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  1. From the commentary team last night you'd think he had an absolute Lovren. I thought he was OK. Clearly targeted by the two orcs up front, but apart from the header from wee-socks in the second half (which actually might have been Phillips fault now I think about it) and dealt with it well IMO. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, Mook said:

    Anybody got any tips on teaching your kid how to ride a bike?


    We took his stabalisers off today & this was inevitably followed by a Diana Ross sized hissy fit & a complete refusal to try again. I give him a Mickey Goldmill style pep talk tonight but his listening skills are fucking awful & I don't think it registered.

    Taught KidD over half term. Stages:


    1. Let her just scoot it to get her balace

    2. Peddling with me pushing her all the way

    3. Peddling with her going one, two, three, four peddles on her own increasing

    4. Her starting herself by scooting it and then peddling on her own

    5. Standing starts


    We did about 20 mins a day and today she clocked the standing start. Little and often, bags of encouragement, push them off slyly so they know falling off isn't the end of the world.  


    Seconded for lower the seat. She learned on a bike far to small, got a proper one today and she's flying on it. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, Champ said:

    I’m sure I’ve said it before but spend no money on kids bikes.

    We were all excited to buy J his first grown up one Christmas and spent a reasonable amount of money on it. By the time the weather improved for him to get out on it he’d practically grown out of it


    5 hours ago, Rick Sanchez C-137 said:


    Yea abuse; lack of use; being left outside; generally doesn't really tally with spending big on kids bikes. I'd even recommend second hand in most cases.

    Yeah we don't want to spend too much, but nor do we want some cheapo Disney brand one of she's going to use it lots. 

  4. KidD has learned to ride this half term and loves it. She's on a bike we got last year and it's too small. Can anyone recommend a brand or specific  24" bike?  Doesn't have to be for girls specifically. 


    Just to be used at weekends for some casual riding, nothing extreme


  5. 1 hour ago, an tha said:

    Playing devils advocate - what are you promoting a zero deaths policy before returning life to anything like normal.


    Surely once you have vaccinated the most vulnerable to lower severity of illness and reduce desths and you are on way to vaccinating rest of society then you have to accept that there will be a number of covid deaths, like there is to all kinds of illnesses.


    Peoples lives and everything that entails - education, work, having a job or place of work to go to, social interaction, kids development, relationships, peoples health and mental well being, our kids futures and so on and on and on and on (list is nearly endless of course) have to restart and sadly people will die from this illness like many, many others.


    Minimising risk and doing all can to reduce the deaths is all that can be reasonably done, unless we stay in lockdown indefinitely....a situation that is unsustainable.

    I'd not want restrictions lifted until all NHS and School staff have had their first vaccinations.  A few weeks after schools returned there was a huge spike and I have zero confidence this wont happen again. 


    I'm acutely aware of the impact this is having on children. You know what else really had an impact? The one day they were back in January, before they had to lockdown again after the spike which started a few weeks after they went back in September. 


    I'm worried about being back in school in contact with 30 kids and their families. Yada Yada kids aren't impacted, well I was when I had it a few days after a kid in my class did as were the other members of our staff who had it. I'm worried a out MrsD coming into. Contact with. 100+ kids in class, kids up to 18 who are adults and aren't socially distancing in corridors 


    There will always be an element of risk, but I can't reconcile just brushing off the continued deaths. I've not yet become numb to it yet. 


    I hope I'm wrong. 

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