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    Incompetence & mismanagement of the highest level

    Evans and Barrett have confirmed that there was money there to be spent on deadline day and we fucked up our target(s) the treatment of Carroll by Rodgers is well documented whether it FSG or Rodgers who were looking to cash in on Agger I don't for 'fact' - but he was offered to City
  2. shaunstrudwick

    Incompetence & mismanagement of the highest level

    a director of football and a David Dein-esque CEO is what FSG need to implement to give stability at the club they cannot run the club from overseas and they cannot run the club by commitee appoint key people who you will then entrust to run the club based on your guidelines that Rodgers thinks he can manipulate all aspects of the transfer side of things is defo shades of Rafa and i don't like it all Rodgers can expect is to be backed by the board - and equally the board should back him - which they did (Joe Allen and Borini#) and were going to back him further given that they were prepared to spend £15m on Sturridge* [which Rodgers vetoed cos he wanted Dempsey] i think FSG are going about things in the right way and Rodgers created the whole transfer mess himself this summer with his treatment of Carroll (seeing him as a cash cow) - and also trying to cash in Agger to free up some more funds letting Carroll go 'early' to West Ham was brinksmanship on Rodgers part and hopefully something in hindsight he realises was wrong i like Rodgers' ideas on the pitch and i think he defo has a plan as to how he wants us to play - but he should leave the boardroom stuff well alone there as he will only lose *to my mind £15m for Sturridge wasn't a ridiculous price and he would've fitted in well on the right of a front 3 #Borini is the one i don't get - what does Rodgers see in him?
  3. shaunstrudwick

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Suarez left forward Borini centre forward Gerrard right forward
  4. shaunstrudwick

    The Case for a Director of Football.

    Xerxes talks sense
  5. shaunstrudwick

    Spirit of Shankly: FSG - We Still Need Direction

    SOS going about something heavy handed again? what a surpise i agree that there should be a CEO in charge who has a clue about football and who is a red - but i don't think this letter was the best approach
  6. shaunstrudwick

    Gaston Ramierz...

    looks like a bold move by Southampton fair play to them
  7. shaunstrudwick

    Xabi Alonso.

    i <3 Alonso and his magnificent beard
  8. shaunstrudwick

    Charity Shield

    this question needs to be answered cos it's fucking doing my head in that we have gold lettering on the front and white numbers on the back!!!
  9. shaunstrudwick

    Macca Transfer Rumors!

    main reason i don't want to sell Agger is that we don't have a ready made replacement i think Kelly will make a good CB but he didn't get as many prem games as i thought he would last season - so he would need time to adjust etc time we can't really afford... saying that if we get a £20m+ bid Agger will go
  10. shaunstrudwick

    Macca Transfer Rumors!

    Sahin, Walcott & Johnson would all be great additions don't fancy selling Agger to finance the deals tho...
  11. shaunstrudwick

    Toronto v Liverpool 21/07' 9pm Kick Off:

    what channel is this being shown on - LFC TV?
  12. shaunstrudwick

    Luis Suarez

    as with JT Saurez would've fared much better at a proper trial with a lawyer etc - than at a secretive FA tribunial unfortunately we can't really go after Fergie and the Mancs until we have some success again - otherwise it's just seen as sour grapes
  13. shaunstrudwick

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    Joe Allen and Borini would be good signings Dempsey would not also no point in letting Carroll go anywhere at the minute still need a right sided forward if Borini to play down the middle of a 4-3-3