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  1. I've missed loads of games this year. The euphoria has gone, even last year when it came back was the same. 


    Remember going mental at Stamford Bridge when Mereiles scored, the relief when stevie hit that worldie in Cardiff,  countless others which seem like nostalgia now. Those moments are gone. You'll notice it when the crowds are back, celebrations won't won't as wild or as loud because of the prospect of VAR. 


    When is a goal not a goal? When a Virgin draws a wonky vertical line 

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  2. Madrid had clearly done their homework and he and trent were targeted a lot. Its hard to blame him, last year he was turning out for German farmers FC and this year he's facing Real Madrid in the European Cup quarter finals.  He's not up to it but he's giving it his full effort. We can't really ask for more. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Champ said:

    What you’ve got there are annuals. You’ll get some nice flowers this year but they’ll be pretty much finished by the end of the year.


    If you haven’t decided what you want to do with the space yet I’d recommend putting in some perennials that will bulk up and really fill that space. It’s a pity I’m so far away as I’m in the process of digging loads of stuff out at the moment.


    in the meantime, have you been on Pinterest for ideas?

    We're considering whether or not to get the whole thing remodelled next year, as we only moved in Dec. Thusly, we're just having a trial year in the garden before committing to annuals or anything else really. Everything apart from the flowers and the grasses I mentioned earlier were here when we moved. I haven't checked Pinterest good idea. 

    34 minutes ago, neko said:

    PD - not all Japanese maples (Acer Palmatum) are equal. 


    Some do well in part to full sun, but many are great for shade. I have 20 different ones (22 in total) and can help you figure them out. If you want a good book on all things maples, try this...



    I will PM you up Neko. 

  4. Decided to add a bit of colour to the garden and made a small flower bed and put some Violas and some Stock (??? That's what it said on the pack) in. KidD helped, she's big into the garden at the minute. We don't really know what we're doing so we just spaced them put like the plant card said, and quickly watered them. 


    Weeded quite a bit too but still lots of grass in the small flags. I have a weed burner which blasted it all with so hopefully I'll be able to brush it out. 


    I'm already hating those slates. They're just a pain in the arse. Had to shift loads then cut through the plastic layer to get to the soil. No wonder everything is pot-based. 


    I've spotted a place in the garden which gets virtually no direct sunlight during the day. I've moved a few things around so they get some sunlight and put my hardy grass in that corner. 


    Someone mentioned an Acer, any other plants will not die in a purely shady spot? 




  5. 1 hour ago, Total Longo said:

    What were you to begin with mate? I can see you have lost some weight, clearly, but i don't remember you being massive to begin with.

    I was pretty much 16 at the turn of the year after lockdown and being a lazy glutton. 

    1 hour ago, Sugar Ape said:

    I've been looking at something like the Huel for a while but not sure I can give up my daily allocation of cheese for my dinner. How expensive is it?

    It's 40 for 2 bags. First order gets you a shaker and that. Each bag has enough for 36 meals. Coffee and banana flavours are sound, chocolate is a bit meh. I find they fill me up from dinner until tea time and they're quick to make. 


    I use coconut drink (not coconut milk, like the plant based coconut drinks you get in aldi or Alpro if yours a millionaire) instead of cow juice. Means the think is about 500 calories. I started using them as just a way of counting calories. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Rick Sanchez C-137 said:


    This was my greatest discovery during successful weight loss. Its harder to 'remember' when working from home during the pandemic, but I'm going to try.


    55 minutes ago, Scooby Dudek said:

    That is the big one for me. If busy I can go right through lunch without even thinking, if bored I can happily have healthy snack after healthy snack.

    My meals are all pretty sensible apart from too many carbs, but it is the unnecessary snacking that does me in.

    Yup to both. 


    When teaching, I won't eat from 7 until 12.45 except maybe an apple at break. I might get a rumble and realise I'm hungry but so fucking what? We don't need to graze all of our waking hours. 


    At home it's more difficult. I find using an app to keep track of what I eat is the best thing for this.

  7. On 03/02/2021 at 07:15, Paulie Dangerously said:

    My weights crept up and up the last year. I'm now approaching 16st which I cannot abide as I am a disgusting  fat-body.


    Restricting calories to 2k a day and started the Men's Fitness App which is increasing amounts of Hiit training a day.



    Down to 14st5 now. 


    Been sticking to about 1500 calories a day. Typical day when working looks like:

    Breakfast- 150g fat free greek yogurt with any 2 of banana/apple/blueberries in

    Dinner- a Huel* shake and some fruit

    Tea - protein and veg with limited carbs

    Snacks are fruit or things like wasabi peas. Weighing things out helps. 


    Weekends I'm a bit more lazy but keep the same breakfast. 


    Also discovered feeling hungry for an hour isn't the end of the world. 


    Been using Ring Fit as much as I can and taking 5k walks with the dog or alone. When I'm in school I walk about 5 miles a day without realising it so trying to keep that up on the holidays. Got a fitbit for my birthday which is more accurate for tracking my exercise, sleep and calories etc 



    *Huel is boss by the way. Nice thick milkshake and keeps you filled up. Probably have a referral code if anyone wants to give it a go. 

  8. Labour won't get back in power in my lifetime. The tory tendrils extend too far into the mind-bending media. 


    Labour will have leader after leader come in, be dismantled by the press or their own supporters for not being Corbyn enough leaving a series of Johnsons to come in and sail through scandal after scandal with no consequences.