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  1. 21 minutes ago, Rico1304 said:

    How old is she? Izzy would love something t like that but she’s only 8. She’s pretty much the same as your daughter and can’t stop reading.  

    Mine is 7 in a couple of months but she reads a few bands up than she should. I'd recommend it highly. Get one and see what you think. 

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  2. KidD is an insatiable reader. She reads to herself, to us, to the dog, in bed and on the shitter. Having exhausted the classics like Dahl, Blyton etc al I signed up to a book subscription from an independent book shop. 16.95 every two months they send her two books plus some goodies like book marks, badges, sweets etc. So far they've sent 4 books, two from authors I'd not heard of before and she's really enjoying them and so am I. Highly recommended as a gift or for your own kids. They send a short survey for you to complete with them to gauge their interests. 





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  3. 9 hours ago, Neil G said:

    No, I don’t think we’ll all admit it. If Corbyn had made the Labour brand so irredeemably toxic Labour’s poll ratings wouldn’t have climbed over the summer and autumn last year and been level pegging with the Tories at Christmas. This is on Starmer. He got himself into a good position with a platform to push on and articulate a compelling alternative offer to voters, and he’s done absolutely nothing with it. As a consequence Labour are going backwards.


    What is Labour’s identity, purpose and selling point now beyond “Corbyn is gone and look, we’re really patriotic”? There are barely any policy proposals at all, not even broad outlines. The competence message isn’t cutting through any more because people are happy with the vaccine rollout, and the sleaze allegations aren’t landing because the media is glossing over them and most voters have priced them in with Johnson anyway.


    I challenge you to name a single positive reason Starmer gave for anybody to vote Labour yesterday.

    I'm not having a go at Corbyn, however IMO the current Labour weak-as-pissness was caused by them having to reinvent themselves after the disastrous last few months or so of his reign.


    Just my opinion. Happy to disagree with you. 

    8 hours ago, sir roger said:

    Still baffled as how the candidate under Comrade Corbyn the Antisemite got 15k+ votes but 2 years later with Comrade Corbyn the Antisemite now de-whipped the candidate got 8k + votes and it is all down to Comrade Corbyn the 


    Do you not think that the public perception of him changed in those 2 years? I'm not talking the people who support him regardless, but the swinging voters who Labour need. I think did and because Labour is still associated with him in the public eye, that's one of the reasons Labour are doing so poorly. 


    That said, they didn't do fantastically in the GE either under the same fella. 

  4. 4 hours ago, Strontium Dog™ said:

    Early days, but it looks pretty bad for Labour so far. 

    People still associate them with "Comrad Corbyn the Antisemite." Think we can all admit that his leadership was a fucking disaster for the medium/long term chances of the Labour Party. They're fucked for decades. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Section_31 said:

    I thought it was the other way around? That she was probably trying not to offend men who transitioned and can't have kids because they don't have the plumbing, so there's "women" which anyone can be or "birthing people" who only people who give birth can be. But they too can be men if they transition, I think. 


    It's all bollocks anyway. We have always been at war with Erasure.



  6. 7 hours ago, Rico1304 said:

    Do you want to get promoted? Are you happy doing what you do forever? 

    Obi etc was a bit shit. I’m talking about someone saying ‘hey rapey, you’re good at this have you thought about doing this’ or ‘ there’s a job over here, have you considered this?’ 

    Pre-teaching this happened to me a few times. I think offices are gone forever on the whole and it will result in people staying in entry level jobs for a lot longer. 

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  7. On 04/02/2021 at 19:51, Section_31 said:


    Yeah tradesmen too. Had a leaky roof once and the bloke said we needed a whole new roof and I actually started laughing at him. He actually did the whole 'worried chin rub' and everything.


    If you're going to be a conman at least have the decency to put some effort in.

    If anyone is in Liverpool and needs numbers for workies I have one for most types. Lads who have done done jobs for my family and friends for years. Roofers, sparks, plumbers, gardeners  Jack's of all trades.  Currently getting a downstairs toilet and shower fitted via some of them. Reliable, good standard and don't rip you off. Happy to share in DM

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  8. People who get to the end of a road and want to turn right, but do so in the middle of the lane, thus preventing me from turning left annoy me. The road widens at the end for a reason you dickhead. Every single day without fail this happens on my way home from work. Just move over to the right wide of our lane. It isn't hard. 

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  9. 11 hours ago, Section_31 said:

    I think us old bastards have always thought the youth were getting worse. Decades ago people were getting knifed for listening to the wrong music or wearing the wrong parka.


    I genuinely think this generation, by and large, is better than the last. Me Mrs teaches in a rough area and they've got a couple of severely disabled kids in there and the kids are great with them by all accounts, they'd have got bullied to high heaven years ago. The Syrian kids have all been pretty much welcomed too.


    When I was a lad all we cared about was shirts, Kickers and pints. Nobody gave a fuck about the environment and if you were a bloke and came into the pub wearing a dress, needless to say you wouldn't be getting a book deal.


    The antisocial behaviour stuff has been brewing for decades and it's in large part down to the fact the police are shite IMO. You can make people's lives a misery and pretty much fuck all will be done about it. 

    Police are massively underfunded. They don't have the resources to investigate every crime. Until that changes you'll get this sort of shite.