ? Known to give you the shits.
  14. House of Dirk

    Most satisfying league win 18/19.

    Bitters . Hilarious outcome but it set us up for an incredible run in December.
  15. Absolutely mate. But the current impasse where the extension time which Tusk urged not to be wasted, is being wasted. Leave MP's and people like Fartage will crow about democracy, will of the people and the loss of trust in politicians and process. Democracy and trust in the process is already lost and will lose further regardless of the route taken. The will fo the people thing is just absolute bollocks.
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    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    So big fish go into Pot 1 next season, right ?
  17. House of Dirk

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Bloody hell, didn't realise Enrico was his old man...
  18. Civil unrest potential exists now with the current situation and if we are left to drift out on a no deal ticket.
  19. House of Dirk

    Official Champions of Europe souvenir magazine

    Got that and this month's official magaazine that comes with a double sided poster.
  20. House of Dirk

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Thumbs up if youre happy with making the bench
  21. House of Dirk

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Big Cup Divock
  22. House of Dirk

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    The also rans at the best beard contest at Anfield that night made themselves known
  23. House of Dirk

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    And they measured it so they could get a fucking cuckoo clock !