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  1. 8 hours ago, Mook said:

    I've been getting my missus to shave my hair with clippers the last month or so but I can tell she's going to get sick of it & am looking for tips on doing it myself...


    1 Where should I do it, in the bathroom & then just hoover the hair up?

    2 how the fuck do I do the back evenly, two mirrors?


    This is the sort of thing that causes me great anxiety.

    Switch to using a razor mate. Get Gillette 2 blade disposables, use the clippers to get it down to a number 1 and then every 2 days razor it. Just use your hands to make sure you have done the back, and then do behind your ears etc in the bathroom mirror. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, Elite said:

    Be interesting to see where Maureen ends up. He already had no chance getting a job at a big club before the Spurs appointment, so he'll be even further down the pecking order now and with the salary he demands it'll be either China or .....Everton.


    "We want Mourinho lad!"


    Well Mr. O'Grady you finally might get him.



  3. I'm looking at this with a sense of grim inevitability. They've been touting it for years, so it was only a matter of time before something happened. Lots of pearl clutching about, but things change in football. The premier league, the European Cup being replaced, the Cup winners Cup ending etc. 


    The cynic in me thinks it might be a bargaining tool for English clubs to negotiate their own TV deals maybe?


    If it happens I'll still watch it. For all these kick off from the smaller teams, watch them clamour places when the entry criteria is announced. 

  4. 11 hours ago, DalyanPete said:

    Totally split on this.

    One of the best players I have ever seen.

    Drove the team up to his standards of winning.


    Agenda for doing what he wanted to get his own way.

    We need horrible cunts, but he took it to a different level.

    Sorry, but biting opponents ain't the Liverpool way.


    Take him back in a heartbeat!

    And one of the best songs ever sung on the Kop, plaudits to whoever made it up.


    8 hours ago, m0e said:

    Not one fan I know was anything other than distraught with him leaving. Pure revisionism based on hindsight and his stint at Chelsea, which wasn't as good as his time at Liverpool for fuck knows how many reasons.


    Happy for you to show me evidence of the contrary.

    Agreed. It's easy to say now, he was broken, great decision by the club, played a blinder etc but at the time he simply wanted to move on to a better team. 


    The day after he left I saw a poster of him in a wheelie bin with the eyes poked out. That Chelsea away was the most rabid I've ever seen our support. We cared, it hurt, but fuck it. 

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  5. He'll spend a few years looking great at someone like Burnley sitting on his 18yard line, probably get a couple of England caps before a team like West Ham or Everton take a punt on him and he just looks average. 


    He'll have a decent football career and seems like a nice lad. Fair play to him. 

  6. 11 hours ago, TheHowieLama said:

    I have just gone on to check what Giroud is being paid and been reminded that Chelsea pay Danny Drinkwater 120k a week.



    An absolute system-baby. Looked great in that well drilled Leicester team that countered their way to the league. Absolutely out of his depth when asked to anything other than be a (drink)water carrier. 


    They thought they'd get another Kante when they bought him I reckon. 

  7. I've missed loads of games this year. The euphoria has gone, even last year when it came back was the same. 


    Remember going mental at Stamford Bridge when Mereiles scored, the relief when stevie hit that worldie in Cardiff,  countless others which seem like nostalgia now. Those moments are gone. You'll notice it when the crowds are back, celebrations won't won't as wild or as loud because of the prospect of VAR. 


    When is a goal not a goal? When a Virgin draws a wonky vertical line 

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  8. Madrid had clearly done their homework and he and trent were targeted a lot. Its hard to blame him, last year he was turning out for German farmers FC and this year he's facing Real Madrid in the European Cup quarter finals.  He's not up to it but he's giving it his full effort. We can't really ask for more. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Champ said:

    What you’ve got there are annuals. You’ll get some nice flowers this year but they’ll be pretty much finished by the end of the year.


    If you haven’t decided what you want to do with the space yet I’d recommend putting in some perennials that will bulk up and really fill that space. It’s a pity I’m so far away as I’m in the process of digging loads of stuff out at the moment.


    in the meantime, have you been on Pinterest for ideas?

    We're considering whether or not to get the whole thing remodelled next year, as we only moved in Dec. Thusly, we're just having a trial year in the garden before committing to annuals or anything else really. Everything apart from the flowers and the grasses I mentioned earlier were here when we moved. I haven't checked Pinterest good idea. 

    34 minutes ago, neko said:

    PD - not all Japanese maples (Acer Palmatum) are equal. 


    Some do well in part to full sun, but many are great for shade. I have 20 different ones (22 in total) and can help you figure them out. If you want a good book on all things maples, try this...



    I will PM you up Neko.