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  1. The newest one in Walton Vale by the Blackbull, the hoodies wrecked the last one so a new one was commissioned, its a Superblackbullbanana


    It makes me cringe that of the 100+ of them around some of the cities shittest parts in the one local to me that gets wrecked. Morons

  2. When I watch the game in my local this fella turns up to all the big games in his brand new shirt with his mates who aren't into football and sits in the middle of the boozer,singing at the top of his voice and getting every song wrong..... including YNWA. His mates look at him all starry eyed like he's somekind of super-fan.


    he even sings 'Fernando Torres Liverpool's no.9' then hums the rest of the entire song, singing out random words he knows like 'armband'.



    They are the worst kind of people, just shut up and listen to the song, learn the words then join in

  3. Upper Centenary last row of season ticket holders here, you do get some classics.


    "sweet silver song, of the dog"

    "Leeeda pull, Leeda pull FC!"

    "We bought the lad from sunny spain he's scores a goal it never rains"


    These tend to stand out more because we don't really sing. I used to try and get it going but it never quite caught on up there...

  4. I've taken 2 different birds to a match each when I was young and stupid. The first watched and clapped and screamed for 25 minutes before asking "Which way are we scoring?"


    The other had Vertigo which didn't agree with my Upper Centenary season tickets and as a result we had to leave at half time as she kept hyperventilating.


    Learn from my mistakes brothers, and never let a WOAT happen...

  5. brouwerdest.jpg


    Hmm perhaps the camera does him no favours but I wouldn't call him ugly. Taller than you'd imagine too.


    Without doubt that is the gayest comment I have ever made.


    Looks like he's from a H Samuel catalogue. You have to be a successful footballer before you can wear a diamonde earing, otherwise you're a twat AND you're not successful



    Jesus why did i think he had an earring? I must be seriously going mad...or maybe he just looked like he should be wearing one with a face like that *hangs self*

  6. That's the idea. The shade is intended to put opposition strikers off. Judging by the scoreline, it's working so far.


    I saw some article about it in the paper in pre season, the colour apparently makes Cech appear bigger then he is to the human eye, the effect making an oncoming striker shit himself and put it wider then he needs to to get around him. Hopefully missing. Still Nando wouldn't because he isn't human, he's a demi-god

  7. A healthy combination of the two.


    Chelsea are looking great going forward but Portsmouth have defended like a sunday league team. Conversely, we haven't seen Chelsea's defence tested. Get at that Boswinga. He may be great going forward but he can't defend to save his life, belive you and me.


    Champ man asside I haven't seen much of Boswinga, he looked good going forward in the Euros like.


    Is the Villa/City match on anywhere? Seems strange to have a 3pm kick off on a sunday in the middle of 2 televised games

  8. Anyone who lives in L9 or L4 should go to Khans Khebabs on Walton Vale. get the mixed Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka khebab, it comes in a hand made Naan bread they do on site (instead of a pitta) and the salad and sauces are awesome. it costs £5.30 but its worth every penny. If the guy who serves you is called Imran tell him Paul from orrell park sent you and he'll give you extra chicken (we think he fancies me)